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May 24, 2006
Unfortunately for the Japanese, the German people have shown extreme
sensitivity towards their Nazi past - actively learning about it in
school and being timid about patriotism in general. Maybe they set
the bar too high.



This 2-ch thread on anti-Japanese statements in the foreign media picks at my article on Japanese war guilt as "lines from the typical Japanese leftist script = ignorant Western historical view." The person also disapproves of my calling Japan a Confucian bureaucracy. (Confucianism is Chinese, you lamestain!)

Update 8/11/06: Feedback loop as 2-ch folk find that I linked back to them. Now they are posting my biographical details. Apparently, I "look like an arab."

marxy is w. david marx. marxy is an American living in Tokyo, Japan.
marxy's debut album kyoshu nostalgia was released by New York City's Beekeeper Records on January 4th, 2005.
marxy wrote, performed, and produced all the songs on the album. marxy plays piano very poorly.marxy writes
articles and does translation for magazines such as Tokion, The Fader, Beikoku Ongaku, and OK Fred in his spare
time. Here is a list of his published articles. marxy is a Sagittarius of type AB blood, born in the year of the Horse.
marxy grew up on Oldies radio, early NES games, the Wonder Years, Laugh-In, Lancelot Link Secret Chimp,
cassette tape copies of CDs, cheap electric guitars with poor wiring, chicklets, Montessori education, Tom Lehrer,
Milles Bornes, old-style Legos, pleated pants, Teaberry gum, and chocolate milk. marxy does not mind file-sharing
as long as the non-paying listener will write an email to the artist telling his/her thoughts about the music.

Marxy and I have married japan

Marxy will be DJing at the Kiiiiiii record release party November 30 at Kichijoji’s Star Pines Cafe.
Here is the kiiiiiiiiiii BBS!!!!!!!


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