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Education, Osaka-style: Sneaky love hotel sets up shop next to school,%20Osaka-style%7C_%20Sneaky%20love%20hotel%20sets%20up%20shop%20next%20to%20school%20-%20Main.pdf
Rival geek schools let off steam at Akiba's new trainspotter paradise
Sourpuss thespian Sawajiri snared in Doppelgang bang scandal
Tabloid Tidbits: Tokyo bureaucrats clamp down hard on nipples, other racy photo spreads,%20other%20racy%20photo%20spreads.pdf


Depraved deri-heru delights for ringing in the year with a bawdy bang
It might take two to tango, but only one to Tenga,%20but%20only%20one%20to%20Tenga%20-%20Mainichi%20Daily%20News.pdf
Little Pebbles cultists smother on the yoghurt in bizarre 'bam bam' ritual
Our Gang comedy: yakuza toughs take in Kyoto's ancient traditions
Abe's election nightmare blamed on putting pampered pooch ahead of public
Nude news: Driving your tax money further
'Rubik's Cube sex' peddled as latest cure for Japan's bedroom bashfuls
'Jaws' ready to bite into top dog's hot dog crown
Rice queen dethroned after going against the grain once too often
Sexaholics anonymous groupies let it all hang out
Dirty attempts to lower real estate values leave neighborhoods crying foul
Japan's biggest male porno star finds his career going flaccid
Japan's schoolyard bullies go high-tech, teachers left eating virtual dust,%20teachers%20left%20eating%20virtual%20dust.pdf
Korean otaku turn aprons up at 'moe' warm, fuzzy feelings,%20fuzzy%20feelings.pdf
Osaka panchira bar offering barfly fishing for skirt reeling in the punters
Overpaid, underachieving Osaka cops scoop 'Japan's worst police force' title,%20underachieving%20Osaka%20cops%20scoop%20%7C4Japan%7C4s%20worst%20police%20force%7C4%20title.pdf
Iconic gay magazine has revolving door installed in financial closet
McRefugees feast on 100-yen sleepover sets
Old dog picks up new trick
OLs reveal their latest tactics for the workplace 'encounter'
Stressed teachers indulging their wild sides with coworkers, parents -- and students,%20parents%20--%20and%20.pdf
Trio of handicapped toughs strut their stuff in Shinjuku
Original 'Hard Gay' Ken Togo speaks on politics, freedom, and holding cocks,%20freedom,%20and%20holding%20cocks.pdf
Punk priestess grinds out grudge to attract lost souls to Tabby Temple
Stripper's blazing performance makes fans shout 'fire' in a crowded theater|4s%20blazing%20performance%20makes%20fans%20shout%20|4fire|4%20in%20a%20crowded%20theater.pdf
Sumo has bigger problems than bribery to worry about
Why Japanese guys don't give head -- here's the 'science'!!.pdf
I'm gumming! Hillbilly hookers redefine pillow talk!%20Hillbilly%20hookers%20redefine%20pillow%20talk.pdf
Magazine derails over women only carriages being used as make-up rooms
Millions eager to star in Japan's filthiest home videos|4s%20filthiest%20home%20videos.pdf
Shiga Prefecture's schoolgirls boast of skimpiest skirts in Japan
Sinking starlets see nothing wrong in stripping to save career


Crackdown on sex industry drives STDs through the roof
Four lusty lasses share the trials of a life without climax
Oxygen bars breathe new life into jaded Japanese
Beauty queen-turned-scalpel jockey says ugly women should 'choose to be beautiful'|4choose%20to%20be%20beau.pdf
Japanese husbands whine as neglected Chinese brides do a runner
A strange and spooky evening in Kyoto
Japan's cuisine reaches sublime heights and squid-flavored chocolate lows
Police zoom in on business daily shutterbug over teen porn queen focus


Foreigners breathe new life into Japanese funeral business
More handbags abuzz to good vibrations
Value of US base land in Japan enough to buy all of New York City
Expert uses breast size to shape body character analysis
Jumpy Japan takes cover from air gun scare
Capsule hotels move up-market with 'VIP rooms'
Dog 'preservation' group coordinates cruel canine clashes
Flea markets sink into lawless sleaze pits
Gal geeks jump aboard 'hip to be square' boom
Japan's biggest all-boy band tipped to go it alone
Naughty schoolgirls graduate from compensated dating to contracted lovers
Stranger spends days watching porn with corpse of young victim
A golden stitch in time saves nine years of aging
Japan gets ticketed for trafficking in Thai teens
Magazine plants seed of doubt over health myth
Poolside perverts with X-ray eyes swim against tide of public decency
Experts claim quake caution should be thrown to the dogs
Men forced to toe the line to feisty females' fancy footwork
Foreign pink ladies counter political frictions with 'rabu-rabu' diplomacy
Gender confused get ticket to ride in women's only carriages
S&M hypnosis therapy serves up soothing sadism
Cult leader rapes little girls under Christian cloak
Japan messes up with potty training
No cracks in stiff new sex business laws
Over-exposed private porn poses give grief to girls-next-door
Soapland city struggling to scrub image squeaky clean
Bakademy Awards -- Booby prizes for stupid smut
Disneyland takes the Mickey out of grumpy workers
Peed-in panties don't always turn to gold
Cowardly cops look on as gangsters pummel student to death
Dinosaurs reared in freaky flesh flicks


From Bangkoking backpackers to L.A. lays, callgirls Japan's latest sexport,%20callgirls%20Japan%7C4s%20latest%20sexport.pdf
Reality TV catches fingers in honey pot
Desperate women use pumpkins to aid childbirth
People's Republic gets to peek-in at Nipponese nudity
Chest challenged chicks ring in bigger breasts
Fiery foxes spend summer banging on the sly
Sex Volunteer Corps kindly share expertise with desperate virgins
Whore stories to make even a geisha blush
Depraved damsels dote on those desiring decadent delights
Elite educator pinched over penchant for pubescent prostitutes
Sexually active schoolgirls say one swallow doesn't make a summe
Tokyo governor gets hard on world's oldest professionals
Couples reckon diddling together better than sex
Sex scandal brings gob-smacked shrine to its knees
Satanic sex crime explodes among society's big guns
Cops look into rough sex death story with eyes wide shut
Threat of women's pee no piddling problem for humanity
When she's good she's good, but when she's bad, things get ugly,%20but%20when%20she%7C4s%20bad,%20things%20get%20ugly.pdf
Modern-day samurai come to blows with blow-up weapons
The kabuki actor, his politician wife, the rock star and their geisha,%20his%20politician%20wife,%20the%20rock%20star%20and%20their%20geisha.pdf
Japan's jump on weighty problem does fat lot of good for economy
Rock'n rolling aboard Tokyo's infamous orgy bus


Closet gays stiffed with cock-and-bull stories
Sweet-smelling cigarettes, for a beautiful, healthy life,%20for%20a%20beautiful,%20healthy%20life.pdf
Lecherous lecturers take feel trip with Japanese students
Struggling restaurant adds tasty housewives to the take-out menu
S&M comes out of the water closet
Amateur Hookers Need To Learn A Few Tricks Of The Trade
Frisky females fancy fornicating frills, but forget the facials,%20but%20forget%20the%20facials.pdf
Bald hunters grab customers by short & curlies|0%20curlies.pdf
Bold teen babes flash full body flesh for the porn print pic
Female sexuality evolving so fast, guys can't keep it up,%20guys%20can%7C4t%20keep%20it%20up.pdf
Sacrificial virgins open new channel on interactive TV
A tit a day keeps the pain away
Big, bold butter dogs lap up porno stud roles,%20bold%20butter%20dogs%20lap%20up%20porno%20stud%20roles.pdf
Roll up for the Marijuana Mystery Tour
'Erotic sushi' bar serves up tantalizing treats
'Free sex for all applicants'
Raunchy photos slip through dirty hands into Net trap


New technology sends Japanese porn biz reeling ass over tit
Breasts bare a bird's true character
From kamikaze to hara-kiri, Japanese just can't stop topping themselves,%20Japanese%20just%20can%7C4t%20stop%20topping%20themselves.pdf
Sex, lies and alibis,%20lies%20and%20alibis.pdf
Hair dyes leaving nasty stains on human hormones
Sexual theme parks offer wild and raunchy rides
Fat ass dolls --just like the girl next door
Japan jerking off over pseudo pedo-porno
Game over for arcade geek
Wheelchair-bound granny turns it on for 300 yen a pop


Worshippers flock to shrines to ward off stalkers, affairs,%20affairs.pdf




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