The Black Ship


The Black Ship

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More than meets the eye as sumo stablemaster not turning Japanese
Shaved heads, liquor and ... sutras? Buddhist priest beat combo gig in Tokyo tavern
Prurient peeping pics of perky pingpong player are pretenders, porn pundit proclaims
Sexperts tout erotic image training as the secret to a beautiful mind
Puchi Puchi bubble wrap toy pops one foul poop too many
Tokugawa clan looks to slam the gate on future chief’s marriage to foreigner
Cuddling up to creepy creatures using the espresso hold is no laughing matter
The Cook, the Beast, the Vice and its Lover


Catfights common as females fiercely flay one other in the workplace
Caught in the act, Sapporo serial rapist chooses death over capture
All aboard, the night soil train!!!
More gals turning backs on career jobs to feel 'wanted' turning tricks
Cops see through porn watchdog's fuzzy stance on private patchwork
Live the samurai dream with your own castle
Keeping it clean, Meiji-style: The rise of the condom in Japan
Sex scandals leave playboy politicians with election dysfunction
Lonely lawmen hooked on hookers
New sharp-shooting 'toilet showers' get straight to the point
Latest investment tip: Have a dabble in the hot love hotel market


Rising sons and daughters get naked as J-birds
Yes, no, and I don't mean maybe: 280-item test lets the boss peer into your psyche
'Swimsuit malfunctions' no longer pulling in punters at pop star pool parties
Hibakusha: Hearing from the survivors in their own words
Latest Akihabara geek fetish? One-eyed virginal maid mummies
Fashion critic cries if the hot pants don't fit, don't wear 'em!
"Fashion critic cries, 'If the hot pants don't fit, don't wear 'em!'"
Craftsman abuzz as he strives to give couples the ultimate pleasure
24-hour Paradise TV porn spree lets viewers get their rocks off for a better cause
Japanese experiment with laid-back living abroad
Zen and the art of sex guidebooks
Booze and flattery: The dark art of getting her to give it up on a first date


Midget actor stands tall in Japanese entertainment world
Stretch the sack technique helps workout fans have a ball
Gals refresh body and soul by 'recycling sex' with old beaus
A healthy helping hand that won't deplete your wallet
It's candy or bust for stressed-out 'gropaholics'
The salaryman and the sloth -- where opposites attract
Abe's election nightmare blamed on putting pampered pooch ahead of public
If you knew the Ainu that I knew ...
Gunma prefecture officially home of the homeliest
Manga heroines 'Mountain Woman' and 'Wall Woman' help boob tube live up to its name
Takumi's Virtual Hole offers a glimpse into Japan's adult toy land
Bonsai biker traverses Tokyo to tout tiny trees
Jaded Japanese women can't get no satisfaction


Clooney says friendship the key to making 'Ocean's Thirteen' fun
Sex shops sweating ahead of World Athletics Championships
Nourishing, perhaps; nauseating, definitely! Japanese worm burger a fast food flop
Gain comes at cost of pain, teen tarts discover
Cross-dressing festival lives up to its queer billing
Tourist tat touts take home the big money thanks to homeboy character souvenirs
Lonely karaoke lovers crooning it my way
Business pundit: 'Blame it on the boss of NOVA'
Gray generation puts 'pink' economy back in the black
Sex workers rally behind politician over raunchy guide book row
Come hell or high water, noodle fans get their fix with canned ramen
Beauty is in the eye of hot new site members
Girls get good grip on sex technique at booty boot camp
'Rubik's Cube sex' peddled as latest cure for Japan's bedroom bashfuls
New mobile service gives users face time with celebrities (kind of)
Discarded women sell spring out of crumbling 'chon-no-ma' brothel
Resident pooches save Osaka canine cafe from going to the dogs
Rewards for fugitives highlights cops' clumsiness


Sex coated with honey makes you more money, fuzoku fillies find
Might as well face it, you're addicted to sex
Evil Akita couple killed son for interrupting sex in car
Mr. Toilet flush with success after developing self-cleaning loo
Picky Japanese princesses pass on putrid peckers
STDs spreading to Japan's older ranks
Nude news: Driving your tax money further
Overuse a cell, and zap your brain cells
Carefree minors treat unwanted pregnancies like a dose of the clap
Death Row's curry killer to stir up election pot
Teachers crying foul over unhygienic kids
Pinup gal Hoshino purportedly posed as pretty sushi platter
Comic Yell serves up girly manga for manly men
Tokyo Disneyland to join Davy Jones and the Little Mermaid at the bottom of the briny
Brothers doing it for themselves at the Japan Cherry Boy Association
Homegrown hero Chojin Neiga takes on Akita's Tragic Triple Crown blues


Belly dancing beats the battle of the beer gut
The disciplined world of Japan's new Miss Universe
Priests purify losing lottery tickets to burn away bad luck
Japan's agony aunts feel the high moral ground slipping from under their feet
New firm ready to shake up graveyard industry with quake-proof cemeteries
'Jaws' ready to bite into top dog's hot dog crown
Leering at Lolitas legal, but nonetheless loathsome
Churlish Chinese chided for chundering on chagrined Japan
A curious oral encounter with contrite ex-cop
Random rump ripper leaves unkindest cut of all
Slamming the gates of the gods on dumping of illegal trash
Farmer takes on Gallic gangs and Japanese desk jockeys to raise succulent snails
Rice queen dethroned after going against the grain once too often


Stewardess learns the hard way that flashing the flesh can result in digital disgrace
Pervy private school pedagogue pinched for purloining ex-pupil's panties
Osaka panchira bar offering barfly fishing for skirt reeling in the punters
Crazed teens spice up gang-bashing by adding girl's cut off finger to curry pot
Bra maker boosts voter turnout with a different kind of ballot box stuffing
Japan's biggest male porno star finds his career going flaccid
Densha otaku infatuated with working on the railroad
Fetid food factory requires Pied Piper's services
Drunken sarge's assault on airwoman blows the lid off Japan's sexist air service
Outcalls to offices boost salarymen's overtime morale
Busybody neighbors can't keep their noses out of other people's business, or trash!
Mammoth burgers lead marketers' greasy charge to a porkier Nippon
Reporter & mentor probe Shanghai's erotic nights


Weekly hacks expose the dirty secrets of squeaky-clean soaplands
Japan's schoolyard bullies go high-tech, teachers left eating virtual dust
'Wilted women' warm to Boy's Love manga
Terrifying Thunderbird rapist as bold as a runaway train
Cops say man acquitted of Blackman murder won't dodge the bullet a second time
Two minute tug on the rug can help you lose weight, look more beautiful
Authoress probes the cruel aesthetics of SM in Roppongi
Korean otaku turn aprons up at 'moe' warm, fuzzy feelings
Overpaid, underachieving Osaka cops scoop 'Japan's worst police force' title
Newshounds hungry for Mikitty to let the cat out of the bag
Primate professors want TV's Pan-kun to start making like an ape man
After years of eclipse, Yakuza Moon author sees the light


Dirty attempts to lower real estate values leave neighborhoods crying foul
'Noise pollution granny' set to crank up neighborhood again
OLs reveal their latest tactics for the workplace 'encounter'
Moggies and marshmallows among Japan's second favorite kind of stuffed suit
Go, Speed Racer! Gooooooo! (to Hollywood)
Baby, take off your dress, but you can leave your facemask on!
McRefugees feast on 100-yen sleepover sets
Love-starved servicemen easy marks for honey traps
Iconic gay magazine has revolving door installed in financial closet
Eyesore enthusiasts get hard over naked concrete collections
Trio of handicapped toughs strut their stuff in Shinjuku
Thanks to mobile phones, a fling is just a ring away


English teachers private lessons sometimes a little too private
Store boss turns tables on thrill-seeking shoplifter
Peeved paramedics snub hypochondriac 119 callers




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