These are the reproduction of articles originally published on Mainichi Daily News' "WaiWai" section. Almost all of the articles were nothing but trumped-up stories.
Please DO NOT believe them!
Were these stories real? No Japanese readers would believe them.
Some immoral writers made up the story, taking from dubious "news" from tabloids and gossip magazines.
However, some readers unfortunately believed the articles.
There's no wonder--these stories were published by the Mainichi Newspapers, one of the Japanese major "quality" papers.
The writers and Mainichi seem to understand very well that fiction is stronger than reality
--at least for readers with little experience with Japan.
Don't believe Mainichi, never!
PLEASE WATCH MOVIE BELOW, it helps you to understand background of these problem.

番号 掲載年月日 表題(英語) 引用雑誌名 引用雑誌号数 表題(日本語) 署名(イニシャル)
1 20000103 From bugs to boobs, the whole world's collapsing Spa! 12/29-1/5 ボクらの隣の「危ない話」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
2 20000103 Innocent nude actresses not so innocent after all Powers 2/1 ヤラセ丸見えグラビア週刊誌のエッチ企画は全て真っ赤なウソだった RC(Ryann Connell)
3 20000103 ‘Lady' Luck shines on Gender-swapping lovers Flash Exciting 1/24 ミスター・レディ&ミス・ダンディ逆転夫妻の新婚生活に密着! RC(Ryann Connell)
4 20000103 Welcome to the cool age of cyberspace swapping Shukan Jitsuwa 1/6-13 性器写真をメールで「電脳スワッピング」大流行 MS(Mark Schreiber)
5 20000103 Suicide shame (Michael Hoffman reports on the suffering of children left behind when parents kill themselves.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
6 20000109 What do wives really get up to when hubbie's away? Shukan Hoseki 1/6-13 30代の妻「夫のいない12時間」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
7 20000109 Is that a pocket monster in your pants, or are you… Takarajima 1/19 ポケモンの意味は勃起した男性器だった!! RC(Ryann Connell)
8 20000109 Stewardesses left blushing by embarrasing tourists Shukan Taishu 1/17-24 スチュワーデスが怒るバカップルの恥さらし GB(Geoff Botting)
9 20000109 Kobe Airport plan flying on a wing and a prayer Kansai Jitsuwa Monthly February 「つくってはいけない!」世界一危険な「神戸空港」 RS(Richard Sadowsky)
10 20000109 Frightening future (OK, so the Y2K bug's been squashed, but look out, the worse is yet to come. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
11 20000116 Yellow cabs? Ha! Try riding Vancouver's 'yellow buses' Shukan Hoseki 1/20 日本人娘の危ない「性」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
12 20000116 The stupid letters that fools send to the media! Spa! 1/19 新聞・雑誌珍しい投書グランプリ RC(Ryann Connell)
13 20000116 New Year the perfect time for a little office fling Shukan Gendai 1/15-22 美人OL7人赤面告白 GB(Geoff Botting)
14 20000116 Hard up, guys? Hey, you can always hawk your fork Don Don 2/4 こんな時代だから...「カラダを売りたい!?」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
15 20000116 Tormented town (Shukan Asahi lifts the lid on societal pressure that drove a woman to kill her neighbor's 2-year-old daughter. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
16 20000123 Stressed-out old farts banging away to kinky sex Hanashi no Channel 2/4 性に暴走する中高年族 CC(Cheryl Chow)
17 20000123 One-time ideal beaus now facing wedding woes Spa! 1/26 [結婚するなら、こんな人]の中身に唖然 RC(Ryann Connell)
18 20000123 Buskers play all the right notes with the babes Weekly Playboy 2/1 「路上フオークduo」ナンパでGO! GB(Geoff Botting)
19 20000123 Purse snatchers target Tokyo's affluent madames Shukan Hoseki 1/27 羽田元首相夫人も襲われた成城「ひったくりゾーン!!」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
20 20000123 Gender wars (The ivory towers of academia, according to Ronzan, remain bastions of sexual discrimination. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
21 20000130 Who needs a baby when you can have a Primopuel? Shukan Gendai 2/5 大ブーム!「しゃべる赤ちゃん人形プリモプエル」と話すOLたち RC(Ryann Connell)
22 20000130 Man of the cloth can't resist pleasures of the flesh Shukan Jitsuwa 2/3 ヤクザ気取りで女子高生を操ったエロ坊主の「色即是空」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
23 20000130 Video perverts target stewardess' dormitory Shukan Post 2/4 スッチー寮脱衣所トイレ盗撮ビデオを誌上検証 GB(Geoff Botting)
24 20000130 Penning poets take to the streets for a buck Shukan Asahi 1/28 路上詩人ハシゴして「癒し度」採点 CC(Cheryl Chow)
25 20000130 Hands off the kids (The nation's high school are no better than sex clubs, according to Hanashi no Channel. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
26 20000206 Modern-day office ladies falling from riches to rags Spa! 2/2 「20代独身一人暮らしOL」衝撃のビンボー生活白書 CC(Cheryl Chow)
27 20000206 From salsa to soccer, the whole nation's going Latin Spa! 2/9 ニッポン若人のラテン化現象を探る! RC(Ryann Connell)
28 20000206 Hello, give me the sashimi served on the naked gal! Shukan Taishu 2/14 女体盛り - AV女優の出張サービス GB(Geoff Botting)
29 20000206 Donors' desires helping sperm banks come of age Naigai Jitsuwa March 日本人「精子バンク」驚異の実態 MS(Mark Schreiber)
30 20000206 Living Exposed (Apparently innocuous health tests took a nasty turn when researchers started to probe into people's DNA - much to the chagrin of volunteers. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
31 20000213 Okinawans taste for pussy leaves animal lovers stewing Shukan Josei 2/15 「ネコ食い」ぶつ切り釜料理の残酷 CC(Cheryl Chow)
32 20000213 How do photo perverts get those panty snaps? Shukan Post 2/18 女子アナVSカメラストーカーの「パンティー撮り」攻防戦 RC(Ryann Connell)
33 20000213 Hey you arrogant, pushy Americans, back off! Shukan Hoseki 2/17 サラリーマンはアメリカが嫌いだ! GB(Geoff Botting)
34 20000213 New political party vows to sour Valentine's Day Weekly Playboy 2/22 「バレンタインデーを撲滅する党」宣言 MS(Mark Schreiber)
35 20000213 Cyberwar (Suspected Chinese hackers have had a field day using modern-day weapons to attack the nation's militaristic past. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
36 20000220 Weld your doors shut - foreigners on the rampage! Shukan Asahi 2/25 おたくの玄関の錠5秒で開ける外国人窃盗団暗躍 MS(Mark Schreiber)
37 20000220 76-Year-old rural politician turns granny stalker! Shukan Bunshun 2/24 76歳「ストーカー町議」の゛目的"は69歳!「紙爆弾」のスゴイ中身 RC(Ryann Connell)
38 20000220 What? Road tolls to drive through downtown Tokyo? Weekly Playboy 2/29 まだ間に合う「ロードプライシング」なんてブッ潰せ MS(Mark Schreiber)
39 20000220 Pea-brained parents get off by embarrassing kids Spa! 2/16 ボクらの「バカ親」トンデモ被害報告 CC(Cheryl Chow)
40 20000220 Youth monsters (Unraveling the state of aberrant criminals. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
41 20000227 Light-fingered crooks lift Tokyoites' wallets Shukan Taishu 3/6 都会で暗躍するスリ集団冬の裏ワザ全手口 MS(Mark Schreiber)
42 20000227 ‘Alien doctor' prescribes deadly water births Shukan Bunshun 2/24 7人死亡“水中出産”旗振り男の「オカルト本」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
43 20000227 Beware guys: Jilted lovers seek revenge at any price Spa! 3/1 「怨む女達が」謀む壮絶リベンジの恐怖 RC(Ryann Connell)
44 20000227 Women's marital help group bashes bullying hubbies Shukan Yomiuri 3/5 誕生!「妻たちの離婚支援隊」夫パニックの必殺ワザ CC(Cheryl Chow)
45 20000227 I can't help myself (What is it about the Land of Wa, asks Da Capo, that feeds our addictive tendencies? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
46 20000305 Greedy 'ghost' workers bleed jobless insurance Shukan Yomiuri 3/12 幽霊社員でガッポリバイト荒稼ぎで無申告 MS(Mark Schreiber)
47 20000305 Loud-mouth girl has man jailed on phony charge Shukan Shincho 3/2 携帯電話注意で「痴漢」扱い20日勾留の課長サン RC(Ryann Connell)
48 20000305 Guidebooks full of photos, but where's the info Shukan Asahi 3/10 海外旅行ガイドブックの役立たず GB(Geoff Botting)
49 20000305 Girls getting off on 'Boys Love' comic strips Aera 3/6 ボーイズ・ラブ漫画を読む女 CC(Cheryl Chow)
50 20000305 House of pain (Child abuse is soaring and the nation is no position to deal with the appalling crisis. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
51 20000312 Hey pal, you mind not looking while we get it on Spa! 3/8 愕然の世紀末「人前&屋外エッチ」白書 MS(Mark Schreiber)
52 20000312 Na?ve gals turn to S&M parlors to keep virginity Asahi Geino 3/16 「SMクラブ」になぜか「処女」殺到「女王様ならエッチなしと勘違いして...」 RC(Ryann Connell)
53 20000312 Having a fling on the side? Watch out for affair busters Shukan Taishu 3/20 不倫バスターズ 浮気カップルを別れさせる GB(Geoff Botting)
54 20000312 Women going wild over symmetrical studs Shukan Josei 3/16 女を「イカ」せるシンメトリーな男たち CC(Cheryl Chow)
55 20000312 Homeless horrors (Tough times makes for survival of the fittest on the nation's streets. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
56 20000319 Today's tomboys skip the skimpies, tug the tossle Spa! 3/15 「おやっさんギャル」の飾らなすぎる人生 CC(Cheryl Chow)
57 20000319 Pip-squeak paramours have gals going gaga Spa! 3/22 「背が低い男」、モテモテ現象のなぜだ!? RC(Ryann Connell)
58 20000319 AUM shared nerve gas secrets with North Korea Sunday Mainichi 3/26 北朝鮮にサリン製造文書が渡っていた GB(Geoff Botting)
59 20000319 Sex workers' union rubs up bosses with hard demands Tsukuru April 「労組結成」報道に揺れた風俗ニュオンの現状と行方 MS(Mark Schreiber)
60 20000319 Case closed (The woeful inadequacy of support for crime victims here has relatives crying for justice. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
61 20000326 Today's macho men just begging to be whipped Da Vinci April 新世紀“M-mode”活用法マゾなオトコはモテルのか? CC(Cheryl Chow)
62 20000326 Disastrous dates - the things some punters try Takarajima 4/5 男の大勘違い デート編 RC(Ryann Connell)
63 20000326 Fellatio lovers beware: Better wrap that rascal! Sunday Mainichi 4/2 ソープよりヘルスが危ない GB(Geoff Botting)
64 20000326 Jekyll & Hyde: Civil servant by day, yakuza by night Shukan Jitsuwa 3/30 昼は公務員夜は暴力団員2つの顔を持った男の「シノギ」と「女」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
65 20000326 Cyber love (So how easy is it to pull babes on the Net? Not as easy as it seems, says Friday. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
66 20000402 Reluctance to roll one on leaves condom makers limp Shukan Jitsuwa 4/13 コンドーム出荷数激減で「どーなるニッポンの避妊事情」 RC(Ryann Connell)
67 20000402 Tainted colonel calls on girls to strip for the ranks Yomiuri Weekly 4/9 首都防衛隊ワルノリ一佐の「迷指揮」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
68 20000402 ‘But I never touched her!' - Framed molesters cry foul cry foul Shukan Taishu 4/10 チカン容疑を受けた男たちの恐るべき悲惨体験 GB(Geoff Botting)
69 20000402 ‘Cultured,' convicted cannibal feasts on media Shukan Shincho 3/30 パリ人肉殺人「佐川」クン」なぜかニッポンで文化人 MS(Mark Schreiber)
70 20000402 Have you no shame? (Modesty Ha! Da Capo tells us nothing embarrasses modern Japanese men like walking into a cake shop alone. Go figure. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
71 20000409 Who needs sex when you can have the tuna tugged? Takarajima 4/12 マグロ男、大量発生 MS(Mark Schreiber)
72 20000409 Lonely losers getting off at masturbation bars Hanashi no Channel 4/21 オナニークラブの超過激!! GB(Geoff Botting)
73 20000409 Cruel dog owners create canine cannibalism Shukan Post 4/14 ブーム渦中、飼い主に見捨てられた埼玉ペット犬大量餓死事件 RC(Ryann Connell)
74 20000409 Things diehard Giants fans do in the name of duty Aera 4/10 巨人ファンという病 MS(Mark Schreiber)
75 20000409 Remember 'Shooll Killer?' (While the young Kobe murderer rages against repentance, his family remain on the run. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
76 20000416 Stick flick 'soup men' mix up a grueling brew Shukan Hoseki 4/27 射精するだけのプロ、これが「汁男優」という生き方だ RC(Ryann Connell)
77 20000416 A funeral at The Ritz - what a way to go Yomiuri Weekly 4/23 仏様仰天、棺桶持ち込み可の葬式 MS(Mark Schreiber)
78 20000416 Peeking into the sex lives of naughty nurses Asahi Geino 4/20 現役看護婦1500人セックス観アンケート GB(Geoff Botting)
79 20000416 Frisky females have firms' new boys running scared Shukan Taishu 4/24 先輩OLが恐怖の「色仕掛け:で迫る「新入社員喰い」実例集 MS(Mark Schreiber)
80 20000416 Blind spots (Sunday Mainichi warns us that parks and schoolyards have become a hunting ground for perpetrators preying on kids. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
81 20000423 Yamanba gals - Cultural assets or different tribe Weekly Playboy 5/2 いまこそ「ヤマンバ・ギャル」を無形文化財にしてちょ! RC(Ryann Connell)
82 20000423 Who to call when Glay rocks into town? Ticket getters! Spa! 4/26 「チケットゲッター」がコッソリ教えるその手口と稼ぎ GB(Geoff Botting)
83 20000423 Cartoon buffs cuddling up to cutie-pie sex dolls Flash 5/2 ダッチワイフメーカーが作った「究極の等身大フィギュア」 RC(Ryann Connell)
84 20000423 Defense forces on the prowl for North Korean guerrillas Shukan Taishu 5/1 潜入した「北朝鮮ゲリラ」を殲滅せよ! MS(Mark Schreiber)
85 20000423 Mommy, I'm tired (The video generation has taken over from kids who used to play outdoors. The result: Lethargy. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
86 20000430 Young men throwing up in the face of pressure Aera 5/1-8 拒食・過食男たちもやばい CC(Cheryl Chow)
87 20000430 The para-para: From dance for dorks to boogie boom Shukan Post 5/5-12 女子高生熱狂!第3次パラパラ旋風の仕掛け人はこのひとだった RC(Ryann Connell)
88 20000430 Crime on the rise? Must be those illegal foreigners Shukan Taishu 5/8-15 東京に潜む不法滞在外国人の犯罪激流 GB(Geoff Botting)
89 20000430 Sayonara Japan, hello easy-to-live Germany Aera 4/24 私がドイツに住む理由 MS(Mark Schreiber)
90 20000430 Cheetah-cleaner-egg (Eh…? We don't understand it either, but Shukan Hoseki assures us it's all about an identity crisis among young gals. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
91 20000507 Drugs dragging youth to third level of Hell Shincho 45 April ドラッグにおぼれる「哀しき十代」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
92 20000507 All gals have a price -even for a knock from Knock Spa! 5/3-10 女たちが考える「私のお値段」 RC(Ryann Connell)
93 20000507 No order is too taller for manic mail-order industry Shukan Jitsuwa 5/11-18 婦人科診察台も売れる通販の珍事 GB(Geoff Botting)
94 20000507 Culinary clumsiness makes food for thoughtlessness Spa! 5/3-10 彼女に食わされた「トンデモ手料理」グランプリ CC(Cheryl Chow)
95 20000507 Behind the innocence (Odd crimes committed by juveniles may just be a sign of the times. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
96 20000514 Warring in-laws go high-tech in Battle of the Bitches Josei Seven 5/11-18 嫁姑電脳血戦 CC(Cheryl Chow)
97 20000514 Maternity madness fryin' young couples' brains Spa! 5/17 「マタニティ・バカたち」の爆笑出産報告 RC(Ryann Connell)
98 20000514 Who said young dads don't help out raising the kids? Shukan Takarajima 5/24 男だって子供が欲しい GB(Geoff Botting)
99 20000514 Kinki residents flock to deposit in secret S&M bank Shukan Hoseki 5/25 大阪のSMバンクに潜入 MS(Mark Schreiber)
100 20000514 Teen-age terrors (What drove two intelligent 17-year-old youths to breaking point and beyond? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
101 20000521 High-tech fat cats, rich retirees splashin' the cash Yomiuri Weekly 5/28 IT長者とシルバーリッチ新富裕層が躍り出た MS(Mark Schreiber)
102 20000521 Framed molesters fighting back against cheeky chicks Sunday Mainichi 5/28 あなたが突然チカンにされる日 RC(Ryann Connell)
103 20000521 So swingers, what's your sign? Harajuku? TV? Ruby? Flash 5/30 「八卦」よーい(!?)のユニーク占い誕生物語 GB(Geoff Botting)
104 20000521 Clinic lures 'Adult Children' for dubious treatment Uwasa no Shinso June 「アダルト・チルドレン」で儲ける斎藤学の危険な治療法 CC(Cheryl Chow)
105 20000521 The chill pill (Can Kitosan - a medicine made up of shrimp and crab shells - really tame the tempers of the wildest beasts? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
106 20000528 Hey big boy, let's get it on, but ya can't kiss me!! Spa! 5/24 「SEXより私のキスは貴重品」ふーん。 CC(Cheryl Chow)
107 20000528 Fast talk gives way to quick fingers in Net love game Spa! 5/31 ネットナンパ師のテクに見る「e恋愛」の“真実” RC(Ryann Connell)
108 20000528 Drab Osaka dresses up to savor flavors of the night Flash 6/6 最新版!浪花“ユニーク”レストラン&バー GB(Geoff Botting)
109 20000528 More families ship senile seniors to foreign shores Sunday Mainichi 6/4 痴呆老人の「海外輸出」が始まる!? MS(Mark Schreiber)
110 20000528 Youth job shock (Yesterday's recruitment heroes are today's job prospect has-beens. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
111 20000604 Home no longer a castle, more like a cheap hotel Aera 6/5 ホテル家族 CC(Cheryl Chow)
112 20000604 Japanese porn queens shooting for stardom in US Shukan Jitsuwa 6/8 和製ハードコア女優の魂 GB(Geoff Botting)
113 20000604 Trendy tombs burying the traditional grave Sunday Mainichi 6/11 自分らしい永眠のカタチ RC(Ryann Connell)
114 20000604 Foreign crooks turn up the heat in Kabukicho Sapio 6/14 新宿・歌舞伎町は覚せい剤と拳銃が支配する街と化していた MS(Mark Schreiber)
115 20000604 The bitch is back (Stalking, stealing men, deliberately getting knocked up…look out guys. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
116 20000611 TV health show dishing out dubious medicine Shincho 45 June 間違いだらけの人気健康番組「おもいっきりテレビ」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
117 20000611 Desperate illegals will do anything to get into Japan Shukan Taishu 6/19 命がけで日本に潜入する不法密入国者の最新手口 RC(Ryann Connell)
118 20000611 Foreigners breathe life into raunchy Kabukicho Shukan Asahi 6/16 世界一周@歌舞伎町 GB(Geoff Botting)
119 20000611 Ghostwriters haunted by deadlines, lousy conditions Spa! 6/7 ゴーストライターの笑えない真実と泣ける実情 CC(Cheryl Chow)
120 20000611 Red pajamas (Are cell phones rewiring our brains? Asks Aera. Alarmists are either too nervous, or too late. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
121 20000618 For rent: Wives that cook, clean, shag and don't whine Shukan Gendai 6/17 「若妻の部屋」を発見 CC(Cheryl Chow)
122 20000618 Wanted! Panty pincher targeting women in skirts Shukan Taishu 6/26 東京に出没「生下着強奪男」のとんでもない仰天手口 RC(Ryann Connell)
123 20000618 Cell phones sparking more than electronic intercourse Spa! 6/21 利用者のとっても気楽で身近な関係 GB(Geoff Botting)
124 20000618 From men with tattoos to \2,000 bills, biz ain't easy Takarajima 6/21 気になる業界の意外な「難題」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
125 20000618 Stimulating love (Cyberspace has connected us to a borderless world, says Da Capo, where ordinary love doesn't cut it anymore. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
126 20000625 Teen-age thugs lay the boot into soaked salarymen Shukan Taishu 7/3 これが「夏のオヤジ狩り」恐怖の危険地帯だ MS(Mark Schreiber)
127 20000625 Stressed-out daddies struggle to love their kids Spa! 6/28 「ブレイク・ダディ」たちの決して他人に言えない心の内 RC(Ryann Connell)
128 20000625 Nomura sells 'love hotels' to clean stained image Shukan Asahi 6/30 ラブホテル売り込み攻勢 GB(Geoff Botting)
129 20000625 ‘Amazonesses' gobble up unassuming 'Jimmy boys' Aera 6/26 ヤマンバ廃れアマゾネス登場 CC(Cheryl Chow)
130 20000625 Blind faith (Despite all the negative publicity, more and more young folks are getting hooked on religion. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
131 20000702 Digi-savvy 'office ladies' adding spice to life Shukan Gendai 7/8 唖然!デジバカ新人OLの「乱交日記」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
132 20000702 Reversing down highways and other bizarre road tales Shukan Taishu 7/10 高速道路のとんでもない事故 GB(Geoff Botting)
133 20000702 Japan warming up to tackle World Cup soccer hooligans Weekly Playboy 7/11 2002年W杯、日本のフーリガン対策は大丈夫!? RC(Ryann Connell)
134 20000702 Penal system out of touch with changing society Spa! 6/28 無期懲役は本当に“軽い”のか? MH(Michael Hoffman)
135 20000702 D-DAY? (The government has set Sept. 3 for "Big Rescue Tokyo 2000" - a full- scale disaster drill. But, wonders Shukan Hoseki(6/29-7/6),why is it mobilizing some 4,000 members of the Self-Defense Forces, including an elite paratrooper unite? Could its ult Shukan Hoseki 6/29-7/6 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
136 20000709 Women who can't clean heading out of filthy closets Yomiuri Weekly 7/16 「かたづけられない」女は病気ゴミ箱部屋に住んで悪いの? CC(Cheryl Chow)
137 20000709 Drunken violence spews onto train platforms Shukan Taishu 7/17 ターミナル駅で多発する駅校内暴力トラブル最新情報 RC(Ryann Connell)
138 20000709 Japanese girl seeks foreign guy for sex, marriage Shukan Hoseki 7/20 スッチー、帰国子女が...英字フリーペーパーで逆ナンパ! GB(Geoff Botting)
139 20000709 No butts about it - too much washy bad for potty Aera 7/10 おしり洗浄「気持ちいい」の罠 MS(Mark Schreiber)
140 20000709 Ivy-league hookers (Within the walls of famed Waseda University, students are apparently studying a new subject - the world's oldest profession. Shukan Post is shocked at how indifferent the faculty seems to be to the whoring and pimping allegedly going o Shukan Post 7/14 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
141 20000716 Parasite wives sucking the juice out of their hubbies Spa! 7/12 「将来のパラサイト妻」を見抜く5つの方法 CC(Cheryl Chow)
142 20000716 Stooped-up pets biting the hands that feed them Shukan Taishu 7/24 ペットが起こした珍事件 RC(Ryann Connell)
143 20000716 Ouch! S&M matchmaking parties a hit in Osaka Friday 7/21 発見!「SMお見合いパーテイ」を潜入撮 GB(Geoff Botting)
144 20000716 Self- absorbed youth give world the cold shoulder Yomiuri Weekly 7/23 「無言クン」急増ジコチューの大迷惑 MS(Mark Schreiber)
145 20000716 Shrivelling sperm!!( Hey, big boys, your counts are down. Tight underwear, virtual sex, cigarettes, computers, even "healthy" red wine are all contributing. Da Capo warns we're heading the way of the dinosaur.) Da Capo 7/19 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
146 20000723 Bursting bladders giving young girls the go-gos Aera 7/24 緊張しすぎ若者おしっこ近い病 MS(Mark Schreiber)
147 20000723 Convenience stores turning into cut-rate love hotels Shukan Taishu 7/31 深夜の「とんでもない客」実例集 GB(Geoff Botting)
148 20000723 Prowling for the stupidest, most perverted criminal Shukan Jitsuwa 7/27 全国「わいせつドジ犯」 CT(Colin Turner)
149 20000723 Jealous moms bewitch daughters' marital bliss Josei Seven 7/27 恋愛、結婚運は「母親の呪い」でツブされる CC(Cheryl Chow)
150 20000723 Sex? Who needs it? (Today's young studs have consumed too much of a good thing - these day's it's like they're being force-fed when they're not hungry.) Spa! 7/19 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
151 20000730 Credit card thieves won't leave home without one Nikkei Business 7/24 「偽造クレジットカード犯罪」法律未成熟な日本をねらい撃ちか MS(Mark Schreiber)
152 20000730 Sea of danger awaits travelers heading abroad Shukan Taishu 8/7 海外旅行で身を守る GB(Geoff Botting)
153 20000730 Prospective pimps going to school to learn ins & outs Shukan Gendai 8/5 「月300万円ボロ儲けテク」にリストラ・脱サラ殺到 RC(Ryann Connell)
154 20000730 Eggs, sake, evil spirits and other bizarre love hotel acts Asahi Geino 8/3 「乱論ラブホテル」本当にあった事件 CC(Cheryl Chow)
155 20000730 The gene game (Kids ordered straight off the design board and tailor-made drugs, the brave new world is dawning - want it or not.) Takarajima 8/2 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
156 20000806 Shops fight back against light-fingered thieves Yomiuri Weekly 8/13 原点に返ったアナログ万引き対策 MS(Mark Schreiber)
157 20000806 Gals slap professors with sexual-harassment blackmail Shukan Asahi 8/11 女子大生「逆セクハラ」教授たちの護身術 GB(Geoff Botting)
158 20000806 Celebrity-lookalike starlets bursting into porno world Shukan Post 8/11 「アイドル激似ビデオ」製作ルートつかんだ RC(Ryann Connell)
159 20000806 ‘Homeless suits' roam streets in search of selves Spa! 8/2 ボクらが路上生活を選んだ理由 CC(Cheryl Chow)
160 20000806 Dream world (Aera taps the lost treasure chest of dreams - and tries to remember the experience.) Aera 7/31 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
161 20080813 What happened to J. League posers and their porsches? Shukan Josei 8/22-29 Jリーガーの大量リストラで放出ポルシェの値段が暴落 RC(Ryann Connell)
162 20080813 Local gals digging for foreign millionaires Aera 8/14-21 海外の長者と結婚したい GB(Geoff Botting)
163 20080813 Harajuku's horror girls! Don't you remember us? Focus 8/16-23 原宿に集う「怪奇系コスプレ」ただ今、異常増殖中 RC(Ryann Connell)
164 20080813 NHK propping up overseas affiliates to preach the word Shukan Asahi 8/18-25 NHK大赤字海外事業テレビジャパン受信料年間数十億円垂れ流し MS(Mark Schreiber)
165 20080813 Danger zone (Flying? Don't do it. Hospitals? Think again. Sit back and strap yourself in for a wild ride.) Shukan Gendai、Shukan Post 8/12、8/11 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
166 20000820 Chilling out on a spiritual journey around Shikoku Sunday Mainichi 8/20-27 四国お遍路人生まんだら CC(Cheryl Chow)
167 20000820 High school girls never slow to turn a new trick Shukan Post 8/18-25 「女子高生生脱ぎクラブ」危機一髪 RC(Ryann Connell)
168 20000820 Inexperienced doctors play deadly game with patients Shukan Post 8/18-25 12歳少年は若手医師のモルモットにされた GB(Geoff Botting)
169 20000820 Bizarre but true stories from behind iron bars Shukan Jitsuwa 8/24-31 刑務所の中の「不祥事」大特集 MS(Mark Schreiber)
170 20000820 Beware the sakura (Hanashi no Channel plays matchmaker, giving us the ins and outs of omiai parties.) Hanashi no Channel 9/1 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
171 20000827 You never know what's swimming in your soup Shukan Post 9/1 「食品工場」内部証言ずさんな現場 MS(Mark Schreiber)
172 20000827 Geezers prove you're never too old to turn a trick Shukan Jitsuwa 9/7 仰天!「年老いても現役」の男と女 RC(Ryann Connell)
173 20000827 Kobe rolling out the red carpet to foreign film crews Nikkei Business 8/21 日本のハリウッド目指す神戸市 GB(Geoff Botting)
174 20000827 New breed of super moms redefine maternity leave Aera 8/23 保育休暇チャッカリ活用 CC(Cheryl Chow)
175 20000827 Worry worms (Shukan Gendai lends stressed out salarymen a shoulder to cry on.) Shukan Gendai 9/2 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
176 20000903 How could you possibly fall for a loser like that? Cosmopolitan 9/20 なぜハマる?魅力的な「ダメ男」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
177 20000903 Gutless grooms getting dumped at the altar Spa! 9/6 「結婚ドタキャン女」、被害者急増中その決断の瞬間 RC(Ryann Connell)
178 20000903 The things barking-mad dog lovers do for their pooches Aera 9/4 今どきの都会の犬のいる生活 RC(Ryann Connell)
179 20000903 Why are female tourists perving on our strippers? Shukan Shincho 8/31 中国人女性観光客が「占領」歌舞伎町ストリップのかぶりつき MS(Mark Schreiber)
180 20000903 Bugged by Big Brother (Shukan Hoseki taps into the new eavesdropping law and is left hearing static on our human rights.) Shukan Hoseki 9/7 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
181 20000910 I'm disabled, but that doesn't mean my willy is paralyzed! Shukan Hoseki 9/14 「誰も語らなかった身体障害のSEX」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
182 20000910 Aggro animals in Kansai a real pain in the rear Shukan Gendai 9/16 関西全域「アニマル・パニック」何が起きた! RC(Ryann Connell)
183 20000910 Parents coughing up the cash for kids' crimes Shukan Post 9/15 親が支払う「子供の犯罪」賠償金の“算定基準” RC(Ryann Connell)
184 20000910 Stress taking its toll on city slickers' longevity Sunday Mainichi 8/31 寿命が短くなる!?東京人は早く死ぬ... MS(Mark Schreiber)
185 20000910 Mean streets (Pauper on the run finds life on the other side of the tracks full of soul searching before being saved from the clutches of hell.) Uramono Japan September - MH(Michael Hoffman)
186 20000917 Accused faces lashing in Malaysia rape case Shukan Shincho 9/14 マレーシア発日本人ビジネスマン現地女性「凌辱」で禁固ムチ打ち刑 MS(Mark Schreiber)
187 20000917 Lesbian bars spread the carpet for curious men Shukan Hoseki 9/28 男も楽しめる「レズバー」の〝異種官能世界"に浸る RC(Ryann Connell)
188 20000917 A punter's guide to avoiding rip-off red-light joints Shukan Jitsuwa 9/21 入ってはいけない店11の法則 GB(Geoff Botting)
189 20000917 Restaurants' dirty secrets crawling to a table near you Josei Seven 9/21 客にはいえないゾッとする厨房の裏側 CC(Cheryl Chow)
190 20000917 Curdled (Snow Brand employees pour out their hearts after tainted-milk scandal made their summer hotter than hell.) Aera 9/18 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
191 20000924 Women secretly yearn for hubby like 'dear' old dad Shukan Shincho 9/21 なかなか結婚しない女,すぐ結婚する女 MH(Michael Hoffman)
192 20000924 Former enjo-kosai gals hark back to good ol' lays Spa! 9/27 援交女子高生の5年後 RC(Ryann Connell)
193 20000924 Foreign intelligence agencies spy land of rising opportunity Shukan Taishu 10/2 ニッポンを狙う外国スパイ GB(Geoff Botting)
194 20000924 ‘Mr. Tool' makes a splash with latest pleasure probe Hanashi no Channel 10/6 「射精するオモチャ」開発者の素顔 CC(Cheryl Chow)
195 20000924 Bed & Bored (Surveys among married couples reveal a state of the union that leaves something to be undesired.) Sunday Mainichi 10/1 - MS(Mark Schreiber)
196 20001001 Olympic aftermath leaves Nagano out in the cold Shukan Kinyobi 9/22 ボロボロにされた長野五輪から大阪のみなさんへ五輪招致なんか、やめときや MS(Mark Schreiber)
197 20001001 Famers find stiff dose of VVVVVV rices to occasion Shukan Shincho 9/28 バイアグラを米の肥料にした「効果は」 RC(Ryann Connell)
198 20001001 Nagoya floods still getting right up residents' noses Focus 10/4 東海豪雨2週間後のいまもつづく悪臭・渋滞・ゴミの山 GB(Geoff Botting)
199 20001001 Heart-broken ladies get to grips with satisfaction Shukan Jitsuwa 10/5 人生を変えて「私の失恋SEX」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
200 20001001 Juvenile outlaws (Murders, beatings, hijacks. Adult crimes carried out by kids. Aera takes a look at past culprits and a system trying to catch up with the times.) Aera 9/25 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
201 20001008 Ooh la la! Frisky Frenchy's frolics freak frigid frumps Shukan Bunshun 10/12 基本料金百万円SEXセミナーを主宰する謎のフランス人 MS(Mark Schreiber)
202 20001008 Cocky club craves really revolting roaches Da Capo 10/18 全国ゴキブリ飼育者連盟 RC(Ryann Connell)
203 20001008 Hard-up gals find red-light business not so easy to crack Shukan Taishu 10/16 これがフーゾク嬢の採用面接だ! GB(Geoff Botting)
204 20001008 Lax lasses' loony liaisons leave loopy lingo legacy Spa! 10/11 OL & ギャル現代新語の基礎知識 CC(Cheryl Chow)
205 20001008 On different wavelengths (Relations between men and women are often a far cry from an idyllic garden of Eden. The reason? It's all in the genes - and sometimes in the jeans.) Shukan Shincho 10/5 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
206 20001015 Latest female incarnations giving public the creeps Shukan Taishu 10/23 街にはびこる「自己虫」オンナ族とんでもない生態 MS(Mark Schreiber)
207 20001015 90-yr-old writing master baits punters with erotica Shukan Shincho 10/19 エロティシズムを追求した「90歳作家」の性小説 RC(Ryann Connell)
208 20001015 Oils no longer willing to take sex harassment lying down Shukan Post 10/20 社内のセクハラここまでなら許してあげる GB(Geoff Botting)
209 20001015 Trampled-on salaryman finally steps out a winner Sunday Mainichi 10/12 福祉化を拒否したサラリーマンの闘争33年 CC(Cheryl Chow)
210 20001015 Star burst (Manly image of TV megastar takes a bashing as dynamite hostess reveals how potentially explosive relationship fizzled) Shukan Post 10/20 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
211 20001022 Olympic athletes racing to a premature death Flash 10/31 「五輪選手は早死する」君原健一氏が衝撃発言! MS(Mark Schreiber)
212 20001022 Arrogant young punks infuriate older generation Sunday Mainichi 10/29 目の前の「ボージャック」君たち GB(Geoff Botting)
213 20001022 Regular health check-up soothes stiff old men Shukan Post 10/27 これが「40歳以上限定ヘルス」の癒しテクだ RC(Ryann Connell)
214 20001022 Guys getting off on women's college exchange courses Yomiuri Weekly 10/29 「女子大で学ぶ男ってちょっとヘン?」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
215 20001022 Meet Mr. Margaret (Dressed to the nines and with purses packed with cash, drag queens are crashing out of locked closets.) Friday 10/23 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
216 20001029 Blonde hostesses keep titillating the cash register Shukan Post 11/3 「金髪フーゾク」は今夜も大盛況だった MS(Mark Schreiber)
217 20001029 Soaplands scrub away threat of sex diseases Sunday Mainichi 10/29 吉原ソープで初の性感染症事態調査 RC(Ryann Connell)
218 20001029 Traditional housewives going the way of the dodo Yomiuri Weekly 11/5 「女王様」妻にかしずく召し使い夫 GB(Geoff Botting)
219 20001029 Salaryman's spouses hum to the retirement blues Sunday Mainichi 11/5 「死ぬまで外で働いていろ!!」"定年後"残酷物語 CC(Cheryl Chow)
220 20001029 The right to vote (Giving foreigners a say has the nation talking in divided tongues) Shukan Bunshun 10/26 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
221 20001105 ‘Pink samurai' stand tall despite sagging sex drive Shukan Taishu 11/13 調査報告日本人のSEX回数は世界最下位本当か MS(Mark Schreiber)
222 20001105 Uni babes pour hearts out over coffee-milk attacks Flash 11/7-14 早大構内で連発!コーヒー牛乳「美女ぶっかけ」事件 RC(Ryann Connell)
223 20001105 Ambitious amusement parks turn into ghost towns Shukan Asahi 11/10 テーマパーク甘すぎた夢の代償 GB(Geoff Botting)
224 20001105 New Chinese drug 'Yaotou' set to get heads spinning Yomiuri Weekly 11/12 恐怖「ピンクの錠剤」日本上陸中国系マフィアが忘我のパーティー MS(Mark Schreiber)
225 20001105 Chat club craze (It revolution has eager addicts desperately clicking onto computer sex) Tokudane 11/24 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
226 20001112 Loose lips, hands on hips, earn offenders pink slips Sunday Mainichi 11/13 男たちに警告!H言葉で即処分 MS(Mark Schreiber)
227 20001112 Men stiffed after VVVVVV wine pulled from shelves Shukan Post 11/17 「勃起酒はどこだ」の大騒動 RC(Ryann Connell)
228 20001112 Peeping Toms tumble from the pillars of high society Yomiuri Weekly 11/19 あなたは覗かれている なぜ中年は非行に走るのか? GB(Geoff Botting)
229 20001112 From filth to flesh, female fetishes go beyond fantasy Spa! 11/8 「探究!」深淵なる「女のフェチ世界」 CC(Cheryl Chow)
230 20001112 Pleasure zone (Da capo puts the spotlight on the colorful history of ever-changing Kabukicho.) Da Capo 11/15 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
231 20001119 Ex-cons yearn for return to home, sweet slammer Shukan Taishu 11/27 「刑務所に行きたがる犯罪者」急増中 MS(Mark Schreiber)
232 20001119 Phallic-shaped onsens inspire fertile fantasyland Shukan Taishu 11/27 全国性を祭る温泉厳選 RC(Ryann Connell)
233 20001119 IT revolution bastardizing the Japanese language Sunday Mainichi 11/26 日本語大崩壊 GB(Geoff Botting)
234 20001119 Starlets anything but angels when raising their kids Shukan Jitsuwa 11/23 家政婦が暴露する芸能人の子育て放棄 CC(Cheryl Chow)
235 20001119 Digging up the mud (The dirtied hands of a famed archeologist have left question marks hanging over the nation's history) Aera, Shukan Shinco, Shukan Gendai 11/20, 11/16, 11/25 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
236 20001126 UNI-QLO slips on best product of the year tag Nikkei Trendy December 「2000年ヒット商品ベスト30」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
237 20001126 Voodoo cursing dolls vanish like black magic Shukan Shincho 11/30 藁人形からブードゥー教グッズまで「呪いブーム」恐怖 RC(Ryann Connell)
238 20001126 Pink ad cards paint different picture from region to region Shukan Jitsuwa 11/30 ピンクチラシが語るお国柄エッチ度大競艶 GB(Geoff Botting)
239 20001126 Transgenderism teacher well-suited to the role Shukan Josei 11/30 順子先生は性の越境者 CC(Cheryl Chow)
240 20001126 What makes the man? (Independence? Strength? Flair? Whatever, top guys are as hard to define as find) Da Capo 12/6 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
241 20001203 Flesh-flashing newspapers infuriate lady commuters Aera 12/4 電車でエッチページやめられない論理 MS(Mark Schreiber)
242 20001203 Meathead magistrates guilty of courting contempt Shukan Asahi 12/8 非常識裁判官こんなにいる RC(Ryann Connell)
243 20001203 Sumo world fails to get a grip on sagging popularity Shukan Jitsuwa 12/7 九州場所「満員御礼ナシ」でも執行部に危機感ゼロ GB(Geoff Botting)
244 20001203 Investors net big bucks with Japanese domain names Shukan Asahi 12/8 インターネットの日本語「住所」登録の空騒ぎ CC(Cheryl Chow)
245 20001203 IT giant? Yeah, right (Gov't cyber superpower dreams are on the brink of apocalypse) Spa! 11/29 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
246 20001210 Cunning salesmen tricking kids to get foot in the door Yomiuri Weekly 12/17 小3怪電話は教材の訪問販売 MS(Mark Schreiber)
247 20001210 More gals challenge male preserve of promiscuity Spa! 12/6 女たちが宣うSFの条件 RC(Ryann Connell)
248 20001210 Smorgasbords reminiscent of pigs scoffing at a trough Aera 12/11 私は食べ放題がキライだ GB(Geoff Botting)
249 20001210 Roppongi; Midnight garden of good and evil Shukan Bunshun 12/7 六本木外国人向け「情報誌」の「アンダーワールド」な中身 CC(Cheryl Chow)
250 20001210 Silver sheets (Lonely seniors are warming to matchmaking parties - at a hefty price) Uramono Japan January - MH(Michael Hoffman)
251 20001217 Compulsive young gals diving into a sea of debt Spa! 12/13 20代OLたちの過激な借金事情 CC(Cheryl Chow)
252 20001217 Fiery boutique owner gets a real dressing down Shukan Shincho 12/21 ひやかし客を土下座させ買わせたブティック店長 RC(Ryann Connell)
253 20001217 Ladies still digging deep to pocket brand-new bags Yomiuri Weekly 12/24 ヴィトン持てばオシャレ有名ブランド好きは日本女性だけ GB(Geoff Botting)
254 20001217 Tryst with schoolboy moves lass directly to jail Asahi Geino 12/21 「中学生ホスト淫行食い」女性22歳の下半身評判 MS(Mark Schreiber)
255 20001217 The sperm & the egg (Sperm banks are taking the strain out of pregnancy, but can't help much with child rearing.) Aera 12/11 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
256 20001224 White elephants continue to bleed nation's taxpayers Weekly Playboy 12/26-31 本当にいらない公共事業はこれだ! MS(Mark Schreiber)
257 20001224 Flight attendants fed up flying the agro skies Shukan Taishu 12/25 スチュワーデスを泣かせる「ワル客」機内騒然トラブル実例集 RC(Ryann Connell)
258 20001224 3-year-old starved to death tip of child abuse iceberg Shukan Asahi 12/29 親が虐待に走る理由 GB(Geoff Botting)
259 20001224 Too much boob tube turns toddlers into tardy talkers Shukan Hoseki 12/28 3歳まで見せるな!テレビ漬け幼児の「言葉遅れ」急増! CC(Cheryl Chow)
260 20001224 IT love: Gals on top (Women are making all the moves in the information age. Can the guys keep up?) Hanashi no Channel 1/4 - MH(Michael Hoffman)
261 20001231 Revelers to bring in the new year with a bang Dime 12/21 21世紀カウントダウンイベント15選 MS(Mark Schreiber)
262 20001231 Millennium marriage boom bursts into divorce Spa! 12/20 「ミレニアム結婚~離婚」カップル、後悔だらけの新婚生活 RC(Ryann Connell)
263 20001231 Beware party goers: 'Tis the season of sudden death Shukan Taishu 1/8-15 男の突然死を防ぐ GB(Geoff Botting)
264 20001231 100 prescriptions to put a smile on gloomy Japan Aera 1/1-8 幸福の処方箋 CC(Cheryl Chow)
265 20001231 The year that was (Last of the old? First of the new? A little good, a lot bad. It was that sort of year.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)




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