These are the reproduction of articles originally published on Mainichi Daily News' "WaiWai" section. Almost all of the articles were nothing but trumped-up stories.
Please DO NOT believe them!
Were these stories real? No Japanese readers would believe them.
Some immoral writers made up the story, taking from dubious "news" from tabloids and gossip magazines.
However, some readers unfortunately believed the articles.
There's no wonder--these stories were published by the Mainichi Newspapers, one of the Japanese major "quality" papers.
The writers and Mainichi seem to understand very well that fiction is stronger than reality
--at least for readers with little experience with Japan.
Don't believe Mainichi, never!
PLEASE WATCH MOVIE BELOW, it helps you to understand background of these problem.

番号 掲載年月日 表題(英語) 引用雑誌名 引用雑誌号数 表題(日本語) 署名(イニシャル)
1 19980111 Foreign hookers earn booty from 'tour of duty' Shukan Jitsuwa 1/8-15 強制送還の外国人出稼ぎ女性のいま RC(Ryann Connell)
2 19980111 Easy guide to having good time in Nagano Flash 1/20 美人が呼んでる!そうだ、長野へ行こう!! TI(Takeshi Ito)
3 19980111 Stranded expats finding when it rains, it pours Shukan Hoseki 1/22 海外残留サラリーマンの「越冬」事情 TI(Takeshi Ito)
4 19980111 Prudish police target porno rags at convenience stores Nikkan Sports 12/28 コンビニから消える?有害図書リストに25誌 MS(Mark Schreiber)
5 19980111 Land of the sinking sun(If you thought 1997 was the pits, you better brace yourself, Shukan Gendai predicts gloom and doom for the year ahead. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
6 19980118 Don't head for the hills! Mt.Fuji is set to blow! Shukan Yomiur 1/25 富士山「低周波地震」の不気味 MS(Mark Schreiber)
7 19980118 Today's hardened men prefer yesterday's nudes Shukan Bunshun 1/15 鰐淵晴子のハダカが一番高い! TI(Takeshi Ito)
8 19980118 Soccer fans cry foul over World Cup ticket prices Shukan Post 1/23 「暴騰チケット」のカラクリはこうだ TI(Takeshi Ito)
9 19980118 New 7-digit postal code gets the big thumbs down Shukan Taishu 1/26 新・郵便番号に嵐のブーイング大合唱 MS(Mark Schreiber)
10 19980118 Nature's sex-change(Man-made chemicals are putting animals through something that nature never prepared them for, says Shukan Asahi. And the mutations may be passing all the way up the food chain. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
11 19980125 Nagano's foreign workers sent home without a modal Shukan Hoseki 1/29 長野五輪直前!発見した外国人労働者『使い捨て』事件 MS(Mark Schreiber)
12 19980125 Today's young women will never fall flat on their faces Spa! 1/21 女性は本当に巨乳になったのか? TI(Takeshi Ito)
13 19980125 Workers set to rock around the clock with 24-hour ATMs Shukan Hoseki 1/29 銀行ATM時間OKでサラリマンの夜はこう変わる! TI(Takeshi Ito)
14 19980125 Victims of spiked drinks face rude awakening Shukan Taishu 2/2 続発「睡眠薬犯罪」恐怖の全手口 MS(Mark Schreiber)
15 19980125 Drawing the line(Shukan Asahi probes the grey area between bribing and entertaining bureaucrats. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
16 19980201 More men going belly up amid raunchy roll in the hay Takarajima 2/4 激増する30代の「腹上死」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
17 19980201 Hookers give new condoms the big kiss of approval Shukan Post 2/6 「ハイテク・コンドーム」の驚異 TI(Takeshi Ito)
18 19980201 Horney housewives surfing the Net for recreational sex Shukan Hoseki 2/5 インターネット不倫に耽る人妻たちの昼下がり! TI(Takeshi Ito)
19 19980201 New technology shapes women up, leaves men limp Shukan Jitsuwa 2/5 この「流行」でオンナの体が危ない MS(Mark Schreiber)
20 19980201 Privacy peepers(Big Brother is watching, says Shukan Hoseki, and remembers everything - for a price. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
21 19980208 Cosmetic surgery on virile member comes at stiff price Sunday Mainichi 2/15 包茎手術医の「化けの皮」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
22 19980208 Brains or brawn - women split over choice of genes Da Vinci Feburuary 1998 「遺伝子欲しいランキング」女が産みたいのはいったい誰の子? TI(Takeshi Ito)
23 19980208 More men learn you're never too old to tickle the ivories Aera 2/9 弾ける男になりたい TI(Takeshi Ito)
24 19980208 From pistols to nuclear bombs, the Net has it all Shukan Jitsuwa 2/12 警察もお手上げインターネット「拳銃売買」の無法 MS(Mark Schreiber)
25 19980208 Footsteps in the night(Stalkers running rampant, cries Da Capo, and the victims aren't always women. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
26 19980215 Aggro students have teachers running scared Shukan Bunshun 2/12 「私も生徒に襲われた!」現場教師30人の悲鳴 MS(Mark Schreiber)
27 19980215 See-no-evil karaoke boxes keep customers coming Shukan Hoseki 2/19 夜ごと繰り返される性の饗宴 TI(Takeshi Ito)
28 19980215 Residents from overseas living high on the hog Dime 2/19 在日外国人、知られざる生活水準 TI(Takeshi Ito)
29 19980215 Nagano's red-light areas face Olympic blackout Shukan Playboy 2/24 長野五輪番外編「夜の金メダル」候補を探せ! MS(Mark Schreiber)
30 19980215 Tasty treats(Shukan Shincho takes us out to dinner at a no-pan shabu shabu restaurant with the boys from the Ministry of Finance. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
31 19980222 Tall gals finding pint-size guys a barrel of fun Aera 2/23 彼氏の背低くて何が悪い MS(Mark Schreiber)
32 19980222 Young studs showing older women a real good time Shukan Hoseki 2/26 逆援助交際に走るOL&人妻の奔放セックス! TI(Takeshi Ito)
33 19980222 Overpriced ryokan need to get with the times Shukan Shincho 2/29 高い不味いうるさいで有名温泉観光ホテル「軒並み倒産」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
34 19980222 Business world warming to 'Print Club' craze Shukan Taishu 3/2 中年族にマン延し始めたプリクラ症候群の不気味 MS(Mark Schreiber)
35 19980222 Back from the dead(Public apathy, says Shukan Shincho, is opening the door for an AUM Shinrikyo revival. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
36 19980301 What not to give your favorite lady on 'white Day' Dime 3/5 ホワイトデーに欲しくないもの ワースト5 MS(Mark Schreiber)
37 19980301 Foreigners leap to gold at Nagano's Olympics Shukan Taishu 3/6 マスコミが報道しなかった長野五輪 RC(Ryann Connell)
38 19980301 Sugar, spice and all things nice behind teen crimes Shukan Hoseki 3/12 突然「キレル」事件が日常茶飯事だ RC(Ryann Connell)
39 19980301 Hard times leave both NOVA, students seeing red Asahi geino 3/5 英会話NOVA「セックス怪文書」まで飛び出す「ゴタゴタ窮状」! MS(Mark Schreiber)
40 19980301 Bear to be told?(With one Japanese in four dying of cancer, Aera asks whether it's better to inform terminally ill patients, or leave them in blissful ignorance? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
41 19980308 Seaman's encounter with cute 'New Half' proves fatal Shukan Gendai 3/14 自衛官殺し「巨乳ニューハーフ」の妖艶写真 MS(Mark Schreiber)
42 19980308 Bearing the unbearable causing stress overload Shukan Jitsuwa 3/16 超ストレス職業のギョーテン告白 RC(Ryann Connell)
43 19980308 Instant noodles draining young men's sex drive Shukan Taishu 3/16 カップ麺とタネナシ男の危ない関係 RC(Ryann Connell)
44 19980308 Skin is nothing new on today's TV flics Shukan Bunshun 3/5 性愛シーンが中学生を汚染する MS(Mark Schreiber)
45 19980308 School of hard knocks(Physical abuse, claims Shukan Asahi, has the nation's teachers stretched breaking point. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
46 19980315 Home bunnies ensure virtual peep shows a hit Shukan Hoseki 3/19 自宅で「裸を見せたがる女」急増の「なぜ」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
47 19980315 High school drug users speeding out of control Shukan Post 3/20 覚醒剤は「教室で毎日のように売買」 RC(Ryann Connell)
48 19980315 Transvestites cleverly hide their tricks of the trade Shukan Taishu 3/23 美貌オカマと上手に付き合う RC(Ryann Connell)
49 19980315 Take your noise and shove it - but quietly please! Aera 3/16 音漬け社会 私はイラつく。 MS(Mark Schreiber)
50 19980315 What recession?(Da Capo introduces us to a group of supersellers who defy reports of economic doom and gloom. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
51 19980322 Student card goes a long way with foreign hookers Shukan Hoseki 3/26 中学生たちが「外国人娼婦」買い漁ってる MS(Mark Schreiber)
52 19980322 Computerized exchange leaving floor traders lonely Flash 3/24 日本経済の繁栄の象徴だった。 RC(Ryann Connell)
53 19980322 Dodgy dog chow might be poisoning your pooch Shukan Bunshun 3/26 愛犬がドッグフードに殺される RC(Ryann Connell)
54 19980322 10 sure signs you're working aboard Titanic K.K. Shukan Taishu 3/30 これが会社倒産の「初期症状」だ! MS(Mark Schreiber)
55 19980322 Fightin' back(Aera advises women who feel they're an easy target for attackers to learn the art of self-defense. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
56 19980329 New novel blows lid on Japan's secret war plans Shukan Gendai 4/4 「宣戦布告」が暴いた「漏れてはいけない国家機密」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
57 19980329 Foreign pickpockets using wily ways to vex victims Shukan Taishu 4/6 外国人スリ集団の凶悪手口 RC(Ryann Connell)
58 19980329 Working girls let managers get ahead if they're kind Shukan Gendai 4/4 OL200人 - 私が抱かれたい課長 RC(Ryann Connell)
59 19980329 Better off dead, than unwed, say desperate hubby hunters Spa! 4/1 「このままじゃ結婚できない」恐怖症 MS(Mark Schreiber)
60 19980329 Ambition vs. love(Shukan Asahi cries modern society is sowing the seeds of psychosomatic illness. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
61 19980405 Mmm…wait a minute, she's around here somewhere Sunday Mainichi 4/5 「アリバイ屋」の全貌 MS(Mark Schreiber)
62 19980405 Young female office staff cramping corporate culture Sunday Mainichi 4/5 こんな新人OLは許せーん! RC(Ryann Connell)
63 19980405 Raunchy home deliveries undeterred by law changes Spa! 4/6 宅配風俗の経営哲学 RC(Ryann Connell)
64 19980405 Why the hell did I ever come to this damn country?! Aera 3/30 外国人覆うストレス MH(Michael Hoffman)
65 19980405 Saitama's silent spring(Tokorozawa used to be a nice, clean place to live. But pollution has become so severe that residents have begun to flee. The question is, will the rest of Japan fare any better? Mark Schreiber reports.) - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
66 19980412 Aloha State bids farewell to Japan's tourist dollars Shukan Jitsuwa 4/16 ハワイで吹き荒れる「首切り」の嵐 MS(Mark Schreiber)
67 19980412 ‘Bedridden housewives' bane of hubbies' lives Aera 4/16 「寝たきり主婦」の哀しい生活 RC(Ryann Connell)
68 19980412 Whispered rumors hold more than a whiff of truth Shukan Gendai 4/18 「街の口コミ情報」を歩いて調べた RC(Ryann Connell)
69 19980412 Greedy highway fuzz ready to take you for a ride Shukan Playboy 4/14 警察庁「免停商法ボロ儲け」の実態を暴け! MS(Mark Schreiber)
70 19980412 Endless life?(Aera looks into a newly discovered enzyme that could render humans immortal and wonders if it is a fountain of youth, or a recipe for disaster. Michael Hoffman.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
71 19980419 - Shukan Taishu, Shukan Hoseki 覚醒剤を眠気覚ましで常用する東大受験生が増えている MS(Mark Schreiber)
72 19980419 Older women find teens give them fresh lust for life Spa! 4/15 超年下男マジに恋する女が増殖中 RC(Ryann Connell)
73 19980419 Middle-aged men discover there's fun in numbers Sunday Mainichi 4/26 寂しいおじさんの友達講座は満員 RC(Ryann Connell)
74 19980419 Cheating spouses jet to HK to cover their dirty tracks Shukan Taishu 4/27 これが不倫SEX旅行の実態だ! MS(Mark Schreiber)
75 19980419 Hear me roar(Shukan Diamond takes a look at the gutsy women who, never afraid of bare their claws, are slowly taming the masculine wilds of Japan's corporate world. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
76 19980426 Con men jerking the chains of eager franchise chise owners Shukan Jitsuwa 4/30 悪徳フランチャイズ見分けるポイント徹底指南 MS(Mark Schreiber)
77 19980426 ‘New marriages' take dread from pairs wanting to wed Spa! 4/29-5/6 曖昧すぎる結婚の新しい「形」 RC(Ryann Connell)
78 19980426 Sex aids for women let sisters do it for themselves Sunday Mainichi 5/3 「遊び道具」に夢中な女たち RC(Ryann Connell)
79 19980426 For today's women, hot sex is just a phone call away Da Capo 5/6 女性向け風俗は出張ヘルスが中心 MS(Mark Schreiber)
80 19980426 See no evil(Gendai listens in as Japan's No.1 supporter insists that Land of the Rising Sun will once again have its day. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
81 19980503 In tough times, pleasure palaces rise to the occasion Takarajima 5/13 夢の豪華風俗に行きたい! MS(Mark Schreiber)
82 19980503 Today's TV advertisers going for hunk over spunk Shukan Asahi 5/1 CM界を席巻!男女のナゾ逆転現象 RC(Ryann Connell)
83 19980503 Foreign travel giving aging women a new lease on life Aera 5/4-11 私を変えた「子捨て」留学 RC(Ryann Connell)
84 19980503 Daughter of the Godfather has the gentle tough Shukan Shincho 4/30-5/7 心理カウンセラーになった山口組三代目の娘 MS(Mark Schreiber)
85 19980503 Ripe for the pickin'(Aera tells us that you're never too old for a little old-fashioned love. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
86 19980510 Latest abortion technique: Wine spiked with rat poison Shukan Shincho 5/14 殺鼠剤で不倫相手の堕胎を図った小学教師 MS(Mark Schreiber)
87 19980510 Techno-gains eliminate workplace lovers' pains Spa! 5/13 社内恋愛の最新ルール RC(Ryann Connell)
88 19980510 Young men going to great length to get plucked Da Capo 5/20 男の「きれいブーム」最前線 RC(Ryann Connell)
89 19980510 ‘Big Bang' to send salaries skydiving sans parachute Shukan Post 5/8-15 5年後、あなたの年収は2割下がる! MS(Mark Schreiber)
90 19980510 Identity crisis(Weekly Playboy tries to shed light on the mysterious origins of the Japanese people. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
91 19980517 Telltale signs that your wife's up to a little hanky-panky Shukan Asahi 5/22 妻の浮気はこう見破れ MS(Mark Schreiber)
92 19980517 From starvation to torture, firms terrorize new recruits Weekly Playboy 5/26 恐怖の「新人研修」へよォこそ! RC(Ryann Connell)
93 19980517 Kids using the Internet to commit 'intelligent' crimes Shukan Yomiur 5/24 中3インターネット詐欺の「知能」 RC(Ryann Connell)
94 19980517 Recession biting into Japanese eating habits Shukan Diamond 5/16 大不況が「食」を変えた MS(Mark Schreiber)
95 19980517 Motherless nation?(Shukan Shincho claims that a lack of maternal love is behind the decline of today's youth. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
96 19980524 Unhappy cadets go AWOL from top military school Shukan Hoseki 5/28 防衛大学の「エリート新入生」がなんと大量脱走した! MS(Mark Schreiber)
97 19980524 Japan's dim chances take heat out of World Cup fever Shukan Shincho 5/21 日本は「一勝もできない」で、W杯フランス・ツアーキャンセル続出 RC(Ryann Connell)
98 19980524 Turning a blind eye fueling widespread child abuse Da Capo 5/6 幼児虐待の誤解 RC(Ryann Connell)
99 19980524 Wanted: Kinky players who just love to do it! Shukan Jitsuwa 5/28 「交際誌」に群がる女性の「性態」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
100 19980524 Eating evil(Who needs protein when there's potato chips? Michael Hoffman examines the link between a fast food diet and brain starvation.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
101 19980531 Loan sharks lack the teeth to put the bite on creditors Shukan Taishu 6/8 貸した金はヤクザからも取り立てるッ「切り取り屋」ただいま奮闘中! MS(Mark Schreiber)
102 19980531 Flight attendants turn tricks to stay aloft in tough times Shukan Post 6/5 スチュワーデス売春組織発覚!「制服プレーも人気です」 RC(Ryann Connell)
103 19980531 Tokyo's 'tiger cages' filling up with roaring drunks Shukan Hoseki 6/4 「トラ箱族」が急増する RC(Ryann Connell)
104 19980531 Gals scribbling all sorts of stuff on bathroom walls Da Capo 6/3 女子トイレ落書きネット MS(Mark Schreiber)
105 19980531 Bruised love(Spa! Tells that while the majority of domestic abuse involves husbands beating wives, its not the entire story. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
106 19980607 Meddling grandparents in tug-of war for kids' affection Aera 6/8 じいさん、ばあちゃんの孫奪り合戦 MS(Mark Schreiber)
107 19980607 Wily vets not above taking a bite out of pet owners' wallets Shukan Post 6/12 こんなペット愛好家が騙されやすい RC(Ryann Connell)
108 19980607 The type of women other gals just love to hate Spa! 6/10 「女がムカつくブス」の法則 RC(Ryann Connell)
109 19980607 Recession, recycling put the lid on trash volume Shukan Jitsuwa 6/11 不景気深刻!ゴミが26%も減った MS(Mark Schreiber)
110 19980607 Virtually educated(Aera says its going to take more than a dose of soul searching to heal the nation's school system. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
111 19960614 Here comes…whoops…there goes the bride! Shukan Taishu 6/22 急増する「結婚式場離婚」ドタキャン最前線 MS(Mark Schreiber)
112 19960614 Shifty sales of miracle drug giving men a hard time Shukan Post 6/19 「飲むインポ薬」の闇売買・ニセ薬に気をつけろ! RC(Ryann Connell)
113 19960614 Are deep-throated women more likely to get ahead! Aera 6/15 できる女は声が低い? RC(Ryann Connell)
114 19960614 The things people do to save yen during the recession Dime 6/18 不況を乗り切るの苦肉の策 MS(Mark Schreiber)
115 19960614 Soft news(Spa! Informs us the media's approval rating makes the prime minister's look positively buoyant. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
116 19980621 Tough times, but pet industry keeping the dogs at bay Sapio 6/24 とくに子育てを終えた専業主婦は「ペットロス症候群」にご用心! RC(Ryann Connell)
117 19980621 Some Shinjuku homeless better suites to the lifestyle Shukan Post 6/26 「スーツホームレス」は200人突破 RC(Ryann Connell)
118 19980621 Phony foreign priests find their own marital bliss Shukan Asahi 6/26 大繁盛怪しい「牧師集団」の正体 RC(Ryann Connell)
119 19980621 Who's to blame for the great World Cup ticket fiasco Shukan Asahi 6/26 W杯「消えたチケット」のナゾ MH(Michael Hoffman)
120 19980621 CIA vs. Yakuza?(That 'Big Bang' you hear might not be the deregulation of the financial sector, but the sound of organized crime syndicates putting up armed resistance to the foreign invasion. Mark Schreiber reports.) - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
121 19980628 Dream island's red lights fading with the economy Shukan Jitsuwa 7/2 男性天国女護ヶ島が摘発受けオトコ枯れ悲鳴 MS(Mark Schreiber)
122 19980628 Who on Earth says the customer is always right Shukan Taishu 7/1 怒り大噴出「こんな客くるな!」 RC(Ryann Connell)
123 19980628 Gutless guys turn a blind eye to gallivanting gals Spa! 7/1 「彼女の浮気」を許しまくる男たち RC(Ryann Connell)
124 19980628 Bargain prices driving discount chains to ruin Shukan Yomiur 7/5 量販店の「安売り」地獄 MS(Mark Schreiber)
125 19980628 Pink slips(Aera warns us that in these hard times, everyone's neck is on the chopping block. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
126 19980705 Deadly Chinese thugs have guns, will travel Shukan Taishu 7/13 戦慄の「殺人請負人」を直撃!「日本人なら300万円で殺す」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
127 19980705 Japan's soccer woes to move off the field in 2002 Shukan Yomiur 7/12 4年後、日本を襲うパニック RC(Ryann Connell)
128 19980705 Skipping breakfast eats away at brainpower Sunday Mainichi 7/12 朝食を抜くとバカになるわよ!? RC(Ryann Connell)
129 19980705 Voter apathy to win election in a landslide Aera 7/6 私が投票しないワケ MS(Mark Schreiber)
130 19980705 Lawless paradise(Shukan Bunshun warns us that today's kids are exploiting cyberspace for all it's worth. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
131 19980712 Revenge is sweet, but it doesn't come cheap Shukan Jitsuwa 7/16 不景気を逆手にとったビジネス大繁盛 MS(Mark Schreiber)
132 19980712 Sometimes 'sorry' is not the hardest word to say Shukan Taishu 7/20 「あやまり屋」命がけ奮戦記 RC(Ryann Connell)
133 19980712 Today's hard times makes turning a trick even trickier Spa! 7/15 デフレと闘うフーゾク業界! RC(Ryann Connell)
134 19980712 No right to free speech at the 'Deaftopia' caf? Da Capo 7/15 「発声会話」禁止のカフェで筆談取材120分 MS(Mark Schreiber)
135 19980712 Sex, who needs it?(The Sexual Revolution of the 60s, says Spa!, ends with the young men of the 90s. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
136 19980719 Trysters proving easy prey for shrewd blackmailers Shukan Jitsuwa 7/23 浮気をネタに恐喝犯が横行 MS(Mark Schreiber)
137 19980719 Seduction, booze binges…summer camps have the lot Weekly Playboy 7/28 とっても恥ずかしい夏合宿 RC(Ryann Connell)
138 19980719 The dreaded ax looms over sharp-tongued sales staff Shukan Post 7/24 「営業マンは要らない」時代にあなたはどう闘うか? RC(Ryann Connell)
139 19980719 Hokkaido's economy looking at a frigid summer Shukan Hoseki 7/23 北海道の凍える夏 MS(Mark Schreiber)
140 19980719 Second opinion?(A matter of course for American physicians, Da Capo, but for Japanese doctors, it's an itolerable loss of face. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
141 19980726 Kiddy porn coming to a neighborhood near you Shukan Bunshun 7/30 オウムを真似た「児童ポルノ」組織の秘密ノート MS(Mark Schreiber)
142 19980726 You can still, get a thrill, even if you're over the hill Sunday Mainichi 8/2 老婚の光と影「息子に汚いと言われても、私は貴方と一緒に...」 RC(Ryann Connell)
143 19980726 Lesbian bars show that girls just wanna have fun Shukan Asahi 7/31 女が女を愛する時代 レズバーが増えている RC(Ryann Connell)
144 19980726 Lazy lasses turning pristine homes into putrid pigpens Spa! 7/29 ゴミと暮らす女たちの謎 MS(Mark Schreiber)
145 19980726 Cyberflakes(Aera finds mailboxes along the information superhighway are filled with more than petty chitchat. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
146 19980802 Rat plague may bring 'Black Death' to Tokyo Shukan Hoseki 8/6 ネズミ大繁殖で東京が麻痺する日 MS(Mark Schreiber)
147 19980802 Randy gals try anything to get limp lovers in the mood Spa! 8/5 セックス嫌いの男急増が生んだ「性欲を持て余す女」の本音 RC(Ryann Connell)
148 19980802 Today's young performers streetwise and fancy free Weekly Playboy 8/12 大道芸人ほど素敵なショーバイはない! RC(Ryann Connell)
149 19980802 How to land the big bucks without hooking the taxman Forebs September 日本リッチマン列伝 MS(Mark Schreiber)
150 19980802 The Yodo children(Sapio profiles the lives of Red Army members' kids living in exile in North Korea. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
151 19980809 School's almost out for disadvantaged teen-agers Shukan Taishu 8/17 私立高校生「不況退学」が急増している! MS(Mark Schreiber)
152 19980809 But honey, the neighbors do it at least once a week Shukan Hoseki 8/15 「セックスレスカップル」のどこが悪いの? RC(Ryann Connell)
153 19980809 Japanese still searching for lost art of communication Aera 8/10 日本人は、しゃべれない RC(Ryann Connell)
154 19980809 Local shopping arcades turning into ghost towns Aera 8/10 商店街崩壊 MS(Mark Schreiber)
155 19980809 Go West, young man(Weekly Playboy tells young Japanese to go out into the world to save the nation. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
156 19980816 Flaky celebrity flirts with death by VVVVVV Tokyo Sports 8/14 江頭バイアグラ5錠水割りで一気飲みキャバクラで倒れた MS(Mark Schreiber)
157 19980816 Embarrassing times at the beach you'd rather forget Weekly Playboy 8/18-25 とっても恥ずかしい海水浴 RC(Ryann Connell)
158 19980816 The ups and downs of middle-aged bachelorhood Aera 8/10 開き直れない独身男 RC(Ryann Connell)
159 19980816 The ghosts of summer back to haunt Tokyoites Shukan Yomiur 8/16-23 今、一番コワイお化け情報 MS(Mark Schreiber)
160 19980816 Down, but not out(Aera introduces us to a group of desperate men, each grappling with their own midlife crisis. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
161 19980823 Recession brings pain to jobless foreign workers Shukan Taishu 8/24-31 出稼ぎ外国人を直撃する大不況あぶれ地獄 MS(Mark Schreiber)
162 19980823 Maverick companies beating bad times with radical ideas Sunday Mainichi 8/30 「商品が取りにくい売り場」で大成功 GB(Geoff Botting)
163 19980823 Pickpockets in Tokyo taking fast track to riches Shukan Hoseki 9/3 仮睡盗元首領が犯罪手口を全公開 SJ(Simon Johnson)
164 19980823 The unseen ergonomics of the rush-hour crush Brutus 9/1 通勤電車の居住空間学 MS(Mark Schreiber)
165 19980823 Foreign grief (The brutal murder of a Brazilian teen has put the spotlight on foreign laborers and inspired the boy's father in a 'Life Campaign,' says Shukan Kinyobi. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
166 19980830 Peeping Toms can't get enough of new 'Pantycam' Shukan Jitsuwa 9/3 ソニー「ハンディカム」販売中止はエッチビデオカメラ MS(Mark Schreiber)
167 19980830 Raunchy travelers giving air hostesses a hard time Shukan Taishu 9/7 これが機内の「スッチーいじめ」の最新事態 RC(Ryann Connell)
168 19980830 Divorced men still looking for the perfect woman Aera 8/31 離婚経て「理想の妻」を求める夢見るバツイチ男たち RC(Ryann Connell)
169 19980830 ‘X Desire' extends in all sorts of directions Dime 8/20 ニッポン「覗き見願望」白書 MS(Mark Schreiber)
170 19980830 Wacky weather(Shukan Gendai warns of a meteorological meltdown of frightening proportions. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
171 19980906 Japan seen as a sitting duck for nuclear terrorism Shukan Bunshun 9/3 次は「日本で核テロ」の緊急警告! MS(Mark Schreiber)
172 19980906 Golden oldies driving police around the bend Shukan Hoseki 9/17 高齢ドライバー珍事件簿 RC(Ryann Connell)
173 19980906 Yesterday's spoilt wives are today's bento gals Spa! 9/9 「三高男」をゲットした女たちの「大誤算」 RC(Ryann Connell)
174 19980906 Diet of manes, legs, pubes costing fetishists a bundle Da Capo 9/2 頭髪50万円、脚5万円!「女体売買市場」潜入記 MS(Mark Schreiber)
175 19980906 Deep scars(Alack of support toward crime victims here, says Shukan Kinyobi, is rooted in society's odd prejudice toward sufferers. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
176 19980913 Immigration posts bounties on illegal foreigners Da Capo 9/16 不法滞在者通報で、最高5万円の報奨金が... MS(Mark Schreiber)
177 19980913 ‘Smoking clean' image set to go up in puff of smoke Dime 9/17 世界9カ国「たばこ規制」比較 RC(Ryann Connell)
178 19980913 Modern women will stop at nothing to get their man Asahi Geino 9/17 ハッピーHマニア「抱かれたがりOL」のセックス誘感! RC(Ryann Connell)
179 19980913 ‘Cup-noodle starlets' leave hubbies boiling mad Shukan Bunshun 9/10 「料理ベタ」な芸能人妻は離婚する? MS(Mark Schreiber)
180 19980913 A bug in the ointment(The government's decision to ignore the millennium bug problem now, says Shukan Playboy, is destined to lead to chaos at the turn of the century. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
181 19980920 Bony hipsters at risk from dangerous diets Shukan Playboy 9/22 ドラッグを捨てて本物のカラダを手に入れろ! MS(Mark Schreiber)
182 19980920 Gals throw in the mawashi after raunchy roll with rikishi Focus 9/23 女の子には評判の悪い、珍企画「お相撲プレイ」 RC(Ryann Connell)
183 19980920 Female TV announcers put it all on the line for love of job Shukan Taishu 9/28 テレビに映らないTV各局女子アナ「残酷」最前線 RC(Ryann Connell)
184 19980920 Sensation-al software lets you manage by the stars Shukan Hoseki 9/24 上場企業採用する「占星ション」って何だ? MS(Mark Schreiber)
185 19980920 Pampered pets(New services, says The 21, are cleaning up the mess created by a society catering to two-legged critters only. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
186 19980927 Should Japan add the 51st star to the US flag? Shokun! October 日本が合衆国51番目の州になれば... MS(Mark Schreiber)
187 19980927 Paying for suicide costs more than the ultimate price Shukan Hoseki 10/1 平成ニッポン「自殺額」集中セミナー RC(Ryann Connell)
188 19980927 Male workers steal sexual harassment spotlight Spa! 9/30 「不況型セクハラ」の深刻度 RC(Ryann Connell)
189 19980927 Nightless Kabuki-cho clinic rises to the occasion Da Capo 9/30 日本初「バイアグラ治療」不夜城の赤ひげ先生に会う MS(Mark Schreiber)
190 19980927 The Great Panic(The nation's complacent leaders, warns Shukan Gendai, better learn crisis management - and fast. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
191 19981004 Hey, all you middle-aged male virgins, get a life! Shukan Jitsuwa 10/8 女体が怖い?30-40代の童貞男が急増 MS(Mark Schreiber)
192 19981004 Bumbling bosses dragging the nation to its knees Spa! 10/7 「問題上司」たちをどうにかしたい RC(Ryann Connell)
193 19981004 Comfy times create dearth of yakuza young guns Shukan Jitsuwa 10/15 暴力団の高齢化で若手組員を募集 RC(Ryann Connell)
194 19981004 Fear and loathing in Hiroshima public schools Shukan Asahi 10/9 県内に蔓延巨大恐喝システムを暴く MS(Mark Schreiber)
195 19981004 Sex: The new era: Improper relationships,' vvvvvv, telephone clubs, sexless marriages…Sapio asks what's all the fuss about. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
196 19981011 ‘The Firm' keeping a close eye on all staff members Shukan Hoseki 10/15 あなたの借金は会社に握られている MS(Mark Schreiber)
197 19981011 Veteran homeless give new chums hell of a welcome Shukan Taishu 10/19 ホームレスを直撃する「仁義なき平成大不況」 RC(Ryann Connell)
198 19981011 Pennant win only the start of Yokohama's ball games Shukan Post 10/16 ベイスターズ優勝の経済効果316億円にハマの風俗街も興奮状態 RC(Ryann Connell)
199 19981011 Right- wingers battling to ban 'Nanking 1937' Tsukuru October 映画「南京1937」に再び右翼の猛攻撃 CC(Cheryl Chow)
200 19981011 Disappearing dreams(The welcome mat's extended to foreign workers of Japanese descent. But the mat seems to have dirty marks on it. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
201 19981018 Sapporo gals keep visiting 'salarymen' warm at night Da Capo 10/21 ビジネス慣習●夜遊び講座 MS(Mark Schreiber)
202 19981018 Breaking up can be nasty business for macho men Spa! 10/21 「フラれ下手な男たち」大増殖のなぜだ!? RC(Ryann Connell)
203 19981018 Who says times are tough? You just have to be different Shukan Geino 10/22 ウルトラ元気商売のここを見逃すな RC(Ryann Connell)
204 19981018 Whisper-thin guys twisted around their girls' pinkies Aera 10/19 女で豹変薄い20代男 CC(Cheryl Chow)
205 19981018 Anyone buggin' you?(Weekly Playboy informs us that lax privacy laws make it easy for extortionists to get a line on someone. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
206 19981025 A beast of a facial all in the name of beauty Shukan Bunshun 10/22 仰天美容「顔の皮を剥ぐ女」が急増中 CC(Cheryl Chow)
207 19981025 Pachinko world rings with sounds of empty parlors Shukan Taishu 11/2 パチンコ店を「客離れ」大異変 RC(Ryann Connell)
208 19981025 Money the key to getting into temp workers' pants Weekly Playboy 11/3 「派遣OL」と仲良くなる方法 RC(Ryann Connell)
209 19981025 Surviving the streets(Life is no easier, says, Aera, for the women mixed in among Tokyo's 4,000-odd homeless. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
210 19981101 Women bare it all in raunchy sex survey Shukan Hoseki 11/5 人妻・OL・女子大生 3万人の性意識! CC(Cheryl Chow)
211 19981101 New face? No problem, but you'll still hate yourself Shukan Asahi 11/6 思春期を襲う醜形恐怖症 MH(Michael Hoffman)
212 19981101 Pollution turning the lot of us into sickly lab rats Shukan Post 10/23 男の性器異常が日本でも倍増している MH(Michael Hoffman)
213 19981101 It's not the bursting of the bubble, it's an atomic blast! Shukan Taishu 11/2 サラリーマン無慚!リストラ族を襲う凄絶いじめ MH(Michael Hoffman)
214 19981101 Phone alone(For today's Japanese teens, 'self expression' seems to mean prancing down the street with a cellular phone held to their ear. Sapio ponders the meaning of it all. Mark Schreiber reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
215 19981108 Revolt of the middle-aged princesses of pretense Spa! 11/4 30代「元ブリッ子オンナ」の反乱 CC(Cheryl Chow)
216 19981108 Call girl nurses honing their bedside manners Shukan Taishu 11/6 ホンモノ看護婦20人がいる鶯谷性感ヘルスの興奮現場 MS(Mark Schreiber)
217 19981108 Nuke dumping ground like a toilet without a window Friday 11/2 六ヶ所村「核のゴミ再処理工場」内部をゆく MH(Michael Hoffman)
218 19981108 Ginza jewel thieves running rings around police officers Shukan Yomiur 11/5 宝石店主が言えない警察の無力 MS(Mark Schreiber)
219 19981108 The new age(Are we living too long for our own good? Not if you're rich - just settle back and enjoy it, says Aera. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
220 19981115 Booze on domestic flights falls flat with attendants Shukan Hoseki 11/19 酔っ払いvsスモーカー スチュワーデスの大迷惑! MS(Mark Schreiber)
221 19981115 Goofy groupies hooked on real-life courtroom dramas Shukan Taishu 11/23 大増殖「裁判所グルーピー」の仰天実態 MS(Mark Schreiber)
222 19981115 Pets sacrificed nationwide all in the name of science Shukan Bunshun 11/12 捨て犬、捨て猫を横流し「動物実験ビジネス」の非道 MH(Michael Hoffman)
223 19981115 Who needs marriage when you've got…? Spa! 11/11 結婚する「必要」のない人たち CC(Cheryl Chow)
224 19981115 Princesses of poison(The Wakayama mass murder case is not the aberration you think - it has a long tradition, says Hanashi no Channel. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
225 19981122 Young ' stringers' have na?ve women all tide up Da Vinci December 「ヒモ野郎のテクニックと本音」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
226 19981122 Novel approach brings relief to toilet-terrified tykes Aera 11/23 学校のトイレへ行こう RC(Ryann Connell)
227 19981122 Bring back the bumpy body babes of yesteryear Shukan Hoseki 12/3 日本女性の「名器」が絶滅!? RC(Ryann Connell)
228 19981122 ‘Freeters' take their work strictly one day at a time Spa! 11/25 「高卒フリーター」大増殖でニッポン経済は大丈夫か? MS(Mark Schreiber)
229 19981122 Brave New World(Shukan Post predicts that the coming age has few successes and plenty of failures in store for us. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
230 19981129 Early menopause taking its toll on married women Shukan Gendai 12/5 頭痛、イライラ、セックスレス・・・30代から始まる「妻の更年期」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
231 19981129 Child abuse horror stories verging on the unbelievable Shukan Jitsuwa 12/10 我が子を虐待する「鬼母・鬼父」が激増 RC(Ryann Connell)
232 19981129 World Wide Web becoming simply a tool for fools Sunday Mainichi 12/6 インターネットをやるとバカになる!! RC(Ryann Connell)
233 19981129 A hell of a price to pay for a head person's name Shukan Jitsuwa 12/3 「戒名」のふざけた値段 CC(Cheryl Chow)
234 19981129 Drawing the line(Shukan Shincho tries to put its finger on the true meaning of sexual harassment. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
235 19981206 Tormented bride sues the in-laws from hell Shukan Jitsuwa 12/10 「嫁いびり」は「配偶者の地位の侵害」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
236 19981206 Housewives return to work for more than a few bucks Shukan Gendai 12/12 いま主婦がハマる「働きたい病」の落し穴 RC(Ryann Connell)
237 19981206 Young lovers upgrading partners at a heady pace Shukan Jitsuwa 12/17 「恋人は商品!」コンビニ恋愛に走る若者の性能 RC(Ryann Connell)
238 19981206 Plum overseas job assignments turn rotten Spa! 12/2 海外駐在員クン「海の向こうからの悲鳴」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
239 19981206 You're fired!(The corporate restructuring ax is leaving its mark on the necks of the nation's once-resilient youth, says Weekly Playboy. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
240 19981213 Exhibitionist housewives shoot for the naked truth Shukan Josei Seven 12/17 主婦たちに「見られたい症候群」が広がっている!! CC(Cheryl Chow)
241 19981213 Int'l crowd getting off on Hiroo's 'Dolce Vita' orgies Shukan Gendai 12/9 外人多数の「乱交カップル喫茶」潜入ッ MS(Mark Schreiber)
242 19981213 Young studs riding their rods all the way to the bank Spa! 12/16 暴走する「援助交際」世界を覗く RC(Ryann Connell)
243 19981213 Nation's once-proud sports world down for the count Shukan Taishu 12/21 日本スポーツ界を襲う世紀末「大寒波」 RC(Ryann Connell)
244 19981213 Legal loophole(Prosecutors and police pride themselves on their '98 percent conviction rate.' But, says Shukan Asahi, what about the 40 percent of murder suspects who are deemed unfit to stand trial? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
245 19981220 Angst-ridden wives liberally administer the big spank Shukan Hoseki 12/24 夫を殴る妻たち! CC(Cheryl Chow)
246 19981220 Bumbling grooms get help in fending off 'Narita Divorce' Spa! 12/23 「ハネムーン下見ツアー」の゛親身の指導"の中身 RC(Ryann Connell)
247 19981220 Adventurous clientele enjoying Osaka S&M bar Shukan Bunshun 12/24 大阪のスナックで「SM合コン」流行中! RC(Ryann Connell)
248 19981220 ‘Titanic' is buoyant atop product list for the year Nikkei Trendy December 98年ヒット商品ベスト30 MS(Mark Schreiber)
249 19981220 For better…only!(Today's man isn't necessarily opposed to marriage, but she better be duly qualified. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
250 19981227 Mob lynching in Nagano shatter 'safe Japan' image Sunday Mainichi 1/3-10 「リンチ見学」に誘った GB(Geoff Botting)
251 19981227 Modernization helps gals enjoy fleshier fruits of life Shukan Taishu 1/4-11 奔放SEXに走る人妻たちの激流 RC(Ryann Connell)
252 19981227 Serving up the best of the worst the year had to offer Shukan Gendai 1/2-9 いちばんのワルはこいつだ'98PERSON OF THE YEAR「ワースト版」 RC(Ryann Connell)
253 19981227 Female stalkers entangling men in web of obsession Aera 12/28-1/4 女性ストーカーつきまとう影 CC(Cheryl Chow)
254 19981227 Goodbye 1998, and good riddance(Michael Hoffman looks back over the Year of the Tiger and finds little to roar about.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)




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