These are the reproduction of articles originally published on Mainichi Daily News' "WaiWai" section. Almost all of the articles were nothing but trumped-up stories.
Please DO NOT believe them!
Were these stories real? No Japanese readers would believe them.
Some immoral writers made up the story, taking from dubious "news" from tabloids and gossip magazines.
However, some readers unfortunately believed the articles.
There's no wonder--these stories were published by the Mainichi Newspapers, one of the Japanese major "quality" papers.
The writers and Mainichi seem to understand very well that fiction is stronger than reality
--at least for readers with little experience with Japan.
Don't believe Mainichi, never!
PLEASE WATCH MOVIE BELOW, it helps you to understand background of these problem.

番号 掲載年月日 表題(英語) 引用雑誌名 引用雑誌号数 表題(日本語) 署名(イニシャル)
1 19970105 Married women revel in extramarital sex Shukan Bunshun 1/2-9 本紙記者が体験した人妻たちの「奔放な性」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
2 19970105 Churned sake: A gift to drunken drinkers…or a myth Shukan Bunshun 12/26 嘘か真か?超音波を利用した「二日酔いしない」酒 TI(Takeshi Ito)
3 19970105 Is happiness nothing more than a good set of genes? Shukan Asahi 12/27 ここまでわかった「幸・不幸」を決める遺伝子 TI(Takeshi Ito)
4 19970105 Veteran MPD detective recalls career in bestseller Friday 1/14 刑事生活を語って「本」も「人」も話題に MS(Mark Schreiber)
5 19970105 Sayonara Japan?(Has Japan been over-run by foreigners? Maybe not completely, but Sapio sets out to show that this country is certainly not as Japanese as it used to be. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
6 19970112 Seeking refuge in the corners of society Da Capo 1/15 人は、電車や店でなぜ、隅の席に座りたがるのか MS(Mark Schreiber)
7 19970112 Tormented adults still crying on mom's shoulder Aera 1/13 背後にチラつく母親の影 TI(Takeshi Ito)
8 19970112 How to pick a woman by the bag she carries Shukan Hoseki 1/16-23 OLが持ち歩くブランド紙袋で女心がわかる! TI(Takeshi Ito)
9 19970112 Cut-throat competition shaking up business world Shukan Yomiuri 1/19 ことし一歩差をつける会社 MS(Mark Schreiber)
10 19970112 My moral(The latest 'Spa! generation' is doing things its own way by default, blazing crooked trails to the kind of happiness their parents never envisioned. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
11 19960119 Experts offer off-the-wall predictions for 1997 Shukan Gendai 1/18-25 財界の第一人者が大予測「今年はこうなる」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
12 19960119 Sex tourists in Thailand get 'licked' by the pros Asahi Geino 1/23 「毒塗り乳首」で男40人「死亡・昏睡」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
13 19960119 Hawaii catering to all types of escapist fools Spa! 1/15 ハワイ巡礼者たちの言い訳 TI(Takeshi Ito)
14 19960119 US meat imports beefing up share of local market Aera 1/20 牛肉輸入自由化五年で見えた「棲み分け」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
15 19960119 Heading to extinction(Aera warns that the nation is position to grapple with the impending economic collapse. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
16 19970126 Randy 'Hiratsuka papa' just won't age gracefully Sunday Mainichi 2/2 年金はたいて女子中高生100人にエッチした「平塚のパパ」73歳の猥褻 MS(Mark Schreiber)
17 19970126 Women race to put 'Lucky Kentucky' in their manes Sanday Mainichi 2/2 「馬用シャンプー」の意外な効果 TI(Takeshi Ito)
18 19970126 Face it, you're doomed if you have a big face! Aera 1/27 でかい顔は「死ぬっきゃない」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
19 19970126 Spilled water ignites passenger on CAL flight Shukan Jitsuwa 1/30 スチュワーデスを機内で2時間いびった日本人女性客の悪質 MS(Mark Schreiber)
20 19970126 Proud as punch(Who says the nation's heading for extinction? Sapio counters that there's plenty of things to be up beat about. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
21 19970202 The changing colors of Kabuki-cho's nightlife Shukan Taisyu 2/10 歌舞伎町黒人急増のメカニズムを明かす! MS(Mark Schreiber)
22 19970202 Who needs a dictionary to brush their teeth? Spa! 1/29 「トンデモ辞典」爆笑コレクション TI(Takeshi Ito)
23 19970202 Warning: Some regions are bad for your marriage! Shukan Bunshun 1/30 神奈川、千葉、奈良は不倫の都 TI(Takeshi Ito)
24 19970202 Cellular phones a handy tool for clever criminals Shukan Jitsuwa 2/6 携帯電話が引き起こす新犯罪 MS(Mark Schreiber)
25 19970202 What security?(Spa! Tells company employees heading overseas that if trouble knocks, don't reach for the manual. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
26 19970216 Raunchy red underwear the key to finding lost youth Sunday Mainichi 2/16 革命的「若返り」術誌上初公開 MH(Michael Hoffman)
27 19970216 Wanted: Bikini-clad high school girl on a skateboard Shukan Asahi 2/14 「女の子の仕出しはいかが?」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
28 19970216 Mahjong helping truant students get back on track Asahi Geino 2/20 「麻雀」で登校拒否中学生9人が立ち直った TI(Takeshi Ito)
29 19970216 Forget reform, cramming still a necessary evil Aera 2/10 中学受験戦争は小1から始まる MH(Michael Hoffman)
30 19970216 Human tidal wave(Rusted ships heading to Japan packed with Chinese seeking to work here illegally is causing concern. With huge profits at stake from this trafficking in human misery, Chinese 'Snake-Head' groups are becoming increasingly bolder by the wee - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
31 19970223 Kidnapped Japanese training N.Korean spies? Shukan Asahi 2/28 北朝鮮少女拉致報道ミステリーの内幕 MS(Mark Schreiber)
32 Darling, I don't mind if you go out with other men Spa! 2/19 「神田正輝」な男の生き方 TI(Takeshi Ito)
33 19970223 Pregnant brand lovers turn to prestigious clinics Shukan Bunshun 2/20 お受験するよりすごい!?コマダムたちが憧れる「ブランド出産」とは TI(Takeshi Ito)
34 19970223 Marketing to young-at-heart baby boomers not easy Shukan Diamond 2/22 新団塊世代50歳突入でマーケット争奪戦の暗中模索 MS(Mark Schreiber)
35 19970223 Neat Neanderthals(From best sellers to instant noodles, Dime celebrates a Neanderthal boom. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
36 19970302 Dealing with neighbors can be a prickly affair Sunday Mainichi 3/9 「お隣さん」との交際術大全 MS(Mark Schreiber)
37 19970302 Hot-headed rage junkies ain't gonna take it no more Spa! 2/26 闇に潜む「怒髪ジャンキー」にご用心! TI(Takeshi Ito)
38 19970302 Face it you womanizers, plastic surgery pays off Bart 3/10 整形男たちの収支決算 TI(Takeshi Ito)
39 19970302 Retire gracefully to the Philippines with a gold card Aera 3/3 フィリピンが目指す退職者天国 MS(Mark Schreiber)
40 19970302 I'm lonely, page me(Da Capo analyzes friendship in the '90: Friend-wanted-ad friendship, study-group friendship, 'print-club' friendship…Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
41 19970316 Unwitting couples copulate over corpse in love hotel Shukan Jitsuwa 3/20 ベッドの下の死体に気づかずSEXした12組のカップルの仰天 MS(Mark Schreiber)
42 19970316 Perverts can't stop poking around the Saikyo Line Shukan Yomiuri 3/16 「痴漢電車」埼京線はスゴイーぞ! TI(Takeshi Ito)
43 19970316 Privacy snatchers prove you can run, but you can't hide Spa! 3/12 プライバシイ流出の「ナホトカ状態」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
44 19970316 Wacky TV show inspires boom of inept travelers Shukan Playboy 3/25 猿岩石的「冒険旅行」の危険な落とし穴 MS(Mark Schreiber)
45 19970316 Get out of my life!(Be it over cutting butter, children's education or losing face in front of the family, Shukan Bunshun informs us that more couples are choosing divorce as a means to settle disputes. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
46 19970323 Railways find spitting craze hard to swallow Shukan Hoseki 3/27 街で見かけるつば吐きサラリーマン急増の謎! MS(Mark Schreiber)
47 19970323 Mysterious illness forcing residents to flee Tokyo suburb Shukan Asahi 3/21 「疎開者」も出た謎の東京「杉並病」の恐怖 TI(Takeshi Ito)
48 19970323 Single women falling for romantic married men Spa! 3/19 女たちと現代版「光源氏オヤジ」のあやしい関係 TI(Takeshi Ito)
49 19970323 In this day and age, who can afford to retire? Shukan Jitsuwa 3/27 年金、医療費 あなたの老後はこんなに悲惨 MS(Mark Schreiber)
50 19970323 Nuclear nonsense(After the recent Donen debacle, Weekly Playboy Asks if the nuclear energy experts really know what they're doing. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
51 19970330 Fly-by-night outfit helps damsels in distress Shukan Jitsuwa 4/3 人妻、OLを守る「逃がせ屋」稼業 GS(Gary Schaefer)
52 19970330 Office-attendance rejection syndrome strikes the young Aera 3/31 大企業に増殖中「理由なき欠勤」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
53 19970330 New discount taxi service ain't all that it seems Flash 4/8 新登場「340円タクシー」の拾い方 TI(Takeshi Ito)
54 19970330 Old age isn't all bad if your spontaneity holds up This is Yomiuri April 老い防ぐ15の心得 MS(Mark Schreiber)
55 19970330 Rose colored glasses(Sapio sees history as the past seen through the somewhat blurred vision of the present. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
56 19970406 Honestly officer, I didn't know they were bogus Shukan Playboy 4/15 大「偽造」時代がやってきた! MS(Mark Schreiber)
57 19970406 Even 'ordinary men' can't resist those sexual urges Spa! 4/2 性犯罪者とボクたちのあやふやな「境界線」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
58 19970406 If only you knew the truth Aera 4/7 平気でウソつく人間、会社に家に「必ずいる」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
59 19970406 More to moonlighting than just an extra buck Da Capo 4/2 ダブルワーカーが増えている MS(Mark Schreiber)
60 19970406 Legal highs(Bart takes us on a journey into the unknown. A trip to a land of spiced sex, no stress and enhanced beauty. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
61 19970420 Airlines fly to new heights to attract passengers Shukan Jitsuwa 4/24 「空中サービス合戦」は結構だが、安全運航も忘れずに MS(Mark Schreiber)
62 19970420 Tokyo rolls out a ripped red carpet for wheelchair users Spa! 4/9 お遊びスポットに車イスでトツゲキ! TI(Takeshi Ito)
63 19970420 Modern 'regal' youth destined to die young Weekly Playboy 4/29 オレたちの平均寿命が41歳ってホントか!? TI(Takeshi Ito)
64 19970420 Tokyo pot bust nets Kyodo crime reporter Shukan Yomiuri 4/27 共同通信「大麻記者」が書いた幻の麻薬記 MS(Mark Schreiber)
65 19970420 ‘Ols’ on edge(Aera warns today's stressed-out young working women are too concerned about losing their job to party. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
66 199704227 Will automatic toll booths solve endless traffic jams? Shukan Playboy 5/6-13 それでも料金所渋滞はなくならない!? MS(Mark Schreiber)
67 199704227 Warning: guys: Sex on a Monday is a health hazard Shukan Taisyu 5/5 「月曜夜のSEX」で男は死にやすい! TI(Takeshi Ito)
68 199704227 I ain't going nowhere for 'Golden Week' Spa! 4/23 「旅行依存症」から脱却せよ TI(Takeshi Ito)
69 199704227 Sick Osaka hospitals need a drastic cure Shukan Jitsuwa 5/1 残酷病院まだあるぞ MS(Mark Schreiber)
70 199704227 It's not my fault(Consumption tax, industrial waste, nuclear fallout, sexual harassment…Spa! Asks who's responsible for the fiasco. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
71 19970504 21st-century yakuza turning to computers for survival Shukan Taisyu 5/12-19 ヤクザと21世紀 MS(Mark Schreiber)
72 19970504 Mom, I want a new face before school starts! Focus 4/30-5/7 母親が同伴して「中学生卒業記念の美容整形」大繁盛 TI(Takeshi Ito)
73 19970504 Vintage jean junkies stretch their own fashions Shukan Bunshun 5/1-8 ジーンズの飼育 TI(Takeshi Ito)
74 19970504 Tokyo's traps take their toll on tenderfoots Shukan Playboy 5/6-13 君の待っている東京の罠 GS(Gary Schaefer)
75 19970504 Dad's not so bad(Today's son's say's Aera, are learning to appreciate a few of their fathers' finer qualities. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
76 19970511 It's a dog's life for lonely, stressed-out pets in Tokyo Sunday Mainichi 5/11-18 飼い主のストレス、ペットに伝染る MS(Mark Schreiber)
77 19970511 Aaahhh! Go on, it's alright to release a little anger Da Vinci June 平成の寝取られ男が怒れない理由... TI(Takeshi Ito)
78 19970511 Mobile phones, trains and pacemakers: a deadly mix Weekly Playboy 5/20 「電磁波拒否権」は第2の嫌煙権になる!? TI(Takeshi Ito)
79 19970511 Road to US Major League Baseball filled with potholes Shukan Shincho 5/15 大リーグを夢見て渡米した「若者五十人」の明日なき戦い MS(Mark Schreiber)
80 19970511 Skipping out of reach(A proposed law to curb Tokyo's juvenile street sex is "epoch-making" on paper, but, asks Bart, will it work? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
81 19970518 The pink trade goes from sleazy to outright sick Uwasano Shinso June 新歌舞伎町性風俗最新情報 MS(Mark Schreiber)
82 19970518 Working women soaking stress with booze binges Aera 5/19 飲みすぎキャリア女性 TI(Takeshi Ito)
83 19970518 Grooving to the Komuro beat can take its toll Shukan Hoseki 5/22 ダンスが過激...小室サウンドで踊ると腰を痛める! TI(Takeshi Ito)
84 19970518 Go on, give your member a cut'n tuck - legally Shukan Jitsuwa 5/22 性転換手術を待つ7千人新戸籍はどうなる MS(Mark Schreiber)
85 19970518 Shopping for brains(Weekly Playboy swallows a dose of smart medicine to experience what the hype's all about. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
86 19970525 Nothing temporary about nation's temporary workers Aera 5/26 「派遣」が会社を占領する日 MS(Mark Schreiber)
87 19970525 Gay bosses leaving their mark on male subordinates Shukan Jitsuwa 5/29 上司の「ホモセクハラ」があなたに迫る TI(Takeshi Ito)
88 19970525 Life after prostitution no bottle of Chanel Spa! 5/21 援助交際世代がボクラの会社にやってきた! TI(Takeshi Ito)
89 19970525 Randy old 'Chairman' still getting it up at 80 Shukan Yomiuri 6/1 援助交際の斡旋で逮捕!80爺のヘンな生き甲斐 MS(Mark Schreiber)
90 19970525 Am I the real daddy?(Maybe not. Revolutionary DNA testing, says Shukan Hoseki, is shaking up Japanese society. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
91 19970601 Illegal 'ghost phones' spooking telephone firms Shukan Jitsuwa 6/5 電信電話会社を悩ます「幽霊携帯電話」の損害200億 MS(Mark Schreiber)
92 19970601 College instructor by day, swinging lady boy by night Spa! 5/28 「2つの顔を持つ人たち」の奇妙でパワフルな精神構造 TI(Takeshi Ito)
93 19970601 Hip NHK loosening up over taboo obscenities Shukan Hoseki 6/5 NHK開局以来、法度だった「アノ声」解禁の大英断!? TI(Takeshi Ito)
94 19970601 ‘3 Highs' low on priority list for the 'perfect' marriage Sunday Mainichi 6/8 今どきの完全なる結婚 MS(Mark Schreiber)
95 19970601 1996:Rewind(Shukan yearbook takes a few years to Beatlemania, the Harajuku Tribe and Devil's Friday. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
96 19970608 Married hookers turn nation into prostitution superpower Shukan Jitsuwa 6/12 結婚も怖くない犯罪感を持たない人妻の「売春行為」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
97 19970608 ‘Cat laundering ' taking its toll on Kansai felines Shukan Asahi 6/6 秘密倉庫まであるネコころがしの実態 TI(Takeshi Ito)
98 19970608 Inexperienced backpackers getting stripped to the bone Spa! 6/4 ボクらの「猿岩石日記」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
99 19970608 Recent spate of random assault crimes defy logic Bart 6/9 弱者が弱者を襲う「妄想型犯罪」の恐怖 MS(Mark Schreiber)
100 19970608 Modern love(Aera fears that in today's liberated world, hard-core romantics are a dying breed. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
101 19970622 Mother Nature calling on stressed cell-phone users Shukan Hoseki 6/19 サラリーマンの新・職業病 携帯電話心身症が急増している! MS(Mark Schreiber)
102 19970622 Taking the wife overseas risky business for retirees Shukan Taishu 6/30 急増中!「熟年」成田離婚の「ああ無情」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
103 19970622 Young guys show they ca turn a few tricks of their own Shukan Ascii 6/23 逆援助交際ー男の子たちの遊び方 MS(Mark Schreiber)
104 19970622 Origins of bizarre street culture mystery to all Spa! 6/18 あの「おなじみトレンド」の元祖を探せ! TI(Takeshi Ito)
105 19970622 I'm better off dead(Spa! Asks so many people are prone to suicide in the best years of their lives. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
106 19970629 Japanese women just love to read about sex Shukan Shincho 6/26 アンアンもここまでやるか 女性誌「セックス特集」の激烈 MS(Mark Schreiber)
107 19970629 Female sports reporters strike out with colleagues Shukan Hoseki 7/3 美人スポーツアナの勉強不足に批判続出 GS(Gary Schaefer)
108 19970629 Corporate Japan takes off ties, puts on baggy socks Spa! 6/25 「女子高生カルチャー」に制圧された日本に未来はあるのか GS(Gary Schaefer)
109 19970629 Is Kobe's demented killer a cop with a grudge? Shukan Gendai 7/5 「酒鬼薔薇聖斗は元警察官」情報を追え MS(Mark Schreiber)
110 19970629 Liar, liar!(How much truth can we bear? Asks Da Capo. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
111 19970706 Tree-hugging expo getting uprooted in Aichi Shukan Playboy 7/15 時代錯誤の「自己満足万博」にヒトコト言わせろ! MS(Mark Schreiber)
112 19970706 Tokyo doesn't look all that bad from the pavement Spa! 7/2 平成ホームレスたちのプチリッチな日常 GS(Gary Schaefer)
113 19970706 Traveling different roads to alternative riches Shukan Taishu 7/14 意外ビジネスの「お値段」 GS(Gary Schaefer)
114 19970706 Your 12-year-old kid may need an exorcism Sunday Mainichi 7/13 「12歳は厄年」の衝撃 MS(Mark Schreiber)
115 19970706 Snoring in the wind(Corruption, cover-ups, nuclear accident…Aera looks at how today's university students can sleep through it all. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
116 19970720 Kabuki-cho bar puts tight squeeze on male patrons Shukan Asahi 7/25 新宿歌舞伎町「暴力」バー 殺しとボッタクリのもの凄い手口 MS(Mark Schreiber)
117 19970720 Kyoto bus drivers treat you to rollercoaster death rides Shukan Jitsuwa 7/24 京都市バスの暴走運転2カ月に33人のケガ人 TI(Takeshi Ito)
118 19970720 Modern-day Spartans keep on running on Aera 7/21 走れ「ウルトラマン」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
119 19970720 Turbulent times for female flight attendants Spa! 7/16 あの憧れのスチュワーデス「残酷」物語 GS(Gary Schaefer)
120 19970720 What about the victim?(After taking a battering for carrying a photo of the alleged 'Sakakibara Seito' murderer, Shukan Shincho fights back by asking why the Juvenile Law hasn't changed with the times. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
121 19970727 Japanese gov't still clueless about crisis management Shukan Playboy 8/5 日本政府の海外邦人対策は疑問がいっぱい! MS(Mark Schreiber)
122 19970727 Might as well face it you're addicted to sex Shukan Taishu 8/4 「SEX依存症」の女性が増えている TI(Takeshi Ito)
123 19970727 For grieving pet lovers, its never just an animal Aera 7/28 「永遠の子供」へ満たされぬ愛 TI(Takeshi Ito)
124 19970727 Women drug smugglers a tough act to swallow Shukan Yomiuri 8/3 空から来る・・・“ヤク”を運ぶ女たち MS(Mark Schreiber)
125 19970727 Them and us(Da Capo probes the great divide between Japanese and foreigners. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
126 19970803 Eels slipping out of reach of consumers in Japan Shukan Hoseki 8/5 うなぎ絶滅の危機で「土用」パニック! MS(Mark Schreiber)
127 19970803 Avoid sunstroke, drink till you can drink no more Shukan Taishu 8/11 この夏「炎天下突然死」が増えている TI(Takeshi Ito)
128 19970803 Saitama pollution has residents living in horror Shukan Gendai 8/9 ダイオキシンに汚染された埼玉・所沢を往く TI(Takeshi Ito)
129 19970803 Foreign hookers up to old tricks despite clampdown Uwasano Shinso August 南米コロンビア人売春婦たちの知られざる“生態”を覗く MS(Mark Schreiber)
130 19970803 The Timid Times(Why, asks Sapio, are Japanese newspapers afraid to say anything controversial? Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
131 19970817 Typhoon of the century threatens to wreak havoc Shukan Playboy 8/12 世紀末台風ニッポン直撃の予兆 MS(Mark Schreiber)
132 19970817 ‘Big bang' women craving sex. Sex and more sex! Spa! 8/13-20 ニッポンの性を変革した「性欲ビッグバン」女たち TI(Takeshi Ito)
133 19970817 Roppongi police decide it's time to crash the party Shukan Bunshun 8/14-21 橋龍の娘が黒人に殴られた?? TI(Takeshi Ito)
134 19970817 Older women finding younger men irresistible Aera 8/18-25 やっぱり年下がサイコー MS(Mark Schreiber)
135 19970817 Weeping wounds(Shokun bites into a New York Times piece accuses the Imperial Army of cannibalism. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
136 19970824 Crime stats show little truth behind the headlines The 21 September データが語る日本の犯罪事件 MS(Mark Schreiber)
137 19970824 Unwanted body hair a growing concern for women Da Capo 9/3 「毛深い女が増えている」説は本当か? TI(Takeshi Ito)
138 19970824 Trust the experts, your face reads like a road map Shukan Hoseki 9/4 ニュースの主役たちの「顔」を科学する TI(Takeshi Ito)
139 19970824 Nepotism in Japan: Land of the rising son Sunday Mainichi 8/31 「閨閥国家ニッポン」の危険 MS(Mark Schreiber)
140 19970824 The forgotten ones(Feeling abandoned by the government, many in Kobe feel they're better off dead, claims Shukan Jitsuwa. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
141 19970831 Gender stereotypes take a topsy-turvy twist Da Capo 9/3 男女逆転現象のすべて MS(Mark Schreiber)
142 19970831 Childhood neglect leading to strange sexual behavior Shukan Asahi 9/5 「思い残し症候群」って何? TI(Takeshi Ito)
143 19970831 Who needs KFC when you can sit on the street? Aera 9/1 若い奴ほどよく座る TI(Takeshi Ito)
144 19970831 ‘Nigerian Mafia' staking out turf in Shinjuku Shukan Taishu 9/7 闇の新興勢力「ナイジェリア・マフィア」がやってきた! MS(Mark Schreiber)
145 19970831 Twisted twenties(Shukan Asahi warns of a dangerous decade for young men. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
146 19970907 Open your eyes - and see where your wife is going Shukan Jitsuwa 9/11 中高年離婚を見破る恐怖の「妻のセリフ」 MS(Mark Schreiber)
147 19970907 Japanese women overseas giving men a ' hard' time Spa! 9/3 私、この国では凄いんです TI(Takeshi Ito)
148 19970907 Fashionable Harajuku now a field of African dreams Aera 9/8 原宿のアフリカ人 TI(Takeshi Ito)
149 19970907 Time for Japan to speak up in English and be heard Tokyo Keizai 9/6 ミドルの英語力 MS(Mark Schreiber)
150 19970907 1923 revisited(Shukan Yearbook jolts readers back to the year of the Great Kanto Earthquake and into the mood of the times. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
151 19970914 Grab a copy of Liz before dumping your spouse Shukan Shincho 9/11 日本で初めて創刊された離婚雑誌「リズ」の評判 MS(Mark Schreiber)
152 19970914 From orgies to bums, some women just can't say no! Spa! 9/17 「NO」と言えない女たち TI(Takeshi Ito)
153 19970914 Idiots' guide to avoid being slaughtered by the wife Shukan Taishu 9/22 妻に殺されないための「護身」マニュアル10ヵ条 TI(Takeshi Ito)
154 19970914 In cyberspace, you have to scream to be heard Aera 9/15 Eメールが広げる「非礼」の落とし穴 MS(Mark Schreiber)
155 19970914 The illusion of love(Aera takes us down the aisle as arranged marriages make a surprise comeback. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
156 19970921 Japanese airline crews flying the unfriendly skies Aera 9/22 スチュワーデスが怒ってる MS(Mark Schreiber)
157 19970921 Yakuza gang war poised to spill into the streets Shukan Gendai 9/27 全国危険地帯マップ TI(Takeshi Ito)
158 19970921 Matchmaking parties no party at all for single men Shukan Jitsuwa 9/25 「再婚ビジネス」の落とし穴 TI(Takeshi Ito)
159 19970921 Delivery truck drivers taking a violent turn Shukan Playboy 9/30 仁義なき「宅配便戦争」がついに表面化!? MS(Mark Schreiber)
160 19970921 Da Capo asks: Are we reeling toward oblivion or dressing up for immortality? Michael Hoffman reports on the age of exasperation.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
161 19970928 Outdated Juvenile Law no match for slick punks Shukan Shincho 9/25 また中三少年の「会社員殺し」で MH(Michael Hoffman)
162 19970928 Through foreigners' eyes, Tokyo sucks big time! Ascii 9/29 東京サイテーウォーカー TI(Takeshi Ito)
163 19970928 No one here worthy enough for big paparazzi paychecks Spa! 9/24 日本版パパラッチたちのヒサンな「武勇伝」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
164 19970928 Is sumo's popularity on the edge of makekoshi? Aera 9/29 お相撲が危ない GS(Gary Schaefer)
165 19970928 Teen drug epidemic(Bungei Shunju's October issue takes up the theme "There's something wrong with kids." Particularly, it seems, when it comes to spreading drug abuse among high school students. Mark Schreiber reports.) - - - MS(Mark Schreiber)
166 19971005 Who needs sex when we can just be friends? Aera 10/6 友達夫婦は理想か GS(Gary Schaefer)
167 19971005 More moms going down to ensure grades go up! Asahi Geino 10/9 「受験生」バカ母SEX献身の実例 TI(Takeshi Ito)
168 19971005 Blue by you: Many married men just hate going home Spa! 10/8 家庭に帰りたくない男たち TI(Takeshi Ito)
169 19971005 ‘Bubble men' beware: the 'ice men' cometh Spa! 10/1 OLは見た!バブルマンvsアイスマンの冷戦 GS(Gary Schaefer)
170 19971005 Betraying the trust(Institutes of higher groping? For many women, sexual harassment on campus is the first hurdle in their professional careers. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
171 19971019 Creepy crawlies the food of choice for tomorrow Shukan Playboy 10/14 秋の昆虫を喰う! MS(Mark Schreiber)
172 19971019 Magazines lack the flair to tickle women's fancies Aera 10/20 女性誌は女がわからない TI(Takeshi Ito)
173 19971019 Computer illiterates the new underclass in society Weekly Playboy 10/28 「アーゴの法則」でパソコンの限界に悟りを開く! TI(Takeshi Ito)
174 19971019 Suicides taking their toll on the male work force Shukan Jitsuwa 10/23 自殺志願者急増の理由 MS(Mark Schreiber)
175 19971019 Deadly doctors(Shukan Hoseki goes for the Japanese medical professions juggler. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
176 19971026 Sexless generation gets off by not getting it on Shukan Post 10/31 風俗女たちが語るSEX出来ない若者たち GS(Gary Schaefer)
177 19971026 Crime wave riding the nation's elevators Shukan Hoseki 10/30 「エレベーター犯罪」続発の恐怖! TI(Takeshi Ito)
178 19971026 Businessmen inventing their own Kyoto-style food Dime 11/6 「京風」ビジネス 大ヒットの謎 TI(Takeshi Ito)
179 19971026 Students yank the chain on foul school toilets Tokyo shimbun 10/21 「さようなら」告げるトイレの花子さん MS(Mark Schreiber)
180 19971026 Food terrorism(A germ doctor tells Bart that that the O-157 outbreak was the work of extremists. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
181 19971102 Today's wives look at hubby with murder in their eyes Shukan Jitsuwa 11/6 「交換殺人」でわかった妻が夫に殺意を抱く時 MS(Mark Schreiber)
182 19971102 Ecology-minded pack rats deserting the sinking ship Spa! 10/29 あぁ!「無敵」の「ブレイク・エコ・ワイフ」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
183 19971102 Whatever happened to the Great Price Destruction fad? Shukan Bunshun 10/30 「価格破壊」はまぼろしだった! TI(Takeshi Ito)
184 19971102 More men flushing their masculinity down the can Shukan Taishu 11/10 男の座りション族急増の謎 GS(Gary Schaefer)
185 19971102 It's a jungle out there(Spa! Warns all you city slickers that crime lurks on every street corner. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
186 19971109 Clever crows set sights on babies for supper Shukan Hoseki 11/20 そしてついにヒトがカラスに喰われるXデー! MS(Mark Schreiber)
187 19971109 When you're too sexy for hair, time to go bare! Aera 11/10 ハゲはセクシー TI(Takeshi Ito)
188 19971109 Limp love manuals fall short in bedding 'Mrs right' Spa! 11/15 恋愛マニュアル本はモテない男の「救世主」か? TI(Takeshi Ito)
189 19971109 University campuses no sanctuary from sexism Dime 11/20 キャンパスセクハラ事件簿 MS(Mark Schreiber)
190 19971109 What about the victim?(Sapio rips into a legal system bent on ensuring that juvenile offenders will never appreciate the gravity of their crimes. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
191 19971123 Lend me \100million, and I'll marry you Shukan Jitsuwa 11/27 昔は女、今は男が結婚詐欺に泣く MS(Mark Schreiber)
192 19971123 Divorced women turn limp fish into fighting marlin Sunday Mainichi 11/30 独身「マグロ男」が狙うバツイチ女 TI(Takeshi Ito)
193 19971123 Nagano organizers leaving inn keepers out in the cold Weekly Playboy 12/2 長野周辺の旅館は怒っているぞ! TI(Takeshi Ito)
194 19971123 More moms hawking their kids as next child idol Shukan Hoseki 11/27 「チャイドル」のオーディションに殺到する親たちの超過熱! MS(Mark Schreiber)
195 19971123 The age of secrets(With more and more kids wanting to die, Aera asks what the nation expects from its children. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
196 19971130 Japanese tourists easy targets for terrorists Shukan Gendai 12/6 「狙われる日本人」エジプトの「次」はここだ! MS(Mark Schreiber)
197 19971130 Life no bed of roses for 'flower snake' gigolos Shukan Taishu 12/8 「カレ氏代行」にハマる成城夫人たち TI(Takeshi Ito)
198 19971130 Sugar daddies dumping sour school girls for sweet Asians Shukan Jitsuwa 12/4 新援助交際の落とし穴 TI(Takeshi Ito)
199 19971130 Lock up your kids! Pedophile rings on export drive Sunday Mainichi 11/30 「国際人身売買」組織の正体 MS(Mark Schreiber)
200 19971130 Seriously senile(Stress at the workplace, says Sunday Mainichi, is driving people crazy - or worse. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
201 19971207 Persuasive college pimps tricking girls into the trade Shukan Playboy 12/9 「学生風俗キャッチャー」という青春 MS(Mark Schreiber)
202 19971207 Sleep disorders keep some ticking around the clock Bart 12/8 その「爆睡」が死を招く!? TI(Takeshi Ito)
203 19971207 Who needs college? Girls just want to have fun! Shukan Bunshun 12/4 大不況時代を映す、いまどきの高校生が憧れるお仕事 TI(Takeshi Ito)
204 19971207 Cute, stylish, and thrifty define hit products of '97 Nikkei Trendy December 97年ヒット商品ベスト30 MS(Mark Schreiber)
205 19971207 Meet Mr. Mom(Aera introduces us to a group of men carrying the cross of single fatherhood. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
206 19971214 Bankruptcy: The game the whole family can play Shukan Hoseki 12/18 35歳係長世代の借金事情全調査 MH(Michael Hoffman)
207 19971214 Working girls find sex gets the juices flowing Shukan Taishu 12/22 OL「出勤前のSEX」現象とは!? TI(Takeshi Ito)
208 19971214 Dioxins polluting young men's carnal desires Shukan Jitsuwa 12/18 「ダイオキシン」はあなたの子供をオカマにする TI(Takeshi Ito)
209 19971214 Kobe's vintage hookers never too old to turn a trick Shukan Asahi 12/19 神戸に出没する高齢売春婦の正体 MS(Mark Schreiber)
210 19971214 A thieves' paradise?(Japan's comparatively low statistics for murder and rape don't necessarily make it a crime-free utopia. A penetrating article in Bungei Shunju highlights how property crimes are running rampant throughout the nation.) - - - -
211 19971221 Strip clubs for ladies come to a premature climax Shukan Jitsuwa 12/25 「Jメンズ東京」が一転不況で閉店 MS(Mark Schreiber)
212 19971221 Rip-off bars finding new ways to tap the vulnerable Shukan Jitsuwa 12/25 「ぼったくりバー」の見分け方 TI(Takeshi Ito)
213 19971221 Die-hard soccer fans live for football, and nothing else Spa! 12/17 「サッカー日本代表がわが人生」の人々 TI(Takeshi Ito)
214 19971221 Big bang shatters nerves of corporate warriors Shukan Hoseki 12/25 30代サラリーマンを襲う大不況不安症候群! MS(Mark Schreiber)
215 19971221 Surviving the ax(Aera introduces us to a group of white-collar workers who didn't lose their heads when the blade came down. Michael Hoffman reports.) - - - MH(Michael Hoffman)
216 19971228 Hubby-dumpers' beds not made of roses Shukan Taishu 1/5-12 離婚妻が悲惨な末路 RC(Ryann Connell)
217 19971228 Some men just can't leave the nest from mom & dad Spa! 12/24 30歳独身実家を出ない男たちの「主張」 TI(Takeshi Ito)
218 19971228 Tapping a line on private info never was so easy Shukan Bunshun 12/25 携帯・ポケベルで個人データが盗まれている TI(Takeshi Ito)
219 19971228 School teachers' dirty deeds done dirt cheap Shukan Hoseki 1/1 教師の性犯罪はなぜ増え続けるのか? RC(Ryann Connell)
220 19971228 1997:Holly cow!(Michael Hoffman looks back on an eventful year, to say the least - Lima to Luxor, Diana to Dolly, Seito Sakakibara to Seiko Matsuda, sokaiya to soccer. - - - -




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