*Erotic class aims to help women get a head in life
 **コギャルも仰天の「カルチャースクール」東京・新宿で 「フェラチオ講座」が始まった
 >コギャルも仰天の「カルチャースクール」         1999,08,29
 >東京・新宿で 「フェラチオ講座」が始まった
 >Erotic class aims to help women get a head in life
 >Friday 9/3                        By RYANN CONNELL
 >Japanese have long been subjected to rigid rules of etiquette that demand they perform in a particular manner depending on the situation in which they find themselves. 
 >From the way that characters are written to the disposal of garbage, if a task is not performed in the established manner, it's not done properly in the eyes of many Japanese. 
 >That being the case, it's hardly surprising that someone has come up with a course on how to best perform fellatio -- a treat Friday claims is the delight of most men.
 そういうわけで、ある人が最高のフェラチオ --- フライデーの主張によるとほとんどの男性を歓喜させるもてなし --- の仕方の講座を思いたことは、なんら驚くに値しない。 
 >The course,  run by the erotic Paradise Channel which screens on Sky PerfecTV, aims to teach women who are interested in pleasing their male partners orally, but haven't been able to come up with the means of learning how to do so through any other available medium -- bar the DIY technique.
 この講座は、スカイパーフェクTV!で放送されているエロティックな『パラダイスチャンネル』により行われているのだが、男性パートナーをお口を使って喜ばせることに興味を持っているものの、他のどんな利用可能なメディアを通じてもどうやってアレをすればいいのか身につける手段を思いつかなかった女性に教えることを目標としている --- 自分で身につけるテクニックではなく。
 >Paradise Channel is set to hold its fellatio classes regularly from September and is apparently providing the lessons as part of heady plans to try and secure more female subscribers.
 >Friday reporters visited a demonstration class aimed at snaring potential students and were full of praise for the instructions given by Yumeno Miku, the top performer at Shinjuku Joshi Gakuen, a sex shop in Tokyo's notorious Kabukicho.
 >Miku's underpant-clad male model was plonked on a table in front of the all-female class, a lifelike rubber phallus set up to protrude from between his legs used as a substitute for the real thing. 
 >The teacher, dressed in the loose socks and high school girl uniform that seems to be the preferred dress of titillation for many Japanese men, then provided instructions on a "countless number" of masturbation techniques. 
 >She also got down to business by demonstrating the correct way for a woman to use her tongue and fingers to ensure a man's pleasure.
 >Friday says that even though the tool being used as a specimen wasn't a real one, Miku's tongue and finger movements were extraordinarily realistic. 
 >Students were in fact so enchanted by the class that they forgot to keep notes and instead kept an intent watch on what was going on.
 >As part of the same demonstration course, the weekly adds that the students were blessed with the presence of Pussy Tamami, a renowned writer on the adult entertainment industry. 
 >Tamami gave lessons on such subjects as the most effective ways to fondle a scrotum or stimulate a sphincter.
 >Friday, uncharacteristically, worries about the effects the class may have on society. 
 >It says that there is considerable cause for worry if the class takes off and the nation is hit with a sudden proliferation of proficient fellatio performers -- a change likely to deal a blow to the nation's mores.
 もし講座が好評を博して日本がフェラチオ熟練者の突然の急増という打撃をうけたら、心配に値する考慮すべき要因が生じる、とFRIDAYはいう -- 日本の社会的習慣に打撃を与えそうな変化だ。 
 >Then again, it's not hard to see the course taking off with both sexes, particularly because it will represent one of the few opportunities when men here change their usual stance of preferring that women keep their mouths shut.


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