Cultures & Traditions



Cultures & Traditions

Cultures and Traditions have influence a lot of things people do. Some can be construction, others destructive. Weird or reasonable.
ほとんどが"Asian Sex Gazzete"からの転載。題名も"Asian Sex Gazzete"のまま。

Japanese Authority's Clean up Hits Sexual Cabaret Club
"Cops pull plug on cabaret club serving pee on the rocks, plates of pubes"
Japanese Authorities Okays The Sexual Abuse Of 18-20 Year Olds
"Aged 18-20? Been sexually abused by a parent?"
Retired Porn Star Ai Iijima Cant Live Without Sex
"Sex camel Ai Iijima whines about dry spell despite cosy link with Ni-Chaneru boss"
Stressed Japanese Teachers Finding Solace In Coworkers, Parents and Even Students
"Stressed teachers indulging their wild sides with coworkers, parents -- and students"
Gay Politician Ken Togo Makes Appeal On Politics, Freedom, And Sex
"Original 'Hard Gay' Ken Togo speaks on politics, freedom, and holding cocks"
Why Japanese Guys Wont Give A Head
Horny housewives heading off to Bangkok to grab a slice of the Thai life
Japan: Boot camp for hookers
"Three-week boot camp whips humped-out hookers back into shape"
Japan's oldest profession sees slide in work ethic
"World's oldest profession sees slide in work ethic"
Deadly 'iku iku byo' reaches a climax in Japan
Japanese Pageant winner a sex star
"Hisako Shirata sheds sexy celluloid stardom for beauty queen future"
Japan: Surefire ways to lure the ladies
"Surefire ways to lure the ladies"
DVD's teaching raunchy English snapped up in Japan
"English teaching DVDs get low down and dirty"
Japanese women share the trials of a life without climax
"Four lusty lasses share the trials of a life without climax"
Slutty schoolgirls and self-circumcisions: All in a day's work for Japanese urologists
"Slutty schoolgirls and self-circumcisions"




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