Middle-Aged Japanese Women Seek One Last Thing: Love
"Japan's first generation of 'have-it-all' women looking for one last thing: love"
Japanese Bondage Documentary 'Bakushi'
"Japanese bondage documentary 'Bakushi' knot suitable for faint-hearted"
Japanese Prettyboys Show a Fetish for Facial Care
"Post-bubble prettyboys showing a fetish for the full facial"
Japanese Men Calll for Men's Only Subway Car
"Train companies close doors on men's only carriages, giving free pass to groping scams"
Forget Maid Cafe, Osaka Otaku Now Want Mother Cafe
"Osaka otaku cafe swaps mincing maids for matronly moms"
How to Sell Sex in Japan Legally
"How to sell sex in Japan without falling foul of the 'law'"
'Little Bubble' Schoolgirls Become a 'Special Generation'
"Savvy schoolgirls of the Little Bubble beat the odds to become the 'special generation'"
Japanese Schoolgirl Sex Sellers Use Codes for Carnality
"Tabloid Tidbits: Schoolgirl sex sellers use codes for carnality"
'Lolicon' Lovers Out of Luck as Cops Put the Clamps on Schoolgirl Smut Biz
"'Lolicon' lovers out of luck as cops put the clamps on schoolgirl smut biz"
Pretender Otaku Bring End to Maid Taxis for Disabled
"Tabloid Tidbits: Imposter otaku put untimely end to maid taxis for disabled"
Engrish Enka: Drunken Salarymen's New Favorite at Karaoke
"Sozzled salarymen bust out Engrish Enka to score karaoke style points"
Sex with 14yrs-old Schoolgirl Lands Japanese Christian Missionary in Jail
"Christian missionary spreads the word ... and legs of 14-year-old girl"
AV Guidebook Enters into Japan's School Libraries
"School libraries get textbooks that give the A to Z of AV"
Japanese Salarymen Get Smarter with 'Magic' Smart Drugs
"Salarymen wise up with 'amazing' smart drugs"
Lonely Japanese Schoolgirls Post Way Too Much Private Info Online
"Hair down there: obsessed beaver buffs brush up on a bushy subject"
Japanese Wedding Planner Spills the Beans on Wacky Clients
"From blow-up dolls to invisible fiances, fantasy weddings no match made in heaven"
Can't Afford to Get a Divorce? Japanese Bank Offers 'Divorce Loan'
"Can't afford to get a divorce? Lend an ear to bank's 'Re Life Plan'"
55% of Japanese Women Sleep with a Guy on First Date
"Booze and flattery: The dark art of getting her to give it up on a first date"
Japan Uses 'Lolita' Mangas to Promote Policies
"Defense Ministry turns to 'Lolita' manga character to reveal inner self"
Japan: Sexaholic Hooks Up in Group Therapie Session
"Sexaholics anonymous groupies let it all hang out"
In Search of Perfect Partner, Japanese Girls Say No to Smelly Guys
"Picky Japanese princesses pass on putrid peckers"
Japan: Evil Couple Killed Son for Interrupting Sex in Car
"Evil Akita couple killed son for interrupting sex in car"
Japanese Teenage Girls Popping 'Morning After Pills' Like Candy
"Carefree minors treat unwanted pregnancies like a dose of the clap"
Japanese Playboy: 1/4 of Japanese Men Between 30 to 34 Still Virgins
"Brothers doing it for themselves at the Japan Cherry Boy Association"
Japanese Guys Fight Fat by Getting into Belly Dancing
"Belly dancing beats the battle of the beer gut"
New Miss Universe Riyo Mori's Disciplined Life
"The disciplined world of Japan's new Miss Universe"
Tokyo Shrine Turns Losing Lottery Tickets Into Winners
"Priests purify losing lottery tickets to burn away bad luck"
Japanese News Show Ratings Boom After Christel Takigawa Shows Skin
"Newscaster Christel Takigawa basks in ratings spike after unleashing the pheromones"
Japanese Snub Their Miss Universe for Lacking Japanese 'Cuteness'
"Punters snub Miss Universe for lacking Japanese 'cuteness'"
Japan Airlines Stewardess Has Semi Nude Pics Posted on Net
"Stewardess learns the hard way that flashing the flesh can result in digital disgrace"
Japan's 'Wilted Women' Warm to Boy's Love Manga
"'Wilted women' warm to Boy's Love manga"




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