No chat about farting or fat,we are ladies after all


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They admitted inventing its kinky features, or rather deliberately mistranslating them from the original gossip magazine.
In fact, this is far from the general Japanese' behavior or sense of worth.
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"No chat about farting or fat,we are ladies after all"

Ever wondered what all those groups of uniformed young office ladies are talking about when they're walking around the streets of Japan? Probably a fairly limited scope of conversation if Spa! (12/12) is anything to go by. Just as one guy could never tell another feller the zipper on his trousers is undone for fear of being asked why he was looking there in the first place, so, too are a variety of topics absolutely taboo when 20-something women get together.

Physiques are always a worry for women, even supermodels, so any touching on this topic has to be very light,indeed.

"It's no good to go up to a girl and say, 'Boy, haven't you got fat!' " a 25-year-old woman says. "Instead, you make it something positive and say stuff like, 'Wow, haven't your boobs grown.' "

Comparisons with celebrities also require care.
"It's fine to say a woman looks like somebody famous if you're going to compare her to an actress," a 20-yearold part-time worker tells Spa! "But don't even mention it if she looks like an ugly comedienne."

Even praise is riddled with pitfalls. "After commending one girl for having wonderfully large breasts, I later saw that all her size came from massively overgrown nipples. After that, I learned never to talk about breasts with any woman again," says a 27-year-old.

Appearances can also be fatal when it comes to maintaining relationships.
"It's fine to tell a girlfriend that she's got some food left around her mouth, but I'd never dream of letting her know she had a booger hanging out of her nose," a 25-year-old female says.

One 24-year-old woman relates that discussions about scents can leave a relationship smelling bad. "Body odors should never, ever be talked about," she says. Another woman of the same age retells how it's no gas to bring up gas. "When I asked if anybody had noticed if the place we were in smelt like somebody had just farted, the place went deathly quiet," she tells Spa!

Silence is also the watchword when it comes to talking about some aspects of sex.
"No matter what the truth may be, it's accepted among all the girls I know that women never masturbate," a21-year-old says.

Matters below the belt can often turn out to be quite hairy.While one 22-year-old says that among her female friends it's "OK to talk about underarm hair, but not about pubic hair," another woman six years her senior tells Spa! that her group finds it "acceptable to mention pubic hair, but never the hair on your butt."

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