Vacant Ark


448 :442:2012/04/19(木) 22:27:58.34 ID:B1ocvHPyO
未解決一覧から VACANT ARK

449 :VACANT ARK:2012/04/19(木) 22:30:07.38 ID:B1ocvHPyO
Forbidden Log No.173

From the report of the fifth resource investigation committee.

A large-scale armed clash with "Dragon" was generated at time 2315.

We managed to defeat it to them.

As a result, we became the wars with them.

450 :VACANT ARK:2012/04/19(木) 22:31:12.97 ID:B1ocvHPyO
Forbidden Log No.1326

From a certain researcher's note

I also have the pang of conscience.

Even though the war is prolonged.

Even though she did not participate in directly combat.

"what did she see in the deep dark?" I thought.

Her eyes has not projected anything any longer.

Even now, her eyes are vacant...

451 :VACANT ARK:2012/04/19(木) 22:32:14.84 ID:B1ocvHPyO
Forbidden Log No.584


The 19th resource investigation committee.

It was identified as "V・A" which means "Vehicle of Ancestors" by us.

As a result, the decisive battle armes development of the dragon great war and the solution of the food resource problem are expected.

The ecosystem pollution of the high degree to which the nanomachine is assumed to be a cause is observed in the sea area around "V・A", and it is expanding now.

Chimera which was made from cell of the creature of sea around "V・A" is supposed to investigate there in the future.

452 :442:2012/04/19(木) 22:38:25.28 ID:B1ocvHPyO

458 :442:2012/04/22(日) 08:27:54.85 ID:0J4erri/O
>>450の Even though の訳

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