Pedophile nerd gets hard lesson on not stiffing teen hookers


The story below is originally published on Mainichi Daily News by Mainichi Shinbun (
They admitted inventing its kinky features, or rather deliberately mistranslating them from the original gossip magazine.
In fact, this is far from the general Japanese' behavior or sense of worth.
※ この和訳はあくまでもボランティアの方々による一例であり、翻訳の正確さについては各自判断してください。

Pedophile nerd gets hard lesson on not stiffing teen hookers



A junior high schoolgirl prostitute in Hokkaido narrowly avoided punishment after her big sister pimp called the cops because a geekish john had run off without paying, according to Shukan Josei (11/27).

Instead, the 14-year-old girl's client, 30-year-old heater repairman Tsutomu Igarashi was arrested after he allegedly paid the girl for sex on 100 occasions from October last year until July this year after they met up through a mobile phone matchmaking service.

"According to the Hakodate Chuo Police Station, Igarashi took the girl to a love hotel in the city and paid her for sex, even though he knew she was under 18," a reporter for a local newspaper tells Shukan Josei. "Igarashi was arrested for breaking the law banning child prostitution, but he denies the allegations."

Those who knew Igarashi felt it was only a matter of time before he was involved in some sort of trouble.

"I wasn't surprised when I heard the news of his arrest," a housewife neighbor of Igarashi's tells the women's weekly. "He's tall and fat, wears glasses and never combs his hair properly. He's a typical nerd. Apparently, he was helping out with the family business, but my impression of him is hanging around doing nothing all day and sometimes going out in his car."

Igarashi may not have worked much, but he was getting money from somewhere. He apparently had an agreement with the junior high schoolgirl to pay her 10,000 yen in cash every time they met for sex. He also footed the bill for the love hotels where they met to consummate their deal, the weekly says. But when he failed to pay up once, he created problems for himself.

"After one session in July, the schoolgirl returned home and told her big sister that Igarashi had not paid her," the reporter says. "The sister went to Igarashi's home and began demanding he pay up for the sex her little sister had given him. When the money wasn't forthcoming, the sister called the cobs and tattled on Igarashi."

Police, however, tell a slightly different version of the story.

"Everybody is saying the girl's family reported the incident to the police, but when the sister went to the suspect's home, she actually had her boyfriend with her," an insider from the Hakodate Chuo Police Station tells Shukan Josei.

"They demanded (Igarashi's) family hand him over to them, but when he didn't come out, the boyfriend called the police." (By Ryann Connell)


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