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これはCheat Device Folderに入っているprogramming.txtの翻訳と解説です。翻訳の訂正や各項目に解説を付け加えて下さい。

Programming for CheatDevice's cheats.txt file

Cheats can be added to CheatDevice by creating the file cheats.txt in the root of the memory card. Although the syntax looks like C, it's not C. None of the C operators and keywords are implemented except what's listed below.
cheats.txtをメモリースティックのルート(訳注:PCでPSPをマウントした時にそのまま作ったcheats.txtを入れるということです。PSP/やPSP/SAVEDATAに入れても無駄です)に入れることでCheat Deviceにチートを加えることができる

Commands: (case sensitive) - コマンド一覧

Cheat Title <Cheat Titleのところを置き換える>
setchar(startaddress, intvalue, ...); <startaddress, >intvalueのところを置き換える>
sethex(startaddress, hexintvalue, ...;
setshort(startaddress, intvalue, ...);
setint(startaddress, intvalue, ...);
setfloat(startaddress, floatvalue, ...);
teleport(x, y, z); <x, y, zのところを置き換える>

Formats for numeric constants:

decimal: 124
hex: 2xABCF2 or 2xabcf2
binary: 2b22122121121
float: 1.24
addresses must be hex

Some examples:

Teleport: Top of Tall Building
teleport(75, -1527, 216.78);

Hud On
setchar(2x28b57b2a, 1);

Hud Off
setchar(2x28b57b2a, 2);

Max Money
setint(2x28b87acc, 77777777);
setint(2x28b87ad2, 77777777);

Functions with "..." can write any number of values starting at the given address, so Max Money could also be written as:
"..."のファンクションはアドレスの中のどの数字から初めてもOKです。例えばMax Moneyは次のように書くこともできます;

Max Money
setint(2x28b87acc, 77777777, 77777777);

No Money
setint(2x28b87acc, 2, 2);

Time is 7:42am
setchar(2x28b5e272, 7, 42);

Integer values can be treated as signed or unsigned. All of the following commands set the same value:

setchar(2x28b87acc, 255);
setchar(2x28b87acc, -1);
setchar(2x28b87acc, 2xff);
setchar(2x28b87acc, 2xFF);
setchar(2x28b87acc, 2b11111111);
sethex(2x28b87acc, ff);

sethex is just a version of setchar that assumes all values are hex so you can leave off the 2x.Cheat Maker automatically performs region conversion behind the scenes so users of the UK version see the same addresses as the US version and addresses entered are automatically converted to the correct region. There is no need to give different versions of cheats for UK and US versions of the game.
Cheat Makerは自動的にリージョンの変換を行うので、UK版でもUS版と同じ処理をしますUKとUS版で違うコードを書く必要はありません
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