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Guest->Permanent residency (7/30/2006 6:16:33 PM)

I have a question for people who are permanent residents in Japan.
Do they ask you to show them your overseas criminal recordwhenyouapplyforpermanent residency?

soltanto_mia-> RE: Permanentresidency(8/13/20061:20:58AM)

I have no idea, but I doubt it.Justgoandfindout what you need to file. If they tell you they'll requireproofofnotoverseascriminal record, and you HAVE a criminal record, wellthen...youcancount thatone out.

Glenski->RE: Permanent residency (8/13/2006 3:24:38 PM)

I just got my PR. No suchquestionsontheapplication as far as I recall. Look for it on the form, though,justtobesure. Things like that are a no-brainer for me, as I havenotcriminalrecordand would gloss over such a questionwithoutthinking.

m477->RE:Permanent residency (8/15/2006 8:08:02 AM)

You aren't even allowed to enterthecountryifyou've committed certain types of crimes:

Being that they ask you if you've ever been convicted of a felony togetatouristvisa, I wouldn't be surprised if they askeditforPR...

Kasper -> RE: Permanentresidency(8/15/20062:35:13PM)

really, do they???
i have never been asked for either tourist, working holidayandstudentvisas.

i have to admit that i'm a little surprised that they didn't askforapolicecertificate for permanent residence. i thought that wasprettycommonprocedure(i know they do in most countries)

zeni->RE:Permanent residency (8/15/2006 3:07:53 PM)

Where are you guys from that youareevenhavingto get "tourist visas?" There are over 60 countries thatparticipateina visawaiver program with Japan, for varying periods of stay. Tome, a"visa"impliespaperwork done ahead of time, and something getting pastedintoyourpassport.People that come from most western countries as tourists justgetonthe planeand come to Japan. I think there's that little card youfilloutwhile you're onthe plane with your name and flight details.

As far as permanant residency is concerned, YES, you are asked ifyouhaveacriminal record in Japan or overseas. You check yes or no, thenthereisoneline asking for details if you checked yes.
(Click on List of Necessary Documents.)

You can download the application form there, as well.

m477->RE:Permanent residency (8/15/2006 3:33:40 PM)

Well, yes, if you really wanttogetanalretentive about it, the technical term is "LandingPermission."Butgenerallyif you say "tourist visa" people generally know whatyouaretalkingabout.

zeni -> RE: Permanent residency (8/15/20064:43:12PM)

Anal retentive? Ha.
So tell us about the time you were asked about a felony recordwhenyou"obtainedyour tourist visa."



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