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Kazumoto Tanaka, Ph.D.

Kazumoto Tanaka is a professor of Kindai University. He joined in the Sport Technology Research Laboratory at the University of Calgary as a visiting professor from April, 2010 to March, 2011.

He is interested in image processing, virtual reality, sport performance analysis, and computer assisted sport training.

He is also interested in karate and has reached the fourth degree of Black Belt. Furthermore, he is a general manager of karate club in Kindai University and is a vice-president of Hiroshima Karate-do Federation.


Recent Publications

Tanaka,K. and Fujino, T. (2015). A Therapeutic Exercise Game System with a ‘Tailor-made Video-game Image’ That Accommodates Anyone Irrespective of Athletic Ability," Journal of Technologies and Human Usability, 10(2), pp.17-24.

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