These are the reproduction of articles originally published on Mainichi Daily News' "WaiWai" section. Almost all of the articles were nothing but trumped-up stories.
Please DO NOT believe them!
Were these stories real? No Japanese readers would believe them.
Some immoral writers made up the story, taking from dubious "news" from tabloids and gossip magazines.
However, some readers unfortunately believed the articles.
There's no wonder--these stories were published by the Mainichi Newspapers, one of the Japanese major "quality" papers.
The writers and Mainichi seem to understand very well that fiction is stronger than reality
--at least for readers with little experience with Japan.
Don't believe Mainichi, never!
PLEASE WATCH MOVIE BELOW, it helps you to understand background of these problem.

番号 掲載年月日 表題(英語) 引用雑誌名 引用雑誌号数 表題(日本語) 署名(イニシャル)
1 20010107 Call girls on wheels keep randy truckers rolling Naigai Jitsuwa January 関西発パーキングエリアで一発「トラックヘルスの快感プレイ MS(Mark Schreiber)
2 20010107 Sex-toy shops making a mint out of liberated ladies Tokudane 1/25 アダルトグッズ店に群がる人妻・OLのエクスタシー事情 GB(Geoff Botting)
3 20010107 University students flunking enthusiasm test Yomiuri Weekly 1/7-14 ここまできた「大学崩壊」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
4 20010107 Hey robot, get me a beer, feed granny and dance a bit! Yomiuri Weekly 1/7-14 トヨタが参入ロボット戦線 CC(Cheryl Chow)
5 20010107 Over the edge (Everyone's losing it, but who's got time to see a shrink? Spa! 12/27 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
6 20010114 Tying the knot abroad a trip down aisle of anxiety Shukan Bunshun 1/18 人気急上昇「海外ウェディング」失敗実例集 MS(Mark Schreiber)
7 20010114 ‘Love hotels' abuzz with tall tales of pleasure Shukan Taishu 1/22 ラブホテルで起こったいまどきカップルの爆笑事件 GB(Geoff Botting)
8 20010114 Anonymous shoplifter faces 8 yrs. Over code of silence Shukan Shincho 1/18 万引き黙秘で懲役8年求刑の男 MS(Mark Schreiber)
9 20010114 Mind-boggling reasons for women to get hitched Spa! 1/17 唖然!!女達が結婚に踏み切る「超ライトな理由」 YK(Yosuke Kadota)
10 20010114 Depth of despair (The hard times are over. Instead, the Good Ship Nippon will sink into nuclear winter.) Shukan Gendai 1/20 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
11 20010121 Little elbow room for rising number of women in chains Shukan Taishu 1/29 女性留置場「ただいま満杯」の深刻事情 MS(Mark Schreiber)
12 20010121 Sleeping around the best policy for insurance sellers Shukan Post 1/26 「私たちの〝下半身セールス″話します」 RC(Ryann Connel)
13 20010121 Willing wives help out with the odd job on the side Shukan Jitsuwa 1/25 人妻たちの風俗ではないアルバィトの中身 GB(Geoff Botting)
14 20010121 Nibblers on trains may be missing a few marbles Aera 1/22 電車で路上でも食う人々 MS(Mark Schreiber)
15 20010121 What about the kids? (As divorce cases soar, deep scars leave their marks on innocent victims.) Yomiuri Weekly 1/28 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
16 20010128 Wacky mental asylum has authorities scratching heads Asahi Geino 2/1 「無診察でカルテを偽造し患者の貯金まで使い込んだ!」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
17 20010128 Hey, all you foreigners, give us back our women! Weekly Playboy 2/6 やまとなでしこの「海外流出を食い止めろ!」 RC(Ryann Connel)
18 20010128 Local Korean hostess trade packs plenty of Seoul Shukan Post 2/2 大ブーム濃厚「コリアン・フーゾク」に連続潜入 GB(Geoff Botting)
19 20010128 Memory lane too slippery for today's forgetful youths Spa! 1/24 これってもしかして、「若年性健忘症」!? CC(Cheryl Chow)
20 20010128 The cold shoulder (Your worst nightmare. Guess who just moved next door? Shukan Hoseki 2/1 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
21 20010204 Stressed-out university students close the chapter Aera 1/29 大学生の自殺急増の今なぜ MH(Michael Hoffman)
22 20010204 Blokes find omiai parties not a match made in heaven Yomiuri Weekly 2/11 見合いにだって適齢期がある RC(Ryann Connel)
23 20010204 Bosses pulling hair out over young punks' antics Shukan Taishu 2/5 非常識若者社員に上司はこう対処せよ! GB(Geoff Botting)
24 20010204 Udder madness over plastic surgery with cow products Shukan Bunshun 2/1 今夏は大流行プチ整形で狂牛病になる? CC(Cheryl Chow)
25 20010204 Crime wave (According to the latest crime statistics, Japan used to be a safe place to live…) Spa! 1/31 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
26 20010211 ‘Japan Pompom' prove old folks have lots to cheer about Fujinkoron 2/7 {「自称容姿端麗」「55歳以上」の女性募集中!}私たち、熟年チアリーダーです CC(Cheryl Chow)
27 20010211 Modern-day Oils: Working real hard not to work! Spa! 2/14 「仕事さぼり放題OL」たちの社内ブレイコウ白書 RC(Ryann Connel)
28 20010211 For some young studs, it's still a man's world Spa! 2/7 「ヤリヤリクリン」下半身哲学を語る RC(Ryann Connel)
29 20010211 Revolving sushi shops spinning to dizzy heights Yomiuri Weekly 2/18 過熱!回転ずしビジネス最前線 MS(Mark Schreiber)
30 20010211 A close shave (Strap on your seatbelts for a nightmare ride in overcrowded skies) Aera, Shukan Gendai, Flash, Asahi Geino 2/12, 2/17, 2/16, 2/15 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
31 20010218 Executed criminals donate to Chinese 'organ Mafia' Shincho 45 February 死刑囚の臓器を日本人に売る「上海カンパニー」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
32 20010218 Local men find int'l marriage not always a bed of roses Shukan Taishu 2/26 国際結婚した日本男児の夫婦生活トホホ実例集 RC(Ryann Connel)
33 20010218 Rip-off artists take glitter out of Sapporo night life Shukan Jitsuwa 2/22 「ぼったくりのプロが「地方」で荒稼ぎする大胆手口 MK(Masuo Kamiyama)
34 20010218 Super-cheap 'fast-raunts' join lunchtime price war Shukan Asahi 2/23 オフィス街昼食300円競争 MS(Mark Schreiber)
35 20010218 Net prey (Waves of terror threaten to pound Cyber surfers) Spa! 2/14 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
36 20010225 Mindless violence bruises ' I'm safe in Japan' image Spa! 2/28 「殺されない」ための“必”自己防衛法 MS(Mark Schreiber)
37 20010225 ‘Home alone' fear keeps busy bees on the move Spa! 2/28 「家に帰らない症候群」 RC(Ryann Connel)
38 20010225 Dream shopping jobs abroad turn into expensive nightmare Yomiuri Weekly 3/4 主婦、OLがはまった海外バイトの甘い罠 GB(Geoff Botting)
39 20010225 Tough lady truckers keep on rolling for equality Shukan Taishu 3/5 急増女性トラックドライバーの「女は度胸」泣き笑い奮戦記 MS(Mark Schreiber)
40 20010225 Bridge bender (Hip youngsters flutter in and out of fickle friendships) Aera 2/19 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
41 20010304 Track a fugitive, pounce on a pooch and bag big bucks Tokusatsu Shinsengumi Extra 4/1 日本・世界の“一獲千金”一挙公開!「賞金稼ぎで一山当てろ!」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
42 20010304 With book in hand, women warming to luxurious loos Yomiuri Weekly 3/11 若い女性はトイレが大好き RC(Ryann Connel)
43 20010304 ‘Married singles' go to great lengths to keep the secret Aera 3/5 偽装シングル増殖中 GB(Geoff Botting)
44 20010304 Are secret police files cuffing PM candidates? Sunday Mainichi 3/11 総理候補者を脅かす警察の極秘ファイル MS(Mark Schreiber)
45 20010304 March crisis? (It's the period for closing the books…for good! Shukan Taishu 3/5 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
46 20010311 Himo school guru claims 'no strings attached' Shukan Taishu 3/19 「ヒモ道場」びっくり繁盛記 RC(Ryann Connel)
47 20010311 Shady gang money puts hospitals in the line of fire Shukan Diamond 3/10 病院を骨までしゃぶり尽くす暴力団乗っ取り手口 MS(Mark Schreiber)
48 20010311 Professional accident victims preying on the gullible Shukan Taishu 3/19 関西系当たり屋の悪質手口 GB(Geoff Botting)
49 20010311 Dark shadows follow 'Lady Guard' stalker insurance Shukan Asahi 3/16 新登場ストーカー保険お得か MS(Mark Schreiber)
50 20010311 Nekama nanpa (Cyber drag queens tugging on sex-starved libidos) Aera 3/12 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
51 20010318 Truckers deliver the goods to seductive ladies of the house Shukan Taishu 3/26 宅配業者を困らせる人妻、OL「昼下がり」迷惑 MS(Mark Schreiber)
52 20010318 Gaijin grapplers muscle in on the sacred dohyo Shukan Taishu 3/26 外国人力士ばかり増える大相撲 RC(Ryann Connel)
53 20010318 Independent women will lift the country from its knees Yomiuri Weekly 3/25 景気回復の救世主は30代ノンパラ女性 GB(Geoff Botting)
54 20010318 Remember when Japanese folks were never, never late? Da Capo 3/21 時間を守らない人が増えた? MS(Mark Schreiber)
55 20010318 Wicked wife (Home turns into hell for battered hubby Asahi Geino 3/15 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
56 20010325 Jurassic Park-sized problems stamp on latest theme park Shukan Jitsuwa 4/5 大阪経済の起爆剤「USJ」の悪い噂 MS(Mark Schreiber)
57 20010325 Call girl service delivering sweet candy to disabled Shukan Shincho 3/29 風俗嬢に協力要請 医大の苦心研究 RC(Ryann Connel)
58 20010325 Ruthless agencies bury ax into fragile starlets' careers Shukan Post 3/30 消えたアィドルたちが犯した芸能界のタブー GB(Geoff Botting)
59 20010325 Nation's fate still decided behind geisha house doors Aera 3/26 またしても密室ですか?料亭でポスト森を探る理由 MS(Mark Schreiber)
60 20010325 Fishing for the gullible (Hustlers set lifestyle traps for today's youth) Shukan Taishu 4/2 - MH(Michael Hoffman)




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