These are the reproduction of articles originally published on Mainichi Daily News' "WaiWai" section. Almost all of the articles were nothing but trumped-up stories.
Please DO NOT believe them!
Were these stories real? No Japanese readers would believe them.
Some immoral writers made up the story, taking from dubious "news" from tabloids and gossip magazines.
However, some readers unfortunately believed the articles.
There's no wonder--these stories were published by the Mainichi Newspapers, one of the Japanese major "quality" papers.
The writers and Mainichi seem to understand very well that fiction is stronger than reality
--at least for readers with little experience with Japan.
Don't believe Mainichi, never!
PLEASE WATCH MOVIE BELOW, it helps you to understand background of these problem.

番号 掲載年月日 表題(英語) 引用雑誌名 引用雑誌号数 表題(日本語) 署名(イニシャル)
1 19930103 Dreams are 'secret instructions' from the other world Frau 12/22 夢はあの世からの"秘密の司令" MH(Michael Hoffman)
2 19930103 ‘Kazeoke' theory tells us: This will happen on '93 Dime 1/1 セオリーKAZEOKEで読めた!「93年はこうなる」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
3 19930103 How to be a better reader this year Da Capo 1/6 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
4 19930103 ‘The world's top psychic' from Bulgaria looks ahead to Japan '93 Friday 12/11 ブルガリアから来た「世界一の超能力者」が'93年に本を読む TI(Takeshi Ito)
5 19930103 Hopes and fears (Robert Kowalczyk asked students in Kyoto how they feel about the future of the world.) - - - Robert Kowalczyk
6 19930110 Is "adventure" just one phone call away? Marco Polo January 電話一本でも「冒険」はできる? TI(Takeshi Ito)
7 19930110 25 young parliamentarians. Can we expect anything from this person? Da Capo 1/20 この人なら期待できる?若手政治家25人 NW(Nathan Westby)
8 19930110 A sure-fire bargain trip to LA and back for 58,000 yen Dime 1/1 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
9 19930110 Measuring the hate-Japan index of the new Clinton administration Shukan Asahi 1/15 クリントン新政権の嫌日度をはかってみる NW(Nathan Westby)
10 19930110 Shin-Nibbling Syndrome (Aera finds evidence of an " independence rejection" syndrome among young Japanese adults, and offers evidence that the culprits for this mindset may include behavioral programming, education, parental indulgence and kimono shops.) Aera 1/12 - AF(Adam Fulford)
11 19930117 What papers just can't write about what happened behind the scenes until the Crown Princess was decided Shukan Bunshun 1/21 新聞が絶対に書けない皇太子妃決定までの舞台裏 TI(Takeshi Ito)
12 19930117 A catalog of Arkansas products Denim February - MS(Mark Schreiber)
13 19930117 The Achilles' heel of these industries Views 1/27 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
14 19930117 Japanese TV: Hawaii, SDP get blown away; endless shots of Owada's home Shukan Bunshun 1/21 ハワイも社会党もぶっ飛ばし、延々と小和田サンの「家」を映す日本のTV TI(Takeshi Ito)
15 19930117 A 40,000-yen seat for 500,000 yen! Shukan Post 1/22 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
16 19930117 The Post man delivers( T. R. Reid, co-author of the story that led to the collapse of the Imperial press embargo, reports on the scoop that wasn't a scoop in the first place…) Aera 1/19 - -
17 19930117 The post-Post deluge(Scoops, secrets, and 360 degrees of news angles in the weeklies) Aera, Shukan Hoseki, Shukan Shincho…etc - - AF(Adam Fulford)
18 19930124 Fans who spoil sport Da Capo 2/3 スポーツをダメにするファン TI(Takeshi Ito)
19 19930124 Doesn't everything just make you sick? Views 1/27 世の中、ムカつくことばかりじゃありません? MS(Mark Schreiber)
20 19930124 Wada Ikuko, who taught both princesses Shukan Asahi 1/29 両プリンセスを教えた和田育子さん TI(Takeshi Ito)
21 19930124 21st century hit product banzuke The 21 February 21世紀のヒット商品番付 MS(Mark Schreiber)
22 19930124 Nezumi-kko Club Spa! 1/20 ねずみっ子クラブ TI(Takeshi Ito)
23 19930124 Flogging magazines( Ouch! Toyo Keizai gives the Japanese magazine industry a damn good whipping. Mark Schreiber reports.) Toyo Keizai 1/16 雑誌ジャーナリズムの衰退 MS(Mark Schreiber)
24 19930131 Shaken: A massive 1.9billion-yen waste Shukan Gendai 2/6 1兆9000億円の壮大な車検の無駄 MS(Mark Schreiber)
25 19930131 Questioning the use of hydrocyanic acid gas to sterilize bananas Friday 2/5 バナナ青酸ガス消毒への疑問 TI(Takeshi Ito)
26 19930131 Australian tourist industry in a tizzy, but Japanese tourists keep increasing Diamond 1/30 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
27 19930131 Children's Media Wonderland (that grown-ups enjoy too) Spa! 1/13 大人も喜ぶ子供メディア・ワンダーランド AF(Adam Fulford)
28 19930131 100 department and section chiefs tell us about useful sources of information Da Capo 2/3 部課長100人に聞いた役に立つわたしの情報源 TI(Takeshi Ito)
29 19930131 Japanese SUPERHOROES!! (Faster than a speeding bullet train! Able to leap Shinjuku skyscrapers at a single bound…Looked up in the pages of Spa! It's Super-Japanese! Michael Hoffman reports.) Spa! 12/30-1/6 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
30 19930207 It's not just Fuyuko-san! Enter Oedipal Fuyuko-san Spa! 2/10 冬彦さんだけじゃなかった!マザコン女・冬子さんの登場 MS(Mark Schreiber)
31 19930207 Wakagi Efu: ' This is your Osaka No.1' Da Capo 2/17 わかぎえふの「大阪№1はこれや」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
32 19930207 Why's it unacceptable to have one percent 'neighbors' !? Weekly Playboy 2/16 なぜ「1%の隣人」が許せない!? TI(Takeshi Ito)
33 19930207 Study by yourself Denim February 一人で学べ MS(Mark Schreiber)
34 19930207 King of the Roads (In Japan, all roads lead to Nagatacho, but the 76 trillion-yen question is: Who gets to run the tollbooth? William Wetherall takes us through Shukan Diamond's analysis of the great Japanese road scam.) Shukan Diamond 1/30 - WW(William Wetherall)
35 19930214 The secret J-League feud between Dentsu and Hakuhodo Shukan Bunshun 2/11 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
36 19930214 ①The 'sexual deviation value' of the Tokyo University AV actress  ②The 'warning arrest' of the scout of the Tokyo University AV actress Shukan Bunshun, Shukan Shincho 2/11, 2/11 東大生「AV女優」スカウトマンの「見せしめ逮捕」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
37 19930214 The Valentine Day's balance sheet Bart 2/22 バレンタインデーの収支決算!! MS(Mark Schreiber)
38 19930214 The goods and manual for sleeping soundly Dime 2/18 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
39 19930214 WILLIAM WETHERALL PRESENTS. The intriguing and perplexing case of THE GOLDEN FOLDING SCREEN Focus, Post, Shukan Asahi, Shukan Gendai 2/12, 2/12, 2/5, 2/20 - WW(William Wetherall)
40 19930214 Tasty morsels and feeding frenzies Shukan Post, Post, Shukan Asahi, Flash 1/29, 2/5・2/12・2/19, 2/15, 2/9 - WW(William Wetherall)
41 19930221 ‘Arrow people' pierced by arrows are on the increase! Is this the curse of the arrow duck? Spa! 2/24 矢負いの人間<矢ビト>が続々出現!矢ガモの祟りか? MS(Mark Schreiber)
42 19930221 The age of haggling over apartment Shukan Bunshun 2/18 賃貸マンションは値切る時代 TI(Takeshi Ito)
43 19930221 From Osaka! Hot-selling genki music. Kida Taro &Nagai Miyuki: ' This is Naniwa music' Friday 2/26 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
44 19930221 The advent of U. S.-style firing causes panic among employees of foreign-affiliated firms Shukan Asahi 2/26 アメックス、コダック、IBM、NCRなど米国流首切り上陸でパニックの外資系社員 MS(Mark Schreiber)
45 19930221 Behind-the-scenes contributions (Flash takes a look at the world of political secretaries, loyal retainers who are capable of making the greatest sacrifices in order to protect their boss. Michael Hoffman reports.) Flash 2/16 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
46 19930228 Why Kyoto's enterprises are thriving Da Capo 3/3 京都の企業が好調な理由 MS(Mark Schreiber)
47 19930228 The ' super-deluxe' prep school that's selected by dump parents for attendance by their idiot sons Shukan Gendai 3/6 “超豪華”予備校に入れる親バカ入るアホ息子 TI(Takeshi Ito)
48 19930228 Rolls-Royce: The ultimate choice Bart 3/8 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
49 19930228 Waka-Taka and 48 rikishi, the ' merged Futagoyama stable' and the economics of easy money Focus 2/26 若貴と48力士「合併二子山部屋」ボロ儲け経済学 TI(Takeshi Ito)
50 19930228 Nouveau hicks (Spa! Wonders if turning your back on the bright lights of the big city is really such a great idea. Michael Hoffman reports on the boons and banes of the boondocks.) Spa! 2/17 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
51 19930307 ①‘Do this to cure hay fever this year' ②Hay fever - A gloomy spring: ' Surge to 200 million people' Shukan Gendai, Focus 3/13, 3/5 今年の花粉症はこうすれば治る TI(Takeshi Ito)
52 19930307 The British royal family's no good, so the ' princess training' changes Shukan Shincho 3/4 英王室が駄目なので「お后教育」に変化 TI(Takeshi Ito)
53 19930307 Aah! Slips on trips abroad: Tales of tragedy and comedy Weekly Playboy 3/9 ああ!悲劇と喜劇の海外旅行失敗談 MS(Mark Schreiber)
54 19930307 Beginning of the end for ' The Automobile Empire' Aera 3/9 「自動車王国」崩壊の始まり MS(Mark Schreiber)
55 19930307 A loss of sensation (Diamond asks: Whither the products of yesteryear? Here's Mark Schreiber with some of the magazine's answers) Diamond 2/20 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
56 19930314 90 percent of students in the spate of ' employment agreement cancellations' have no employment worries Focus 3/12 続発「内定取り消し」学生の9割は職に困らない TI(Takeshi Ito)
57 19930314 The cost myth finally crumbles: The cut-price squad is on its way Trendy April - MS(Mark Schreiber)
58 19930314 Aiming to be the second and third Shonen Knifes Aera 3/16 第二、第三の「少年ナイフ」をめざす TI(Takeshi Ito)
59 19930314 Taking on the challenge of seven days in Okinawa for 10,000 yen, and three days in Seoul for 29,800 yen Shukan Gendai 3/20 国内国外ブームの超激安ツアーの「正味」を総点検 沖縄7日間1万円、ソウル3日間29,800円に挑戦 MH(Michael Hoffman)
60 19930314 Era detection test (Don't look now but there's a whole era going on out there, and how much do you know about it? Da Capo sets the questions; Michael Hoffman is your supervisor.) Da Capo 3/17 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
61 19930328 The man who casts his eye over 20,000 books each year Aera 3/30 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
62 19930328 The horrendously ordered society of the circles formed by wives of officials stationed abroad Shukan Asahi 3/26 海外駐在員夫人サークルは恐るべき序列社会! MH(Michael Hoffman)
63 19930328 Walkman: ' The road to One million units' Flash 4/6 ウォークマン「1億台への道」 MH(Michael Hoffman)
64 19930328 Ginza: Daily pay for a hostess down from 40,000 yen to 15,000 Shukan Yomiuri 4/4 ホステス日当4万円から1万5千円 TI(Takeshi Ito)
65 19930328 UNBEATABLE Konbini nation (Convenience stores shrug off the recession and rumble on to fresh markets. Mark Schreiber reports on Diamond's coverage of these lean, mean, retail machines.) Diamond 3/13 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
66 19930404 Japan's got no more money: Yeltsin, go starve to death! Shukan Bunshun 4/1 日本にもう金はない エリティンは飢えて死ね! TI(Takeshi Ito)
67 19930404 Come off it, you old geezers! Shady funds are being used for this, too! Weekly Playboy 4/13 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
68 19930404 University coed's ' Public hair photo collection' deserves a look Shukan Post 4/9 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
69 19930404 Neon tube technicians: Stagehands of the city's glow The 21 March ネオン管の技工士 都市の輝きをささえる黒子 MS(Mark Schreiber)
70 19930404 Trouble in Little Tehran (The scene shifts but the question remains: What are those foreigners up to? Adam Fulford reports on Weekly Playboy and Sapio coverage.) Weekly Playboy, Sapio 4/6, 4/8 - AF(Adam Fulford)
71 19930418 Failure of Tokyo bayside development Tokyo Keizai 4/17 東京湾岸開発の破たん MS(Mark Schreiber)
72 19930418 Excuses of 100 realtors who won't rent a room to a foreigner Denim May - MS(Mark Schreiber)
73 19930418 Japanese meals are dangerous: ' Poisonous box-lunch' terror Friday 4/23 日本の食が危ない!「毒性弁当」の恐怖 TI(Takeshi Ito)
74 19930418 What's happening at City Road Aera 4/13 「シティーロード」で起きていること TI(Takeshi Ito)
75 19930418 Backwater superpower (Da Capo wonders where in the world Japan stands, and finds evidence of Japan as number seventeen, or number three - even number one. Michael Hoffman reports.) Da Capo 4/21 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
76 19930425 Men knocked for a loop: The ever-steamier ' Sex Specials' in high-class women's magazines Shukan Post 4/30 男がのけぞる高級女性誌「SEX特集」のますます過激 MS(Mark Schreiber)
77 19930425 The amazing contents of Radio Life Shukan Post 4/30 偽1万円札を予告(?)していた『ラジオライフ(マニア誌)』の凄い中身 TI(Takeshi Ito)
78 19930425 Is it true there's a Japanese ambassador in Hokkaido? Da Capo 5/5 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
79 19930425 Drop dead, outdoor[enthusiasts]! Weekly Playboy 5/4 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
80 19930425 Major scrutiny of mail order for men Nikkei Trendy May 男の通販大研究 MS(Mark Schreiber)
81 19930425 Over by Christmas? (The economic recovery always seems just around the corner, but Aera wonders if it's really going to materialize. Michael Hoffman reports.) Aera 4/25 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
82 19930502 The new ' upper class' invited to the Imperial couple's ball Shukan Shincho 4/29 両陛下舞踏会に招かれた「上流階級」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
83 19930502 Work secretly in progress!? Building a nuclear shelter under the Prime Minister's new official residence Flash 5/11-18 新首相官邸地下の核シェルター工事 MH(Michael Hoffman)
84 19930502 Riddles of young people Dime 5/6 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
85 19930502 Love between male women and female men Spa! Special 4/6 「オトコ女」と「オンナ男」の恋 MH(Michael Hoffman)
86 19930502 Hit where it hurts (Views invites foreigners to strike at Japan's Achilles' heel. Mark Schreiber reports.) Views 4/28 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
87 19930509 Justice Ministry finally makes Yoyogi Park an ' Iranian reservation' Spa! 5/5-12 法務省がついに代々木公園を<イラン人保護区>に指定! MS(Mark Schreiber)
88 19930509 Even Prime Minister Miyazawa's dog…Tales of cruelty at the celebrities' pet cemetery Shukan Asahi 5/7-14 生焼きをカラスがつつく恐るべき光景 宮沢首相の犬さえも・・・有名人ペット霊園の残酷物語 TI(Takeshi Ito)
89 19930509 ‘Article 9' across the ocean, introduced in Bob Greene's column Aera 5/4-11 「9条」海を渡りボブ・グリーンがコラムで紹介 TI(Takeshi Ito)
90 19930509 Why Japanese police officers don't have to show their ID Denim June 日本の警察官は身分証明しなくてもいい理由 MS(Mark Schreiber)
91 19930509 Dangerous liaisons (Shukan Yomiuri warns of rapists in the work place, while Spa! Says men have lost interest in sex. Michael Hoffman reports.) Spa!, Shukan Yomiuri 4/28, 5/2 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
92 19930516 Secret information on what you can enjoy or get for free Bulldog June タダで遊ぶもらう?情報 MS(Mark Schreiber)
93 19930516 Evidence that all the emergency workers for the Tokyo Fire Department are breaking the law Friday 5/21 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
94 19930516 Police get jittery too!? Head shop opens in Yokohama Flash 5/25 警察もピリピリ!?横浜に出現した“麻薬(ドラッグ)”用具専門店 TI(Takeshi Ito)
95 19930516 Expert lock-pickers: The locksmiths of Japan The 21 June 解錠専門の錠前師 日本のロック・スミス氏たち MS(Mark Schreiber)
96 19930516 The gangster beat (Sig Pedersen looks back at the good old, bad old days of yakuza reporting: A golden age of mutual back-scratching and internecine back-stabbing) Asahi Geino, Shukan Jitsuwa, Shukan Taishu, Jitsuwa Document, Mondai Jitsuwa, - - Sig Pedersen
97 19930523 Dankai Jr. versus Shinjinrui Jr. : Stirrings in the huge youth market Shukan Diamond 5/15 団塊ジュニアvs新人類ジュニア 巨大市場が動き始めた MS(Mark Schreiber)
98 19930523 Now as popular as sumo: What is Takarazuka? Da Capo 5/19 今や大相撲と並ぶ人気 宝塚歌劇団とはどんなところか MH(Michael Hoffman)
99 19930523 If we're going to do this at all, let's reinforce the Japanese PKO units like this Weekly Playboy 6/1 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
100 19930523 As the big guns vanish, new faces appear among sumo's sponsors Aera 5/25 検証のスポンサー 大口が消えて「タニマチ」に新顔登場 MS(Mark Schreiber)
101 19930523 Outlaw status (Sig Pedersen on the high-profile gangsters who belong to the country's biggest criminal organization, and the irresistible allure of open secrets) Asahi Geino, Shukan Jitsuwa, Shukan Taisyu - - Sig Pedersen
102 19930530 From Takarazuka to J-League: This is the course manias follow Spa! 6/2 マニア MS(Mark Schreiber)
103 19930530 ‘Copycat!' 'This book is lousy!' Focus 5/28 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
104 19930530 Start of the mass exodus of the Iranian people, sights set on Ikebukuro and Omiya Shukan Asahi 6/4 上野・代々木公園を追われて・・・・・・池袋・大宮めざしイラン民族が大移動スタート! TI(Takeshi Ito)
105 19930530 ‘P. M Miyazawa is a dead ringer for Tojo Hideki' Shukan Gendai 6/5 「宮沢首相は東条英機にソックリだ」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
106 19930530 Trading opinions (Spa! Considers hyouronka - purveyors of sound-bite sized opinions who can screw up and still succeed. Michael Hoffman reports.) Spa! 5/19 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
107 19930603 ‘Masako-san' yearning' creeps up on triple-ultra-high women Shukan Asahi 5/28 Royal Wedding 超3高女性にうずまく「雅子さん願望」 MH(Michael Hoffman)
108 19930603 WHY DOESN'T THE IMPERIAL HOUSEHOLD AGENCY PROTEST? The outrageously insulting coverage of the Crown Prince's wedding by leading American magazines Shukan Bunshun, Josei Seven 5/27, 6/10 宮内庁はなぜ抗議しないのか アメリカ一流雑誌も失礼千万な皇太子ご成婚報道 TI(Takeshi Ito)
109 19930603 BECOME A 'MASAKO-SAN EXPERT' WITH THIS COMPLETE FACT FILE 100 Masako-san puzzles Shukan Josei 6/15 TI(Takeshi Ito)
110 19930603 Top secret details of the invited guests and menus at the ceremonial banquets Shukan Asahi 6/4 饗宴の儀招待客と献立マル秘リスト MH(Michael Hoffman)
111 19930603 MASAKO MANIA (Sig Pedersen reports on how one magazine for women struggled valiantly to sustain fever pitch for six months - and succeeded!! Josei Jishin - - Sig Pedersen
112 19930620 Problems spread as winds of change buffet English conversation schools Aera 6/22 英会話学校に逆風吹きトラブル急増 MS(Mark Schreiber)
113 19930620 Something's happening to Japanese bodies! Spa! 6/23 日本人のカラダに異変あり! TI(Takeshi Ito)
114 19930620 What sort of song is Kimigayo? Weekly Playboy 6/29 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
115 19930620 Reasons why it's OK to take photos in museums abroad but not in Japan Denim July 海外ではOKの『館内写真撮影』が日本では禁止になる理由 MS(Mark Schreiber)
116 19930620 Japanese roots (How did people come to be in what is now Japan? A Newton article says that originally, they walked. William Wetherall reports on who Japanese think they were, and are.) Newton May - WW(William Wetherall)
117 19930627 The A cup disappears amid the mysterious swelling of Japanese women's busts Shukan Asahi 7/2 日本女性バストの謎の隆起でAカップ姿消す MS(Mark Schreiber)
118 19930627 "Relax and slim" is out, so aesthetic salons are now racking their brains for advertising copy Shukan Shincho 6/24 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
119 19930627 Breaking away from useless university liberal-arts English Aera 6/29 使いものにならぬ大学教養英語に訣別 TI(Takeshi Ito)
120 19930627 Japan loses by default in the battle for international viewer ratings in Asia Shukan Hoseki 7/8 日本は不戦敗!国際視聴率競争・アジアの陣 MS(Mark Schreiber)
121 19930627 Self-selecting (Spa! Conducts a survey on masturbation and uncovers evidence of many do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Michael Hoffman reports.) Spa! 6/23 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
122 19930704 Who's "Hanako-san"? Tokyo Shimbun 6/27 「花子さん」ってだあれ? MS(Mark Schreiber)
123 19930704 Brakes applied to sales of public hair photo collections by Yamamoto Linda's "that" Shukan Shincho 7/1 ヘア写真集の売行きにストップをかけた山本リンダの「それ」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
124 19930704 Six thousand weather-beaten villas! Friday 7/9 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
125 19930704 The art of living in the 100-yen-to-the-dollar era Bart 7/12 1ドル=100円時代の生活術 MS(Mark Schreiber)
126 19930704 Serving what purpose? (With death in Cambodia still fresh in the memory, Spa! Examines the motives of Japanese volunteers. Michael Hoffman reports.) Spa! 6/30 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
127 19930718 Is Japanese technology OK? Aera 7/20 日本の技術は大丈夫か MS(Mark Schreiber)
128 19930718 The puzzle of 90 percent of idols being born in winter Da Capo 7/21 アイドルの90%が冬生まれの疑問 TI(Takeshi Ito)
129 19930718 Outrage at Kume Hiroshi's statement! Fall-out from secretary-general Kajiyama's 'refusal to appear on TV Asahi' Flash 7/27 久米宏発言に激昂!梶山幹事長「テレ朝出演拒否」の波紋 TI(Takeshi Ito)
130 19930718 The real face of 'Black Marie,' the woman who brought 5,000 Thai prostitutes to Japan Asahi Geino 7/22 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
131 19930718 Judgment Day (Your choice: the familiar or the er, familiar. Focus profiles candidates in a " chaotic" election. Michael Hoffman reports.) Focus 7/9 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
132 19930725 Kirin's withdrawal from advertising puts the chill on Dentsu and Hakuhodo Shukan Bunshun 7/29 キリンビールCM自粛で、一番ヒヤヒヤしてるのは電通と博報堂 MS(Mark Schreiber)
133 19930725 Why young people thrill to scolding by ' J-League foreign preachers' Dime 8/5 若者たちが“Jリーグ説教外人”の叱りに感動する理由 TI(Takeshi Ito)
134 19930725 Major forecast of giant earthquakes threatening the Japanese archipelago Weekly Playboy 8/3 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
135 19930725 AIDS pathologists: Seeing the future in 5cc's of blood The 21 August エイズ検査技師5ccの血液に未来を見る MS(Mark Schreiber)
136 19930725 No to yesterday (Marco Polo looks back at the student movement. Michael Hoffman reports.) Marco Polo July - MH(Michael Hoffman)
137 19930801 The legs of Japanese ballerinas are getting longer Aera 8/3 脚が長くなる日本人バレリーナ MS(Mark Schreiber)
138 19930801 ‘Where are the bereaved relatives?' Victims of the ' Okushiri Earthquake' enraged by the TV station' refrain. Shukan Post 8/6 「奥尻地震」被災者を激怒させたテレビ局の「遺族はどこだどこだ」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
139 19930801 Is Masako-sama's 'Denenchofu Futaba' a ' second-rate' o-jou-sama school? Marco Polo August - TI(Takeshi Ito)
140 19930801 My older brother, joined the Unification Church and wound up getting killed Shukan Bunshun 7/29 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
141 19930801 Rising to the challenge (Tarzan takes a look at the world from the point of view of physically handicapped people in Japan. Michael Hoffman reports.) Tarzan 7/28 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
142 19930808 Forty men with an annual income of 10 million yen plus give a mass matchmaking ' yes or no' Shukan Shincho 8/5 年収一千万円以上の男「四十人」の集団見合いの「合否」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
143 19930808 Emergency national survey of naitei among women at university Aera 8/10 女子大生の「内定」全国緊急調査 TI(Takeshi Ito)
144 19930808 Oo-kuwagata's a diabolical bug Shukan Asahi 8/6 オオクワガタは魔性の虫 TI(Takeshi Ito)
145 19930808 The world's first proper ' juggling robot' Focus 8/5 世界初の本格的「お手玉ロボット」 MH(Michael Hoffman)
147 19930822 Japanese TV program maker's depth of knowledge exposed by the half-baked ' gun action' they get away with Denim September いいかげんな『ガンアクション』がまかり通る日本のTV番組製作者の見識 MS(Mark Schreiber)
148 19930822 Get to know Juliana's Tokyo without even going there Da Capo 9/1 行かなくてもわかるジュリアナ東京 TI(Takeshi Ito)
149 19930822 Water Crisis '93: The wrath of Japanese water Views 8/25 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
150 19930822 Reading the times from the lives of magazines The 21 September 「雑誌の寿命」から時代を読む MS(Mark Schreiber)
151 19930822 The mirror cracked? (A ranked retainer draws aside the chrysanthemum curtain to reveal a rift between the old guard and the new order. Sig Pedersen weighs the significance.) Takarajima30, Shukan Bunshun, Shukan shincho, August, 7/22, 8/5・12-19 - Sig Pedersen
152 19930829 The terror of the '1 dollar=80 yen era.' It'll drop salarymen stone dead. Shukan Gendai 9/4 サラリーマンの息の根を止める「1ドル=80円時代」の恐怖 MS(Mark Schreiber)
153 19930829 The shooting location for the AV performances of the buru-sera high school girls Shukan Hoseki, Shukan Shincho 9/2, 8/26 ブルセラ女子高生AV出演の撮影現場! MH(Michael Hoffman)
154 19930829 How long will the Beat Takeshi era last? Spa! 8/25 ビートたけしの時代はいつまで続く? MH(Michael Hoffman)
155 19930829 Play Japan on GB Bart 9/13 日本はGBで再生する。 MS(Mark Schreiber)
156 19930829 WAIDORAMA (Sig Pedersen goes wide on waido.) Shukan Bunshun, Shukan Post, Shukan Shincho 8/28, 8/15・9/3,- - Sig Pedersen
157 19930905 Shame of youth shame of adults Da Capo 9/15 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
158 19930905 Ichinin-mae criteria by occupation Spa! 9/1 [一人前]の基準 TI(Takeshi Ito)
159 19930905 Ingenuous Saito Keiko corresponds with lover's wife Shukan Asahi 9/3 不倫相手の妻と文通斎藤慶子はお人よし TI(Takeshi Ito)
160 19930905 Where do photo processing labs draw the line between nudity and obscenity? Denim October OK、NOの境界線はどこにある? MS(Mark Schreiber)
161 19930905 Outer limits (Views beats the bounds of Japan. Michael Hoffman reports.) Views 9/8 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
162 19930912 Was this summer's crazy weather an American government plot? Spa! 9/8 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
163 19930912 Three retail sections that are dragging down department store sales Shukan Shincho 9/9 デパート「売上げ」の足を引っ張っている三つの売場 TI(Takeshi Ito)
164 19930912 Soka Gakkai's bringing Tokyo's Shinanomachi under private control! Shukan Asahi 9/10 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
165 19930912 Experiencing a day as a clerk in a women-only "adult toy shop" Shukan Hoseki 9/16 女性専用「大人のオモチャ屋」で1日店員を体験! MS(Mark Schreiber)
166 19930912 Weighing the odds (Brutus on gambling. Michael Hoffman reports.) Brutus 9/1 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
167 19930919 It takes sensitivity and pluck to be a tour conductor Aera 9/21 添乗員の条件は繊細さと肝っ玉 MS(Mark Schreiber)
168 19930919 Pursuing the legend that Speaker Doi Takako never changes her clothes Shukan Asahi 9/17 土井たか子衆院議長の着たきり伝説を追う TI(Takeshi Ito)
169 19930919 There are plenty more ' killer typhoons' on the way Weekly Playboy 9/28 「殺人台風」はまだまだやってくる!! TI(Takeshi Ito)
170 19930919 The surprising connection between beds and Japanese Rekishi Kaido October - MS(Mark Schreiber)
171 19930919 Image up (The prime minister puts a 'g' in statecraft. William Wetherall on media manipulation.) Shokun - - WW(William Wetherall)
172 19930926 In Jimmy Sakoda's view too: Tokyo is "Drugs Heaven" Shukan Gendai 10/2 ジミー佐古田も指摘する“ドラッグ天国”TOKYO MS(Mark Schreiber)
173 19930926 There's a way to drink sake Da Capo 10/6 日本酒には飲み方がある TI(Takeshi Ito)
174 19930926 A Daiei takeover theory emerges as Pia hits a crisis in its 21st year Shukan Asahi 9/24 ダイエー買収説も出た「ぴあ」創業21年目の危機 TI(Takeshi Ito)
175 19930926 Customer reaction the day after a gourmet/super-cheap TV program Aera 9/28 グルメ・激安番組「放映翌日」の客足 MS(Mark Schreiber)
176 19930926 Foreign devils (William Wetherall sifts through statistics on crime in a "mixed-residence society" Hanzai geppo, Sapio -, 9/23 - WW(William Wetherall)
177 19931003 ‘Father Fucker,' ' Uchida Shungiku's autobiographical novel whose contents one scarcely dares to mention Shukan Bunshun 9/30 内田春樹自伝小説(ファザーファッカー)の口にするのもはばかられる内容 MS(Mark Schreiber)
178 19931003 90-percent support for the Hosokawa administration among US-based companies Aera 10/5 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
179 19931003 Mystery phrase: ' o-puu, twice' Shukan Asahi 10/8 謎の言葉「おプーが2発」 AF(Adam Fulford)
180 19931003 The ' super-high yen' - A gift to foreign laborers Shukan Diamond 10/2 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
181 19931003 Version 2.0 (Marco Polo considers an updated generation of human software for the Procrustean operating system in Japan's institutional hardware. Michael Hoffman reports.) Marco Polo - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
182 19931010 After ' kiss me,' next it's ' piyopiyo.' Come on, cut out the kissing on trains! Shukan Bunshun 10/7 「チューして」の次は「ピヨピヨ」電車内のキス もういい加減にせんかい MS(Mark Schreiber)
183 19931010 Japanese high-tech artificial hair industry leads Europe by 200 years Shukan Asahi 10/15 ニッポン・ハイテク増毛産業欧州を200年リード中 TI(Takeshi Ito)
184 19931010 ‘Ramen disease': Eating away at Japanese Views 10/13 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
185 19931010 The ' degree of urgency' criteria for running news-flash supers Denim November ニュース速報のテロップを流す緊急度基準 MS(Mark Schreiber)
186 19931010 Wide world (Spa! and Flash take a broad view of TV wide shows - programs that made the daytime ratings bloom. Michael Hoffman reports.) Spa!, Flash 10/6, 10/5 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
187 19931017 The ultra-groundless theory that the Emperor and Empress dislike SDF officers' uniforms Shukan Asahi 10/15 「天皇・皇后の自衛官制服嫌い」説の超根拠レス MS(Mark Schreiber)
188 19931017 The ' wild kingdom' of Japan fights back!! Weekly Playboy 10/26 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
189 19931017 Is the ' Onihei-speak' of the BOJ governor translatable? Aera 10/18 通信社が英語で配信日銀総裁の「鬼平語」は英訳できるか TI(Takeshi Ito)
190 19931017 Established tailors look for loopholes in bargain-priced men's suits Shukan Shincho 10/14 老舗洋服店が検分する安売り紳士服の「落とし穴」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
191 19931017 Unhappy medium (Not even Japan's top psychic can have foreseen what Josei Jishin would write about her. Sig Pedersen on the curse of Gibo Aiko.) Josei Jishin - - Sig Pedersen
192 19931024 It's hard to get a true idea of Japan's religious organizations The 21 November - MS(Mark Schreiber)
193 19931024 The king of commuting time Views 10/27 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
194 19931024 ‘Gay culture': civil rights on campus? Aera 10/25 キャンパスで市民権得た?「ゲイ文化」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
195 19931024 A guide to the ' home-town owner system' Dime 10/21 『ふるさとオーナー制度』大百科 MS(Mark Schreiber)
196 19931024 Drug addicts (A business magazine asserts that Japanese spend twice as much on medicine as they do on rice. What' up, doc? Michael Hoffman pores over Shukan Diamond's diagnosis.) Shukan Diamond 10/9 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
197 19931031 First-hand report on 1,500 people living on the street in Tokyo Aera 11/1 東京の路上生活者1500人ルポ TI(Takeshi Ito)
198 19931031 The shocking sexpertise of Japanese co-eds studying abroad Shukan Gendai 11/6 日本人女子留学生たちのあきれた‘性’態 MS(Mark Schreiber)
199 19931031 What are salarymen doing at 9:30p.m.? Da Capo 11/3 午後9時30分に何をしているか TI(Takeshi Ito)
200 19931031 All you wanted to know about fugu Flash 11/9-16 『フグ』ものしり百科 MS(Mark Schreiber)
201 19931031 Abashed!? (It's Shukan Bunshun's turn to be rendered speechless. Is media coverage of the Empress at least partly to blame? Sig Pedersen surf a wave of weekly sympathy.) Josei Jishin, Josei Seven, Shukan Asahi, Shukan Yomiuri, Sunday Mainichi Shukan Bunshun, Takarajima 30 11/9-16, 11/11, 11/5, 11/7, 11/7, 11/4,- - Sig Pedersen
202 19931107 Yamaguchi-gumi vs. Sumiyoshi-kai: Hotel gun battle prompts emergency martial law Asahi Geino 11/4 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
203 19931107 How this magazine views coverage of the Imperial Household Shukan Bunshun 11/11 皇室報道小誌はこう考える MH(Michael Hoffman)
204 19931107 The disclosure of Russian dumping and the price of fish at markets on the Sea of Japan Shukan Shincho 11/4 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
205 19931107 ‘Sell (ancient) sailor suit' syndrome among graduates of famous girls' schools Shukan Asahi 11/12 名門女子高出身奥様に古着セーラー服売りマス症候群 TI(Takeshi Ito)
206 19931107 Capital offense (Bart puts Tokyo on trial. Michael Hoffman observes proceedings.) Bart 10/25 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
207 19931121 Skylark restaurants adopt low-cost strategy to compete Shukan Shincho 11/11 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
208 19931121 Choose your hospital, save your life Aera 11/22 病院選んで命を守ろう TI(Takeshi Ito)
209 19931121 The ' national humiliation' banner displayed by Japanese supporters that enraged South Korea Views 11/24 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
210 19931121 The secret of the deluge of nostalgic commercials Spa! 11/17 高好感度懐古調CM氾濫のヒミツ MS(Mark Schreiber)
211 19931121 Bathing beauty (Michael Hoffman grabs his rubber duck and immerses himself one limb at a time in a Tarzan special on the bath.) Tarzan 11/10 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
212 19931128 Inconvenient frequency difference: Why hasn't it been fixed yet? Denim December - MS(Mark Schreiber)
213 19931128 Excuses of new graduates seeking employment with mob-related firms Shukan Jitsuwa 12/2 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
214 19931128 Tales of the ups and downs of ' talent' shops in Harajuku Shukan Gendai 11/20 原宿タレントショップ栄枯盛衰物語 MS(Mark Schreiber)
215 19931128 AIDS-related concerns of the middle aged Seiron December エイズに悩む熟年たち MS(Mark Schreiber)
216 19931128 Red-tape blight (Dime's assembled rice experts thresh bureaucrats and the Food Control Law. Michael Hoffman reports.) Dime 12/2 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
217 19931205 93 Hit Products Top 30 Nikkei Trendy December 93年ヒット商品ベスト30 来年有望な新製品10傑 MS(Mark Schreiber)
218 19931205 King of contributors Shukan Asahi 12/3 投稿王 MH(Michael Hoffman)
219 19931205 Selfish ' emergency rice imports' will cause 786 million deaths by starvation in the Third Word Shukan Gendai 12/4 身勝手な「コメの緊急輸入」は第三世界7億8600万人に餓えて死ねということだ ザフルーラ・チョドリー(医学博士) TI(Takeshi Ito)
220 19931205 Prime Minister Hosokawa's leadership strength: The roots of a natural performance Aera 11/29 細川首相が見せた指導力 自然流パフォーマンスのルーツ MH(Michael Hoffman)
221 19931205 Society's ills (Dime tracks down seven workplace killers. Michael Hoffman reports.) Dime 12/1 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
222 19931219 Ranking the best and worst Shukan Diamond 12/11 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
223 19931219 Exposed: a ' draft revision of the Constitution, ' put together secretly by Yomiuri Shimbun Shukan Bunshun 12/16 - TI(Takeshi Ito)
224 19931219 This enjoyably distorted portrait of Japanese! Shukan Asahi 12/24 この楽しく歪んだ日本人像! TI(Takeshi Ito)
225 19931219 Internal pressure building: FAMILY CRISIS Shukan Hoseki 12/23 内圧高まる家族危機 MS(Mark Schreiber)
226 19931219 Protective make-up (Da Capo examines the art of the excuse. Michael (' it was the editor's idea, honest' ) Hoffman reports.) Da Capo 12/15 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
227 19931226 The ' bashing' that cancelled Princess Masako's birthday press conference Shukan Shincho 12/23-30 雅子妃御誕生日記者会見中止の「バッシング」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
228 19931226 Chosen by 100 celebrities from all walks of life! Shukan Gendai 12/25 各界有名人100人が選んだ! ’93MAN OF THE YEAR(日本の顔 Face of Japan) MH(Michael Hoffman)
229 19931226 What wavering singles really think: ' I' d like to get married, but…' Da Capo 1/5 特集 揺れる独身男女のホンネ「結婚はしたいけど・・・」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
230 19931226 The everyday language of today's high-school girls Shukan Jitsuwa 12/30 現代の女高生日常ことば TI(Takeshi Ito)
231 19931226 Year of the hair (1993. Weeklies go crazy for hair. Mounds of it. But what's behind it all? Something of deeper significance? Sig Pedersen shines the flashlight of history on hair nudes in a game attempt to see everything.) Shukan Gendai, Shukan Hoseki, Shukan Post 12/18, 12/9, 12/17 - Sig Pedersen




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