These are the reproduction of articles originally published on Mainichi Daily News' "WaiWai" section. Almost all of the articles were nothing but trumped-up stories.
Please DO NOT believe them!
Were these stories real? No Japanese readers would believe them.
Some immoral writers made up the story, taking from dubious "news" from tabloids and gossip magazines.
However, some readers unfortunately believed the articles.
There's no wonder--these stories were published by the Mainichi Newspapers, one of the Japanese major "quality" papers.
The writers and Mainichi seem to understand very well that fiction is stronger than reality
--at least for readers with little experience with Japan.
Don't believe Mainichi, never!
PLEASE WATCH MOVIE BELOW, it helps you to understand background of these problem.

番号 掲載年月日 表題(英語) 引用雑誌名 引用雑誌号数 署名(イニシャル) 表題(日本語)
1 19910107 A New World Order Toyo Keizai 12/26-1/5 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 変貌する世界秩序と日本の役割 年間を通じて1コマ漫画(by Takahashi Haruo)あるいは4コマ漫画(「Mappira-Kun」 by Kato Yoshiro)掲載
2 19910107 A New Outlook Spa! 12/26 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) -
3 19910107 The refusal to run was another TV performance - Masuzoe-sensei's political sense Shukan Asahi 1/4-11 HH(Horino Haruko) - MEDATSU MIDASHI(Headlines from the Weeklies)
4 19910107 I sold torikabuto(aconite) to that man Sunday Mainichi 12/30 HH(Horino Haruko) - MEDATSU MIDASHI(Headlines from the Weeklies)
5 19910107 Creeping poverty - Is poverty a trend? Aera 1/1-8 HH(Horino Haruko) - MEDATSU MIDASHI(Headlines from the Weeklies)
6 19910107 If I though about AIDS, sex would be impossible Sunday Mainichi 12/30 HH(Horino Haruko) - MEDATSU MIDASHI(Headlines from the Weeklies)
7 19910114 The Two Tsutsumis Shukan Gendai 1/5-12 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 日本一の“兄弟ゲンカ”
8 19910114 Nearly Time For Tea Shukan Asahi 1/4-11 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) -
9 19910114 Rikishi Business Shukan Hoseki 1/24 AF(Adam Fulford) 「小錦」は飛行機のトイレに入れないって、ホント?
10 19910114 Please, Meet With His Highness Once More Josei Jishin 1/22 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 「もう一度、殿下と会ってください」皇太子妃選び激動!あの小和田雅子さんに MEDATSU MIDASHI(Headlines from the Weeklies)
11 19910114 Yakushimaru Hiroko and Tamaki Koji's Blitz Wedding in Hawaii Josei Jishin, Shukan Hoseki 1/22, 1/24 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 薬師丸ひろ子と玉置浩二とハワイの教会で電撃挙式! MEDATSU MIDASHI(Headlines from the Weeklies)
12 19910121 Cleaning Up Their Acts Toyo Keizai 1/12 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 環境衆愚経営の始まり
13 19910121 Towards the Reef of Marriage! Josei Jishin 1/29 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 独創水面下スクープ!中山美穂(20才)田原俊彦(29才)早くも囁かれる「結婚暗礁へ!」の厳しい現実5話 挙式直前交通事故死! MEDATSU MIDASHI(Headlines from the Weeklies)
14 19910121 “Cancer of the Esophagus" Announced by Prince Tomohito of Mikasa Himself Shukan Shincho 1/24 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 三笠宮寛仁殿下が自ら公表した「食道ガン」 MEDATSU MIDASHI(Headlines from the Weeklies)
15 19910121 Osaka To Tokyo In A Quarter Of A Century Aera 1/15 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 気質の違いか文化の違いか 大阪発東京行き自動改札の25年
16 19910128 Forgot To Mind His Mantras? Shukan Gendai 1/26 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) クビ!
17 19910128 These are the secrets of certain juken success - all the strategies! Sunday Mainichi 2/3 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) これが受験必勝“マル秘”全戦略
18 19910128 New Wave Pachinko Aera 1/29 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ニューウェーブなパチンコ
19 19910128 Isomura Seeks Higher Office? Themis 1/23 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) -
20 19910204 Early Detection And Treatment Of Big Industry Disease Spa! 1/30 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 大企業病の早期発見と早期治療法
21 19910204 Understand 3,000 Years Of Middle East History in Five Minutes! Josei Jishin 2/12 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 5分で分かる中東3千年の歴史!
22 19910204 Kiko-sama's Hand-crafted Hairstyle Transformation! From Bob To Chignon. Shukan Josei 2/12 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 紀子さま手づくりニューヘアー変身!(ボブ→シニヨン)この春“紀子さまシニヨン”がトレンド
23 19910204 Cohabiting Middle-Aged Mitsugu-kun Arrested! Themis 2/6 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 同棲中の中年ミツグ君逮捕!
24 19910218 Takashima Hatsuhisa - Kume Hiroshi Gulf War Reports - This Is Where I'll Win or Lose Shukan Bunshun 2/14 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) ニュース戦争で激突 独占インタビュー NHK高島肇久・テレビ朝日久米宏 湾岸報道私はここで勝負する
25 19910218 This Year's Hay Fever Will Hit Early and Hit Hard! Themis 2/20 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 今年の花粉症は早くてひどいぞ!すぐできる即効療法から完全根治の手術まで
26 19910218 Should We Allow Euthanasia of Pet Dog and Cats? Shukan Asahi 2/22 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 議論沸騰 犬、猫の安楽死は許されるか
27 19910218 Don't Come Here, Japanese! Hussein is Our Hero! Shukan Gendai 2/23 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ニッポン人は来るな!フセインは英雄だ
28 19910225 Japanese Think Tanks - a healthy appetite but no brains Aera 2/19 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 報告書の盗用も。政策提言なし。湾岸戦争に無力。星占いも採用。日本のシンクタンクは無芸大食
29 19910225 Extra: Hussein goods over-the-counter free for all Shukan Asahi 3/1 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) WAR EXPRESS フセイン・グッズで場外乱闘番外編
30 19910225 The "Peace Boat" is a "Pink Boat" !? Themis 2/27 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 反戦・平和の船が「ラブホテルまがいだった」という証言続出 ピースボートは「ピンクボート」だ!?
31 19910225 You too can be "One Couple, Two Names" Shukan Asahi 3/1 AF(Adam Fulford) ワーキング・ウーマン大流行 あなたもできる「夫婦別姓」
32 19910225 The true state of the geinokai drug disgrace Sunday Mainichi 3/3 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 「これが芸能界麻薬汚染の実態だ」
33 19910304 Baseball's Moneymen - Kuwata Masumi and Ochiai Hiromitsu's money war Flash 3/5 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) (****)球界の金権マン桑田真澄と落合博満のマネー戦争 (****)は判読不能
34 19910304 Crown Prince, Don't Give Up! Shukan Asahi 3/8 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) がんばれ皇太子
35 19910304 Relationships That Hastened Kobayashi Kazuyoshi's Death Themis 3/6 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 小林一喜氏の死を早めた人間関係 久米氏と「私語「雑談」を交わさない「ひどいいじめが」という人も
36 19910304 This is what we hate about Ginkoman/Ginkoin! Themis 3/6 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 結婚したくない職業の上位貯金は笑顔送金はフン 銀行マン(イン)ここが大嫌い!
37 19910311 Giants uncovered: Cromartie's shocking confessions Shukan Bunshun 3/7 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 巨人軍の内幕独占第2弾!クロマティ衝撃の告白手記
38 19910311 Scoop! President Saddam Hussein's wife was in Japan! Shukan Josei 3/19 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) スクープ フセイン大統領サジダ夫人が心臓病治療で日本にいた!!
39 19910311 With the rank of Ozeki before his eyes, Kotonishiki performs a Dutch roll with "two women." Flash, Spa!, Josei Jishin, Themis 3/19, -,-,- AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 大関目前なのに・・・琴錦が“2人の女”でダッチロール
40 19910311 Wasting resources and garbage pollution: Cars used and thrown away - a crime against the Earth Spa! 3/13 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ZOOM UP 資源のムダ遣いとゴミ汚染 クルマの使い捨ては地球への犯罪だ
41 19910318 The pitiful fate awaiting Japanese studying at U.S. high schools Aera 3/12 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 米国高校留学の無残
42 19910318 Gold Coast men brag: Raping Japanese girls is easy!" Themis 3/20 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ゴールドコーストの男たちはうそぶく 「日本ギャルのレイプなんか簡単だ!」
43 19910318 Over the top! The battle for popular cram school instructors. We'll even pay an annual salary of 70 million yen. Shukan Asahi 3/22 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 過激!予備校人気講師の引きぬき合戦 年収七千万円でも欲しい
44 19910318 “Tate-meshi" for lunch today? Aera 3/19 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) WORD 今日のランチは「タテメシ」?
45 19910325 Threats used by shady shareholders and gangsters. Companies and elite employees: Don't be cowed! Themis 3/20 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 「ヒットマンが来る!」「光進」の恐喝は序の口 黒株主・暴力団脅しの全手口 怯むな企業&エリート社員
46 19910325 ①Kiko-sama: Congratulations on your pregnancy!! ②Inside the "Princess Kiko's Pregnant" fever ①Josei Seven, ②Shukan Post, Shukan Shincho, Josei Jishin, Shukan Myojo ①3/28, ②3/29,-,-,- AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ①本誌独占スクープ!紀子さまご懐妊(*)おめでとう!!②「紀子妃ご懐妊」フィーバーの内幕 一つの記事に2つの表題がある。
47 19910325 Learning from famous couples: We want a younger man Shukan Myojo 4/4 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 有名人カップルに学ぶいま年下のカレがほしい!!
48 19910325 The town where Japanese-Brazilians are working Aera 3/19 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 日系ブラジル人八百人が働く町 群馬県大泉町。学校には子どもが三十人。人材派遣で所得六千万の人も
49 19910401 Nuclear power: Cracks caused by red tape pollution Shukan News 4/1 PN(Peter Nowak) 原発 レッドテープ汚染でヒビ割れ
50 19910401 Where's the loo? Shukan PingPong 4/1 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) トイレはどこ!?
51 19910401 Shinjuku Station - Design stolen from Escher Let's! DOING 4/1 AF(Adam Fulford) エッシャーの盗作 新宿駅
52 19910401 New World Order: New Word Order Shukan Kanshu 4/1 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ニュー.ワールド・オーダー,ニュー・ワード・オーダーに
53 19910401 The ultimate tanshin funin assignment: Okinotorishima Shukan Weekly 4/1 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 究極の単身赴任地 オキノトリシマ
54 19910408 Compulsory reading for yan-egu(young executives) The successful man gets the best out of the women around him. Themis 4/3 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 新入社員・ヤンエグに告ぐ 3日で名前を覚えてブスにも優しく デキるい男ほど女を活用している
55 19910408 Flash!! Kiko-sama Princess Mama Josei Jishin, Shukan Josei, Shukan Myojo 4/16, 4/16, 4/18 - 紀子さま応援連載 紀子さまの「プリンセスママ」への道 紀子さまの「つわり」対策は美智子さま直伝の「日本そば」
56 19910408 A beret makes a man look sharp Aera 4/9 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 男がかぶってサマになるベレー帽
57 19910408 What's happening to the America that raised us? Love and hate in America Spa! 4/10 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 愛と憎しみのアメリカ ボクらを育ててくれたアメリカはどこへ行く?
58 19910415 Salarymen's lifestyle comparisons. Salary, holidays, expense account: The most profitable and easiest companies to work for. Themis 4/10 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 給与×休日×交際費でみる一番トクでラクな会社 サラリーマン生活徹底比較
59 19910415 Investigating the true state of sexual fatigue among the young: the myths and reality of sex in the home. Spa! 4/10 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ZOOM UP “若年性倦怠期”の実態調査 家庭内SEXの理想と現実
60 19910415 Scoop! Plans to send an expeditionary force to the Gulf war had gotten this far. Shukan Post 4/19 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 「湾岸派兵計画」はここまで進んでいた
61 19910415 We love flashy colors. Aera 4/16 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ケバい色が好きやねん
62 19910422 Families torn apart by tanshin funin: Wives start to rebel Shukan Asahi 4/19 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 家族を引き裂く単身赴任 妻たちの反乱が始まった
63 19910422 Homos are cool? Shinjuku 2-chome: Holy ground for gays. A report on the new wave. Spa! 4/24 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ホモってかっこいい!?ゲイの聖地・新宿2丁目ヌーベル・バーグ体験ルポ
64 19910422 From S&M: The chic appeal of "bondage" Aera 4/23 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) WORD SM出身「ボンデージ」のオシャレ
65 19910422 The PRICE Spa! 4/24 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) バブル(**)の日陰にひっそり花咲く夢とロマンと不条理のプチワールド あなたの知らない、めくるめく値段の世界を今、ここに! THE 値段 (**)は判読不能
66 19910429 Reluctant Bachelors look for the elusive "perfect" wife. Tokyo's full of Asian Brides. Asahi Journal 4/26 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 結婚できない男が求める幻の大和撫子「アジアの花嫁」が東京にいっぱい
67 19910429 In the Tokyo/Osaka environs: These are the areas with houses "salarymen" can buy. Shukan Gendai 5/4 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 東京・大阪圏「サラリーマンが買える家はここだ」
68 19910429 Pocket pagers are good for jobs and love, too! Themis 5/1 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ポケベルで「仕事」も「恋」も即キャッチ!
69 19910429 Seiko: Escape from "Unpopularity Hell" "This is it!" COMPLETELY NUDE (see through) PHOTO! Josei Jishin 5/7 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 入手初公開!聖子“不人気地獄”脱出へ「これで勝負!」の全裸写真!
70 19910513 ODA exports destruction of livelihoods: The case of the giant Philippine project Asahi Journal 5/3-10 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) ODAが輸出する「生活破壊」フィリピン最大のカラバルソン計画に見る
71 19910513 Japan: A childish power Why do only "kawaii" things sell? Spa! 5/15 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) BUSINESS 子供っぽい大国ニッポン “かわいい”ものばかり売れるのは「なぜ?」
72 19910513 The big Japan-Korea textbook gap Aera 5/14 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 日韓教科書の大きなギャップ「植民地支配」をめぐる感覚
73 19910513 Revealed: The secret of Takahanada's rapid development Shukan Hoseki 5/23 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 高花田 藤島部屋トレーナーが明かす“急成長の秘密”
74 19910520 The Lie of the Super-Efficient Nation, Japan Aera 5/15 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 「効率国家日本」のウソ
75 19910520 Now you see it, now you don't. Araki's "hair" photos on different TV networks. Shukan Shincho 5/23 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 出したり隠したりテレビ局で違った荒木「ヘア」写真
76 19910520 Kiko-sama Princess Mama FLASH!! ①The baby's room is next to the catfish pond! ②Kiko-sama's residence is stuffed toy heaven! ③Prayers for easy delivery! The same iwata-obi [maternity sash] from Tairiji in Nara as used by the Empress: Present to 40 readers Shukan Josei, Josei Jishin,Bisho 5/28, 5/28, 5/25 - - 記事表題だけ3本
77 19910520 Find the origins of those trends! Spa! 5/15 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ZOOM UP アッシー、三高、人面魚・・・・・・の「著作権者」はオレだ!あの流行の元祖を探せ!
78 19910527 Sharp increase in crimes committed by young people and salarymen addicted to Dial Q2. Shukan Gendai 5/25 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) “ダイヤルQ2中毒”青少年サラリーマンの犯罪が激増
79 19910527 The real reason why Chiyonofuji quit. Shukan Post 5/31 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 警告通り!本誌だけが知っている千代の富士引退「本当の理由」
80 19910527 Kiko-sama Princess Mama FLASH!! ①Kiko-sama's five-month test! The baby's development is fine. She's not showing, she's even going out for walks in jeans…②A confectioner in Nagoya sends a cute baby-lookalike cake. ③Present! Kiko-sama's "easy delivery" char Shukan Josei, Josei Jishin 6/4, 6/4 - - 記事表題だけ3本
81 19910527 The tragic Li U-nye. Josei Jishin 6/4 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 悲劇の李恩恵!
82 19910603 Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima universities turning into slums: Japan's national universities are boffin coffins. Aera 5/28 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) SPECIAL 頭脳の棺桶 国立大学 東大も京大も阪大も広島大もスラム化する
83 19910603 Read the future: The latest words needed by businessmen. Shukan Post 6/7 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) POST最新ビジネス要語未来を読む 企業幹部も就職学生も必読
84 19910603 A collection of Japan-bashing jokes. We'd so like to laugh it all away. Aera 6/4 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 日本たたきジョーク集 本当に心から笑い飛ばしたい
85 19910603 Tokyo and Osaka - Use your bonus intelligently: The art of buying the four big favorites. Shukan Gendai 6/8 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ビデオカメラ BSチューナー付きテレビ エアコン ゴルフセット 東京大阪ボーナスを賢く使う4大人気商品マル得買い物術
86 19910610 Big Japanese newspapers are U.S. publicity sheets! Shukan Post 6/7 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 大新聞はもはやアメリカの宣伝紙だ!
87 19910610 Are you a jilting bourgeois or a jilted prole? Entering the age of class-struggle love. Spa! 6/12 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ENTERTAINMENT キミは「フルジョワジー」か「フラレタリアート」か?恋愛階級闘争の時代に突入
88 19910610 This is it. This year we'll really master English! Themis 6/12 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) これが最後だ 今年こそ「英会話」をマスターするぞ!
89 19910610 Fresh Outbreak of "British and U.S. Devils" symptoms Aera 6/4 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 「鬼畜米英」の兆し再び
90 19910610 “I was eaten by my credit card" (Housewife) "We're not breaking any laws" (Card industry) Shukan Post 6/14 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 「カードに食いものにされた」(主婦)「違法行為はない」(カード業界)
91 19910624 Exposed: The secret Imperial Family meeting on June 2 Shukan Bunshun 6/20 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 六月二日天皇家の「秘密会議」をスッパ抜く
92 19910624 Homing in on the enigma of gaijin street merchants and performers Spa! 6/26 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) STRANGE NEIGHBORS シリーズ「奇妙な隣人」第3弾 やたら目につく路上のガイジン物売り(ストリート・セラー)と芸人(ストリート・パフォーマー)の謎に迫る
93 19910624 Morning "wide shows": (which is) the most provocative? Themis 6/26 AF(Adam Fulford) 朝のワイドショーどこが一番シゲキ的か!
94 19910624 Shukan Bunshun is lily-livered in the face of the Kunaicho protest Shukan Asahi 6/28 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 宮内庁の抗議に腰くだけの週刊文春
95 19910701 Takeshita's comeback depends on containing scandals Shukan Shincho 6/27 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 特集「竹下復権」にはスキャンダル制圧
96 19910701 We love you, so we dare to say this! Hey, Manga! Bring back adventure and ambition. Spa! 7/3 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) OPINION 大好きだからこそ、あえて言う!マンガよ!冒険と大志を取り戻せ
97 19910701 High-tech search for Japanese roots Riddle of the giant shinden buried in the sand dunes of Tottori Shukan Asahi 7/5 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ハイテクで探る日本人のルーツ⑦ 鳥取の砂丘に埋もれた巨大な古代神殿の謎
98 19910701 “History" of pluck and thrills revealed by exhibition of cheating techniques Flash 7/9 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) カンニング・テクニック展にみる度胸とスリルの“歴史”
99 19910715 Nagano's Winter Olympic purchase outrage Shukan Gendai 7/6 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 長野冬季オリンピック買い付けの大ひんしゅく
100 19910715 The Mob walks tall on Main Street Aera 7/16 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 表街道をのし歩く暴力団
101 19910715 Lest We Forget - - MS(Mary Smith) -
102 19910715 The "killer" net around NHK chairman Shima Sunday Mainichi 7/21 MS(Mary Smith) NHK島会長を“狙撃”する包囲網
103 19910722 Where homeless cars are headed Shukan Asahi 7/19 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) ホームレス・カーの行方
104 19910722 Kiko-sama Princess Mama Flash!! ①Kiko-sama's resolution: breast massage! ②Kiko-sama's seven-month check-up: The baby's weight has doubled, and it's now 5 centimeters longer (30 cm) Josei Jiahin, Shukan Josei 7/23, 7/30 - - 記事表題だけ2本
105 19910722 Lest We Forget (Part Ⅱ) Shukan Asahi, Sunday Mainichi, Aera, Shukan Post, Friday, Shukan Shincho 7/19, 7/21, 7/23, 7/19, 7/19, 7/18 MS(Mary Smith) -
106 19910722 Our Hinomaru and Kimigayo Spa! 7/24 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ボクたちの「日の丸」「君が代」
107 19910729 Filipinos pass themselves off as Japanese Shukan Asahi 7/26 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 日本人になりすますフィリピン人
108 19910729 Sketch and photo: mistakes and omissions - Misery for Prime Minister Kaifu at the Summit Flash 8/6 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 似顔絵(イラスト)・写真間違いや無視・・・海部首相、サミットの哀愁
109 19910729 - Josei Jishin - AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 女性自身
110 19910729 The "Second Standard Japanese" - Osaka-ben - on the brink of ruin Aera 7/30 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 「第二標準語」大阪弁の没落の危機
111 19910812 Gaijin we like Gaijin we hate Spa! 8/7 - 好きな外人・嫌いな外人
112 19910812 The envelopes, please! - - - -
113 19910812 Ten steps to being a successful gaijin Spa! 8/7 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 成功するガイジンのための10か条
114 19910812 Borderless World Aera 8/13 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) ボーダレス・ワールド
115 19910819 Enjoy car life: Avoid the big jams by leaving after 7 p.m. Shukan Gendai 8/10 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) (GENDAI ENJOY CARLIFE)
116 19910819 It's not all sumo and period dramas. Please understand Japan! Dime 9/5 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) スモウに時代劇だけじゃない(Please understand Japan!)
117 19910819 Even if Japanese forget We will never forget Aera 8/20 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 日本人は忘れても私たちは忘れない
118 19910819 Not "evil', "not "monsters" - Foreigners take over the streets: Tales to make you laugh and cry Shukan Gendai 8/17 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) “害人”でも“怪人”でもアリマセ~ン 外人さんに占拠された街角「泣き笑い」エピソード
119 19910826 The Answers to 50 Riddles of Convenience Stores Spa! 8/28 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) コンビニ50の謎を解明
120 19910826 Loaded Japanese Gals "Buy" Men in Bali Shukan Asahi 8/30 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) バリ島で男を“買う”金満日本人ギャル
121 19910826 The Spread of the Salaryman's Disease: "Just Can't Get Up in the Morning" Shukan Hoseki 9/5 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 「朝、起きられない」“サラリーマン病”が急増
122 19910826 They Used to be Cute Yaeba; Now They're Dracula Teeth Shukan Asahi 8/30 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 昔、可愛い八重歯も今はドラキュラの歯
123 19910902 Chairman's speculation mania destroys TBS Shukan Bunshun 8/29 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 社長の財テク狂いがTBSをダメにした
124 19910902 The Bootleg: Ushering in an age of chaos what IS all this about pirate versions? Spa! 9/4 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) THE BOOTLEG カオスの時代を挑発する海賊版感覚って何だ!?
125 19910902 Kiko-sama Princess Mama FLASH!! ①Exclusive: Kiko-sama and 1,500-gram baby in "happy" return (to Mejiro) home (stays over) ②Kiko-sama: Preparations for delivery - mother's milk, diapers, and a baby bed… Shukan Josei, Bisho 9/10, 9/14 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) -
126 19910902 Manga: Comicate popular among the young in spite of a head wind Aera 9/3 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 漫画 逆風の中でも若者に人気のコミケット
127 19910909 Powerful country with declining births - an emaciated Japan Aera 9/3 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) SPACIAL 少産大国 ニッポンの衰弱
128 19910909 Are you simply tired? Shukan Asahi 9/13 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) あなたは疲れているだけですが
129 19910909 In the age of anti-hanayome shugyo the emphasis in class is on mastering Japan Shukan Asahi 9/13 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) アンチ花嫁修業時代「お教室」は日本を究めるのがポイント
130 19910909 Have Japanese women's bodies evolved? Spa! 9/11 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) CULTURE ニッポンの女のボディは進化したのか?
131 19910916 Great laugh! Words and actions of industry people Spa! 9/11 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) ギョーカイ人大笑い言動録
132 19910916 The shin-shinjinrui are sweeping over the sports world Shukan Yomiuri 9/22 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 新新人類がスポーツ界を席巻する
133 19910916 A message for Kageyama Tamio Shukan Bunshun 9/19 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 幸福の科学正会員 景山民夫さんに申し上げる 野坂昭如
134 19910916 The birth of the age of gangs? Bottomless "pigeon-style violence" Shukan Asahi 9/20 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 団塊世代が生んだ!?底なし「ハト型暴力」
135 19910930 Luxury cars in the midst of a depression Shukan Bunshun 9/26 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 2億円もしたフェラーリF40が1億円以下 高級乗用車ただ今、暴落中
136 19910930 Super popular! This fall, convertibles fly like the wind! Shukan Asahi 10/4 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 大人気!この秋、オープンカーが風を切る
137 19910930 “Global JAL": Catch up and overtake ANA Aera 9/10 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 航空 ANAに追いつき追い越せ「世界のJAL」
138 19910930 Leyton House: Formula One owner pulls out of the race Aera 10/1 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) F1オーナーのコースアウト レイトンハウス
139 19911014 Japanese reporters are mere company employees Aera 10/1 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 日本の記者は単に会社員
140 19911014 Herding boys and girls: "Rules and pleasures" Spa! 10/9 AF(Adam Fulford) SPECIAL REPORT パーキング族、レディース、チーム、追っかけ・・・ 群れたがる少年・少女の“規律と快感”
141 19911014 A must-see for delinquent high-school students: "Dance Koshien" mania Shukan Shincho 10/17 AF(Adam Fulford) 不良高校生必見番組「ダンス甲子園の熱狂」
142 19911014 We love grade-C journalism! Spa! 10/3 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) スキャンダル、ゴシップから出る“マコト”C級ジャーナリズムが好きだっ!
143 19911021 Japan gorges itself into diabetic ruin Aera 10/15 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) SPECIAL 飽食日本に兆す糖尿病亡国
144 19911021 Buck naked for N-billion yen: Miyazawa Rie is finally completely nude! Shukan Hoseki 10/23 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 宮沢りえがついに全裸ヌード!ん億円のスッポンポン
145 19911021 Kiko-sama Princess Mama FLASH!! ①Kiko-sama: A Tour of the delivery room. All preparations complete. The birth could be tomorrow… ②From 0 grams to 2,400: Expecting mother Kiko-sama's "Happiness Album" Shukan Josei, Josei Jishin 10/29,10/22 - - 記事表題だけ2本
146 19911021 What do they do normally? Spa! 10/9 AF(Adam Fulford) 彼らは普段何をしているのか?
147 19911028 The reason why the mass media "loves" Obayashi Masako Shukan Asahi 11/1 AF(Adam Fulford) スキャンドル
148 19911028 Miyazawa Rie: A first kiss with Motoki Masahiro abroad amid the nude brouhaha Flash 10/29 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 宮沢りえ、ヌード騒動渦中に海外で本木雅弘と初キス
149 19911028 Is "dead cert" Miyazawa Kiichi a "cold genius"? Shukan Gendai 10/26 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) “大本命”宮沢喜一は“冷たい大秀才”なのか
150 19911028 Evening in Shinjuku: Shin-Tocho is the new dating spot Aera 10/29 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 夜の新宿 新都庁舎はデートの新スポット
151 19911104 The most distinguished servant of the Miyazawa administration is badly tainted Shukan Bunshun 11/7 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 独占スクープ 東京地検特捜部の捜査の進展 宮沢政権最大の功労者に重大汚点
152 19911104 My 10 months with Kiko-sama: The secrets I heard from Kiko-sama. Shukan Bunshun 11/7 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 私と紀子さまの十ヵ月 紀子さまに聞かれてしまったナイショの話
153 19911104 Dictionary of hackneyed news reporting Spa! 10/30 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) ニュース報道「紋切型辞典」
154 19911104 Witnessed by "Freeters": The details of dangerous part-time jobs Spa! 11/6 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) フリーターが目撃したバイト先のヤバイ仕事内容
155 19911118 Omae Ken'ichi says: Presidents and employees - Shift the emphasis from work to living Shukan Post 11/15 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 大前研一の「社長も社員も労使思考から生活者思考に転換せよ」
156 19911118 Miyazawa Rie: "Blood discharge" from injury and "downy hair" in photos Josei Jishin 11/26 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 撮影中の出血(ケガ)と産毛(うぶげ)
157 19911118 Kiko-sama Princess Mama FLASH!! ①Mako-chan likes music boxes. ②The Mako-chama Constitution. ③Mother's looking out for her baby; Masako-sama's layered clothing was mother's request. Shukan Josei, Josei Jishin, Josei Jishin 11/26, 11/26, 11/26 - - 記事表題だけ3本
158 19911118 Foreign correspondents are waiting expectantly for Mitchy's next slip Shukan Asahi 11/22 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 外国特派員が手ぐすねひくミッチーの“次の失言”
159 19911125 Why Japanese rugby can't catch up with the rest of the world Spa! 11/20 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 日本ラグビーが世界に追いつけない理由
160 19911125 The Japanese Manhattan: Shinjuku is sinking!? Shukan Asahi 11/29 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 日本のマンハッタン 新宿が沈む!?
161 19911125 What's the difference between this and just plain water? Shukan Bunshun 11/28 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 「タダの水」とどこがどう違う?
162 19911125 Bell-bottoms make a comeback along with Yamamoto Linda Aera 11/26 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 山本リンダとともにカムバック ラッパズボン
163 19911202 Dementia and brain hemorrhage can be prevented by the "brain docks" Shukan Bunshun 11/28 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 予約は1年先までいっぱい ボケ・脳卒中は「脳ドッグ」で防げる
164 19911202 Geino Special Report: This is how I blew "Kohaku"! Josei Jishin 12/10 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 芸能特捜班企画 私はこれで「紅白」を棒にふりました!
165 19911202 Making toys out of their patients: Otaku doctors and akkera-kangofu Spa! 12/4 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 患者をオモチャにするオタク医者とアッケラ看護婦
166 19911202 Casting light on 50 riddles about taxis Spa! 12/4 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) Business Beat 今年も来るゾ、タクシー待ち地獄。年末の酔っぱらいに贈る 上級者向け極秘情報 タクシー50の謎を解明
167 19911209 Foreign gangsters eating into the Japanese market Aera 12/10 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) マフィアの上陸 日本市場を喰い分ける外国人ヤクザ
168 19911209 Kayama Yuzo(54) at a loss for words over father's (Uehara Ken) personal effects! The name of Msami's lover (of 10 years) was on the underwear (pants)! Unforgivable! Josei Jishin 12/17 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 許せない!加山雄三(54才)父(上原謙)の遺品に絶句!下着(パンツ)の裏に雅美さんの「愛人」の名が!
169 19911209 Men adrift in virtual sex Asahi Journal 12/13 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 仮想現実の性を漂うオトコたち
170 19911209 Sense of crisis for Sumo Association. National sport being overwhelmed by 30-strong gaijin force. Shukan Shincho 12/5 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 外国勢30人に席巻される国技「相撲協会」の危機感
171 19911223 Alcohol harassment at end-of-year parties Aera 12/17 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) 「アルハラ」という嫌がらせ
172 19911223 ①Ah, the Xmas bakappuru ②Hotels at year-end are do-it-all-you want playthings for Oils and college coeds ③She'll be completely gone! The ultimate "Christmas-ful course." Josei Jishin, Shukan Post, Friday 12/24-1/1, 1/3-1/10, 12/27 - 年末のホテルはOL、女子大生やりたい放題
173 19911223 The riddle of the fiance who deceived Azuma Chizuru Shukan Hoseki 1/2-1/9 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 東ちづるが騙された結婚相手の謎!
174 19911230 The first Spa! '91 Red and White News Song Contest Spa! 12/18 TK(Tanaka Kiyoko) ENTERTAINMENT 第1回SPA!’91紅白ニュース歌合戦
175 19911230 91: The worst 3 of everything you loved and hated Spa! 11/27 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) WORST GRAND PRIX 中野翠・宅八郎・大槻ケンヂ・四方田犬彦・・・・・・ら辛口論者が独断で選ぶ ’91年愛と怒りのなんでもワースト3
176 19911230 The Japan face of the year Friday 12/27 AJB(Anthony J . Bryant) 「日本の顔」(ザ・フェイス・オブ・ザ・イヤー)
177 19911230 Beat Takeshi '92 Nippon. Aah, great prophecies Flash 1/7-1/14 AF(Adam Fulford) ビートたけし 92年“ああニッポン大予言”




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