Ex-stewardesses offer new type of hospitality service

The story below is originally published on Mainichi Daily News by Mainichi Shinbun (http://mdn.mainichi.jp).
They admitted inventing its kinky features, or rather deliberately mistranslating them from the original gossip magazine.
In fact, this is far from the general Japanese' behavior or sense of worth.
※ この和訳はあくまでもボランティアの方々による一例であり、翻訳の正確さについては各自判断してください。

"Ex-stewardesses offer new type of hospitality service"

Everyone wants to date female flight attendants or nurses, according to Shukan Shincho (5/31). And now you can.

The posh Okura Hotel in Tokyo is offering a Royal Dream Stay Plan where former international female flight attendants will check in, dine together and go on strolls with customers, who can also take their escorts outside for an additional sum on top of the basic 117,000 yen charge per night.

But there's a twist.

"We are not sending out call girls and some may mistakenly believe we're a shifty matchmaking club. We are not offering any sort of dirty service," Kumiko Wakabayashi, president of the company that arranged the plan, tells Shukan Shincho. "Only people over 65 can partake of the service. We think it's ideal for people weakened by their age and are worried about going out alone. We hope to provide care that will put families at ease. We want people who were once active to be able to go out and see the world again. We decided to use former flight attendants to provide care because they're first class when it comes to coming up with something to talk about or entertain."

Shukan Shincho notes that the basic plan sees the flight attendant escort a guest from their 2 p.m. check-in until 9 p.m., then once again the following morning from nine till noon.

"We can look after the wheelchair-bound, too," Wakabayashi says. "Of our 14 staff, nine have government care worker qualifications."

Shukan Shincho notes that flight attendants will not be sent out to those who apply simply because they're lonely. But with the beautiful bevy of women out there to serve the guests, aren't they worried about coming across some randy old men, Shukan Shincho asks.

"As soon as we do, the service is immediately cancelled," one of the flight attendants says. "Or, I'll deal with it. I always had to cope with that sort of stuff on the planes, so I know what to do."

May 26, 2001


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