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The Quick-Start Rules and the Adventure Book have different rules for healing the dying, which one is correct?
The rules in the Adventure Book have the correct information for healing the dying on page 12.
アドベンチャーブックの記述 (英 p.12、和 p.??? ) が正解。

When setting up the encounter on page 16 it asks you place the heroes within two squares of the east side of the map.
This puts the character right next to the kobolds. Is this right?
遭遇 A1 ( 英 p.16、和 p.??? ) のセットアップで、PC 達をマップ東端 2 スクエアに配置しろとあるけど。
The illustration only shows the half of the map that you place monsters on.
The encounter uses the entire map, so the heroes will have some breathing room to start.
A1 の遭遇はそのマップ全域を使用するから、PC 達は息を整える余地を若干は得られるよ。

On page 78 Kalarel has "(see also shadow form below)" listed next to his armor class, what is this?
Kalarel does not have this ability, it should be ignored.

Why doesn't the half-elf cleric have another class's at-will power as an encounter power?
ハーフエルフクレリックは、他のクラスの無限回パワー 1 つを遭遇パワーで使えるはずだけど、なんでないの?
The power was removed for space, if you would like to include one, we recommend Bolstering Strike from page 92 of the Player's Handbook.
スペースの都合で省略したんだ。追加したいのなら、英 PHB p.92 の、ボルスタリング・ストライクがオススメ。

Are the half-elf's racial bonuses included in his final skill modifiers?
They are not. You should play his diplomacy and insight as +5 instead of +3.
足されてないね。〈交渉〉 と 〈洞察〉 の + 3 を、 + 5 に置き換えて欲しい。

Pages 38, 40 and 65 of the Adventure Book mention using a bull rush, how do you do that?
アドベンチャーブックの p.38, 40, 65 に、突き飛ばしを使う記述があるんだけど、どうやればいいの?
Page 65 of the Adventure Book has the rules for attempting a bull rush.
アドベンチャーブックの、英 p.65、和 p.??? に、突き飛ばしのルールが書いてあるよ。

Page 59 of the Adventure book says a healing potion takes a standard action to use and page 57 says it takes a minor action.
Which is right?
アドベンチャーブックの英 p.59、和 p.??? に、ヒーリングポーションの使用は標準アクションとあるけど、英 p.57, 和 p.??? にはマイナーアクションってある。
Drinking a potion is usually a minor action but administering a potion to an unconscious creature is a standard action.

The Underpriest of Orcus on page 76 of the Adventure book has an aura that gives all allies Death Strike, what is Death strike?
アドベンチャーブック 英 p.76, 和 p.???、オルクス・アンダープリーストは、全ての味方にデス・ストライク能力を与えるオーラを持つってあるけど、デス・ストライクって何?
The Aura should give Death Attack, not Death Strike.
Death Attack is explained in the Underpriest's stat block.

The Gelatinous Cube on page 70 of the Adventure book has the ability to grab a character.
How does the character escape?
アドベンチャーブックの英 p.70, 和 p.???、ゼラチナス・キューブは、グラブ能力を持つってあるけど。
Escaping a grapple is a move action.
Make an Acrobatics check vs. Reflex or an Athletics check vs. Fortitude against the creature or effect that immobilized you.
〈 軽業 〉 vs. 反応か、〈運動〉 vs. 頑健で判定してね。やらないなら移動不可状態の効果を受けるよ。

The second part of the Fighter's Combat Challenge class ability seems to assume that you have the target marked, but it does not explicitly say this. How should it be played?
The Combat Challenge ability only works on marked enemies. The melee basic attack described in the second paragraph can only be made if a marked adjacent enemy shifts or makes an attack that does not include you.

Blue Slime from page 59 of the Adventure book has an ability called Slime Eruption. The power has Recharge. How does that work?
Recharge gives some monster's powers the chance of recharging each round of combat. At the start of the monster's turn, roll a d6. If the roll is one of the numbers shown next to the Recharge ability - for example, 5 or 6 for the Blue Slime's Slime Eruption - the ability recharges and can be used again.