I also added some more HQs from the Christian Dior fashion show...

I added HQs from their other recent photocall at the Athenee Plaza in Paris.
私は、パリにAthenee Plazaで彼らの他の最近のカメラマンとの会見からHQを加えました。

(We love our french friends...)

"Hey everybody! We're back in business...Here are some details from the past couple of days - a countdown of sorts to the big fashion fun...
「おい、皆さん!我々は、ビジネスに戻っています...過去の二日間からの若干の詳細は、ここにあります - 大きいファッション楽しみにお粗末な秒読み...
After so much travel, we've been pretty exhausted. Mary-Kate spent a day in our awesome hotel just enjoying a little R&R. Ashley, however, was willing to fight the need for sleep to check out the Paris flea market. But she got sidetracked (if you really want to call it that) by a divine three-hour lunch with Christian Louboutin. Then we both just took it easy because we knew the next day was going to be huge...

...And it was.

We ended up having a 6:30 AM wake-up call. Nobody's ever pleased about those, but we managed, of course. Our round of interviews started at 9 AM, and we worked until 1 PM. After a little break, we had another exciting Meet & Greet with our incredible fans and Dream Up winners.
我々は、結局午前6時30分のモーニングコールを持つことになりました。誰もそれらに決して喜びません、しかし、もちろん、我々はなんとかしました。インタビューの我々の回は午前9時から始まりました、そして、我々は午後1時まで働きました。少しのブレークの後、我々は我々の驚くべきファンとDream Up勝者ともう一つの刺激的なMeetとGreetを持ちました。

Tomorrow, we'll have all the exciting details of the fashion events we've been attending...a little Dior...and a little Balenciaga for starters.

Oh! To relax a bit during our time in Paris, we've been reading Running with Scissors. What are you guys reading? We'd love to hear your suggestions.

Also check out all the pics we've been snapping during our trip below. We hope you like 'em!

And, have you checked out our brand new shopping site? It just launched today, and we�€™re super excited about it! Take a look and click here: shopmarykateandashley.com.
そして、あなたは我々の真新しい買い物サイトをチェックアウトしましたか?ちょっと今日開始されるそれと我々� â‚それについて非常に興奮する¬¢re!見て、ここをクリックしてください:shopmarykateandashley.com。

Get your shop on!

Mary-Kate, Ashley, and friends

p.s., Help us get the word out about our blog. We want everyone to read it, since it's the first time we've ever done anything like this. And we're having such a blast doing it. Thanks!"

ANOTHER HQ photo update. Click the thumbnails to take you to the album where there are a bunch of new HQs.
ANOTHER HQ写真最新版です。あなたをたくさんの新しいHQがあるアルバムへ連れて行くために、親指の爪を鳴らしてください。

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